Spellbounded Chapter 7: Naughty Ragini and hot Sanskar!

Chapter 7: Naughty Ragini and hot Sanskar!

So hey sweet Twistinians are ready to read some RagSan cute and romatic moments?

So RagSan decided to stay a little bit longer in Switzerland as they loved it a lot there.

The next day RagSan woke up and before that they were hugging eachother, while they were sleeping.
“Good morning my queen!” He said huskilly and she answered back: “good morning my hottie!”
“Oh so you think that I’m hot!” He said smirkingly.
“Nope, I was thinking about Laksh, he is so hot!” She said, while he was burning in jealousy, which she thought that it was cute.
“Oh I called Swara my queen and not you Ragini, do you remember that day when she came to our room wearing seducing clothes, hayee she looked so hot!” He said, while he was smirking as Ragini was fuming in anger, she took a glass in her hand and broke it as she was really angry, blood was oozing out of her wound, making Sanskar worried for her, so he looked for the first aid box, when he found it, he took her hand, while rubbing some anticeptic paste on her wound and then he bandaged her hand.
“Are you mad or what?” Sanskar asked her and she angrilly replied back: “yes, I am mad and how could you make a comparison between me and that blo*dy witch!”
“I’m sorry baby, I just wanted to make you jealous, but I made you angry and I know the way to stop your anger!” He said and she asked him: “how?”As they were still on the bed he came closer to her, she was nearly at the edge of the bed, he scooped her into his arms and kissed her with a lot of passion, soon her anger faded away as she was lost into the kiss just like Sanskar was. Soon he stopped kissing her and asked her: “is my queen still angry at me?”
“Yes, your queen is still angry at you!”
“Really?” He asked her and she replied back: “yeah!”
“So what does my princess want?” He asked her naughtilly and she asked him: “who’s your princess?”
“Our child!” He replied back, while he winked her and she replied back: “you are such an pervert!”
“No, I’m not, I just want a beautiful princess, just like her mom, who is so special for me, that I can’t stop loving her.” He said, while making her the happiest woman in the world. They had some romantic moments(I won’t tell you guys what happened, but you guys can guess). Soon they were out of breath and said together: “I love you till enternity!” They stayed like that for a long time in eachothers embrace as they were feeling eachothers warmth. They just spend their time in togetherness and nothing else as they were experiancing the feelings of true love.

Menawhile in India Swara still didn’t find out where they are, so she left it and was enjoying her married life with Laksh as she realized that she won’t be able to separate RAGSAN!
So SwaLak went to their honeymoon to Kashmir.

Back to RagSan they went out for a candlelight dinner to eat cheese Fondue as speciality of Switzerland

Then both of them were feeding eachother like this, but with their forks??

They enjoyed the food, went for a walk, because their stomachs were really full and soon they went home and slept after a short kiss in eachother embrace.

Precap: Surprise Ragini is…..
A new villains entry will be after a few chapters.

Guys can you please suggest some villains for the story except for Swara?

The copyright of this story belongs to me?

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