Spellbounded Chapter 11: In trouble!

Chapter 11: In trouble!

Heya mere sweet Twistinians I’m back with another part of this story.

2 months have passed, while Swara was still planning to kill one of the squad members.

Meanwhile in Switzerland RagSan were enjoying the company of the squad a lot, everyone was taking care of Ragini and even bringing or even making food for her, because of her moodswings which were pretty cute, sometimes weird like at one moment she is crying and at the next moment she is smilling.
“Sanskar I want some jelebis!” Ragini said like a kid.
“Okay but I don’t know how to make them!” Sanskar said.
“I don’t care I just want my jelebis!” She shouted at him, while the other men were laughing at him.
“Oh ya boys you will have to help Sanskar bhai in making them!” The girls said while Ragini was smilling at the boys. Sanskar saw her wicked smile and wes shocked to the core. The guys went while their head hung down. The girls hifived eachother and were laughing.

Meanwhile Swara had an perfect plan how to kill her problem named Sam, she hates Sam because she is taking away Laksh from her and she doesn’t like it because he is out of her control.
“That Sam will die a painful death and then that Shrilatha too!” Swara said to
herself but she didn’t know that the trouble itself heard her talks to herself. “Tapf!” A flower vase fell down and Swara already had discovered Sam, who ws acting like she was looking for someone or something.
“What are you doing here?” An angry Swara asked and Sam cleverly answered back: “I was making a call!”
“Who were you talking to?”
“To my sister!” She replied back.
“And what’s her name?” Swara asked while she was trying to get the truth out of Sam.
“Her name is Amanat!” Sam answered back without any fear of dying.
“I was looking for you Swara and now I have found you!” Laksh said while saving Sam from Swara and she went away before Swara could stop her.

Back to Switzerland the girls and Ragini were enjoying the fact that the men were doing the housework while they were chilling. Soon the face of the whole squad changed into an angry one.
“I won’t leave that Swara!” Nidhi shouted angrilly.
“What has that blo*dy b**** done?” Sanskar asked the others.
“She wants to kill Sam and Shri!” Akshata said.
“I think it’s time to go there!” Riya said.
“Nope in a few days Sam will be back and then we will deal with that husband stealer!” Fairy said and everyone agreed, then they had some great time while hoping for the best.

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