Spellbounded Chapter 10: Ajj hai Shriyu ka birthday!

Chapter 10: Ajj hai Shriyu ka birthday!

Heya Twistinians this story is dedicated to ShrilathaRM because it’s her birthday and to Riya as well as her birthday was yesterday.

Laksh was talking with Sam and ignoring Swara as if she didn’t exist.
“Laksh bhai in a few hours it’s Shriyu’s birthday.” Sam said hapilly as she was planning something special for Shri.
“Wow, that’s great news, how is she and Saurav?” Laksh asked and she answered back: “they are good.”
“About whom are you both talking about?” A noisy Swara asked and Laksh answered back: “about her older cousine sister!”
“Oh!” Swara said with her fakeness and LakSam looked at her like they could smash her ugly face.
“Laksh bhaiyu lets call her!” She said and Swara asked: “can I join you guys?”
“Sure!” Sam said unhappily.

Meanwhile in Switzerland everyone was doing some or the other work, Ragini was making a chocolate cake, while Rakhu was supervising everyone, Riyu(she thought that everyone had forgotten about her birthday)was making a rangoli for Shri, Kit di was cooking Shri’s favourite Chicken biryani, Sam messaged Sanskar, while telling him to hide when they are skyping as she doesn’t want Swara to know where they are. Shri was walking here and there while she was locked up in a room by Bela, Nidhi and Navya. Jayanti, Liya and Fair were running around like a bunch of mad people, while Suma, Varshni, Fatima, Richa, Aditi, Akshata and Shreya were helping the men in buying presents as they aren’t capable of doing it by themselves.
“Nidhi, Bela and Navya please let me out!” Shri shouted but they didn’t listen to her as Rakhu hasn’t given them the sign yet to let Shriyu out. After an hour they let her out as the house was fully decorated, because the whole squad lives together, so it was easy for them. Shri was so surprised that she had tears of joy in her eyes, then everyone shouted: “Happy birthday Shri and Riya!”
“We have to go to bye guys?” Sanskar said and the rest asked: “why?”
“Because Sam is going to skype to you guys and Swara will be there as well!” Ragini answered back while Fairy angrilly asked: “why does that asshell want to talk to us?”
“Because she thinks that we all know where RagSan are!” Rakhu replied back.
“Correct!” The rest said.
“Sam is handling that blo*dy characterless woman pretty well while keeping Laksh away from her.” Shriyu said.

Back to LakSamSwa
Soon it was 0:00 pm at their place, so they called the others as they had planned it, at first they saw Shrilath, so LakSam shouted: “happy birthday Shriyu!”
“Aww, thanks Lakshu and Jaan!” Shri said, Swara looked at her angrilly as Shri ignored her which hurt her ego, LakSam were innerly exploding with happiness.
“Hey and who are you?” Shri asked, while Swara arrogantly replied back: “I’m Laksh’s wife and you are?”
“I’m Shrilatha and I’m Laksh girlfriend!” Shrilatha answered back shocking Swara to the core. She wanted to open her mouth but Riya came, so LakSam said happy birthday to Riya as well and Riya completely ignored Swara just like the others, so Swara left the room and went. Everyone was happily talking there were some heavy mature flirting between Fairy and Laksh as they are married of course(wink wink at fairyFARII). Soon the talk ended as all couples were flirting and LakSam got to know that Ragini is pregnant, so they were teasing them a lot.

Meanwhile Swara was planning how to separate ShriLak as she thinks that they are together, what an cow Swara is, she is so blo*dy stupid.

The copyright of this story belongs to me?????

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