Very Special News For Avneil Fans – Avniel’s Marriage

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Written by – Nikita
Instagram – @lopaonfleek

Neil marries Avni to help her seek revenge against Dayawanti and her family

Star Plus’ show Naamkaran, is now going to showcase, a huge twist in the storyline as Neil’s wedding will finally take place, but his bride will not be Riya, but it will be Avni instead. Riya’s family will organize a huge wedding for Neil and Riya, but are not aware that Avni will play her masterstroke as she will take Riya’s place as Neil’s bride. The show will have some high-intensity drama, as Avni will finally reveal to Neil about the past and Neil will come to know about Daya’s evil background. Neil will find out that Daya had tried to kill her in childhood and Avni has returned to seek her revenge. Hearing this, Neil will decide to support Avni, although he is well aware, that Avni is doing something wrong and against the law. When the wedding day will arrive, Neil will help Avni in her mission and will be well aware that Avni has taken Riya’s place as his bride. Neil and Avni have still not confessed their love to each other, but Neil is ready to marry Avni, so that Avni can seek her revenge. Daya will bring the bride to the wedding mandap, thinking that it is Riya and Avni and Neil will start off their wedding rituals. However, Riya’s whereabouts, will not be known and it will be interesting to see how Avni will take Riya’s place, without anyone else knowing about it.

This news is a shocking to all. I am not even sure if this is true. I hope this news is true. This show is getting interesting day by day. Later on, I feel like Avni and Neil are going to have a proper marriage for their Avniel fans, since Avneil fans, don’t want Avniel to get married in this way. I feel like it is true because, in the picture, Neil was looking at the bride. If it was Riya, he wouldn’t look at her and he would look straight. If he knows it is Avni, then he would look at her obviously. So, maybe that means, the proposal before marriage is not true.

I also wanted to mention something. People have been complaining about how they are finding out that Ananya is Avni. Everyone is like “itni jaldi pata chal gaya.” Ali and Nanno have found out that Ananya is Avni. I just don’t get the part “itni jaldi.” It has been 5-6 months, till dragging this track. I must say, this is a long track, but it is very interesting. I just wanted to clear this misunderstand/doubts.

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  1. Nainaa

    Some sources state that this marriage set up is only for a new promo and the actual marriage will take some time..

    1. LopaFleek

      oh..really? Thanks for letting me know and reading this episodic

      1. Nainaa
        This is my fan page for Avneil.. If you can then follow me.

    2. Manasvi

      Yep dii.. It’s true..
      It was just a promo shoot..

    3. LopaFleek

      Nevermind the bride swap is real, I have heard it from Zain in a video. I am just not sure, if Neil is aware of this 🙂

  2. Manasvi

    I hope everything you said is true..
    And thnk you so much for this analysis..

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Thank you LopaFleek for the update ?

  4. Yes this is true because zain and aditi themselves told about this and they have already shooted the promo for this marriage drama.

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