Special Holi: RagSan OS

I wrote this OS on Anant Navya.But for my sweetest friend Piyali I’m presenting it’s RagSan version.

Special Holi

Ragini woke up from her bed with lots of excitement.
RAGINI:Today is Holi.The first Holi after our wedding.I will rock.I will confess my love to Sanskar.
Sanskar and Ragini had arranged marriage.They got married only for their parents’ sake.Slowly they became good friends.Unknowingly Ragini started feeling romantically for Sanskar.She decided to open her heart before him on Holi.

After some time Sanskar entered the room.Unexpectedly Ragini pasted colour powder on his face.It fell on his shirt also.He held her hand.She did’nt expect it.
SANSKAR:What is this Ragini?
SANSKAR:So?I got ready to go to office.Because of you i have to bath and change my clothes again.
Ragini felt sad seeing his anger.

RAGINI:Today also you need to go to the office?
SANSKAR:If i don’t go who will do my work?I don’t want my work to be pending.
Sanskar went to the bathroom.
She felt sad seeing Sanskar going to the office.

Ragini prepared a beautiful rangoli.

After some time….
All were busy with Holi celebration.Ragini’s face blossomed when she saw Sanskar coming.But her face lost it’s charm when his friends took him away.
She got irritated:He is always with his friends.He has no time for his wife.But why should he spend time with his wife?Our marriage was not love marriage.He married me for his family.I am so foolish that i fell in love with him.By ignoring me he proved that he does’nt love me.Then why i should i get embarrassed by confessing my love to him?No need.I won’t confess my love to him.Let it be there in my heart itself.
Her eyes got welled up with tears.

After some time she saw Sanskar coming towards her.He was staring at him.
RAGINI:Why are you staring at me?Are you drunk?You had bang with your friends.Right?Oh!I am fed up.I am going.
She turned back to walk out.But he held her hand.
SANSKAR:You are fed up of me?But let me tell you…i won’t allow you to go away from me.You will remain as Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari till the end.Understood?
Ragini kept looking at his eyes with confusion.
SANSKAR:Because i love you.

She was surprised.Slowly she smiled.
Suddenly she got confused again.
RAGINI:Are you bluffing under the bang’s effect?
SANSKAR:What if i am under bang’s effect?I am telling the truth.Right?Purposefully i drank bang so that without any shyness and effort i can confess my love to you.I have heard that people express their true feelings and emotions when they are drunk.

Ragini was confused:Is he telling the truth?I think he is crazy after drinking bang.
She tried to walk away.He pulled her close to him.They both shared an eye lock.
He said softly:I was shy.I was scared whether you will blast at me if i tell you that i love you.So i thought if you think that i made confession under bang’s effect even if you are angry with me you will pardon me.That’s why i pretended to be drunk.
Ragini was surprised:So you were pretending to be drunk?
SANSKAR:Yes Ragini.I admitted that I was pretending to be drunk as you were considering my magical words useless thinking that i am drunk.

She was very happy.
RAGINI:Sanskar….This is the most special Holi in my life.You made this Holi colourful through your confession.
SANSKAR:Make my Holi also special Ragini.
She blushed:Same to you.That’s all i can say Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari.
She was so shy that she tried to run away.
He held her hand.She looked at his face with a cute smile.She was very shy.
Sanskar:You can’t just go just go like that.

She blushed.
Sanskar:Please Ragini.Please be clear about your feelings.Do you love me?
She blushed:Yes…I love you Sanskar.
He was very happy.
He put colour on her face.
SANSKAR:Happy Holi!
RAGINI:Happy Holi Sanskar..
She threw colour at him and ran away.Sanskar ran after her and caught her by her waist.

And put more colour on her.

Ragini:What is this Sanskar?
He laughed.

They smile holding onto each other.

The song ‘holi Ke Din Dil Khil Jaate Hain
Rangon Mein Rang Mil Jaate Hain
Shikawe Bhul Ke Doston Dushman Bhi Gale Mil Jaate Hain..'{Sholay}was played.
All were dancing.
Sanskar and Ragini danced together to the song.

The End..

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    Aww , this is soo beautiful yaar , I wished it happened in real , I could imagine the scenes and was feeling so happy imagining them…Ragini appying colour on Sanskar and he getting angry , RagSan married by parents but Ragini fell in Love…that was beautiful…I loved the way Ssanskar pretended to be drunk to confess his love , the shy guy…but Loved the last scene , Same to you of Ragini was so cute and then finally madam confessed , aww…Loved it yaar , then they played and the song….yaar it was so appropriate….really awesome , they both danced , loved the ending and I must the selection of song was pretty beautiful….Thanks a lot for this os specially for my request , that too so fast….thanks a lot lot lot , I loved this one a lot……really love all your works….Love you…Be Happy sweetheart….

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