Special episode of Switzerland (YRKKH ff)

Hey guys dis is my first fan fiction on Yrkkh.Hope u will like it.As we all know dat the three of them r in Swiss with
Akshara so i would like to continue from there.I am writing this episode from my point of view that what can happen next in yrkkh.There are little changes in the episode.

So the episode starts with Akshara

Scene 1 (akshara reaches Switzerland nd talks on phone with Naira)
Akshara-Yes Yes i hav reached Switzerland properly.Dont worry i am okay.
Naira-Sorry mumma we cant cum to pick u up as we hav stucked here with some work.
Akshara-Its ok beta
Naira-i am sending u the hotel address.Your name has been registered there.
akshara-ok thank you beta

Scene 2(All the three of them hav finished there work nd r sitting in a restuarant doing their lunch)
Naira-(in mind)I hav to find out however nd whatever what Kartik is doing wid my father
Kartik-(in mind)I hav to find out that why Naira is behaving so weired wid me.
Gayu-(in mind)After finishing all my work here i will propose Kartik.I am sure he will be happy too.

Scene 3 (akshara gets bore nd decided to go out)
(suddenly she sees Naman in a taxi)
akshara-I think that was Naman.No but how it be possible he is in Kenya how can be here.I m also mad it shud be my vision.
(she goes nd do some shoppings in nearby market)

Scene 4( They all meet.Naira nd Gayu hugs Akshara)
Naira-(in anger)Thank god mumma u r here otherwise i was feeling very insecure(seeing Kartik)
akshara-(smiling)What r u telling how can u fell insecure when kartik nd gayu r there.
Naira-Then also mumma.(in mind)only because of Kartik i m feeling insecure.

Scene 5(dey all go for dinner in a restaurant nd enjoy.O gujaria song plays.They start clicking selfies.Then they come home tired)
(Kartik brings water for all)
Naira-No thanks i dont need water.If i needed water i can take it on my own.
Kartik-okay ur wish.
(after that she goes herself to take water nd karik sees it)
Kartik-What a girl she is! When i was giving her water she did not tuk it nd now she goes herself to take it.I hav to find out what is going on in her brain.
episodes end

Pecap-Kartik nd Naira dances in black suit nd gown on the song Yaha Waha.

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  1. Nice epi shruti
    But make it a long and show more kaira scenes
    Overall amazing

  2. Nice one dear seriously feeling they should have included such scenes in Swiss track
    Keep writing if possible keep it long dear
    Thank u dear for this

  3. Anushka

    shrutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amazingly amazing pencil….. loved it…. A bit longer plz…. and post next episode asap

  4. Shrutiiii

    Thanxx for all ur comment nd yaa i will try my best making it long in the next episode.If u like then plzz continue reading my Ff on yrkkh.Thank you

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