Special episode of Switzerland (YRKKH ff) Epi-5

Episode 4 of Swiss special.

Scene1(Kartik naira nd gayu go inside the house.And dey see so many guards)
guards-who r u ??how did u came inside??tell me who r u?
(gayu sees Naitik inside the room)
Gayu-Kartik! Naira! see mama ji inside!!
(till den the guards come nd sorrounds dem.Kartik starts fighting wid the guards.Some guards hold Naira nd gayu but gayu nd naira will also fight.All the guards were beaten badly.Till den akshara comes.)
akshara-what is happening here.Tell me.(she sees naitik)Naitik! r u okk! what hav u done to urself.What is happening??get up naitik.

(naitik gets up)

naira-(thinking)yeh zaroor kartik ka koi plan hai taaki ye firse sabke nazar me accha ban sake.
gayu-r u okk mama ji!
naira-papa how r u here.U were to in kenya what r u doing in swiss.
akshara-yess naitik tell us
kartik-(holding naitik)r u okk sir.
naira-(in anger)dont touch my papa i knoe dis was ur plan i know everything.Let me call the police.
gayu-(snatching d phone)what r u doing naira.Bina koi baat jaane tum kartik par ilzaam kaise laga sakti ho.
naitik-yes she is right naira.Kartik has done nothng infact he was helping me.Dis all plan was of Naman.
akshara-What Naman.I knew dat Naman was doing sumthng wrong.Chhodungi nahi mai usko.
naira-what??naman chachu but how can he do infact he only told me dat kartik is doing everything.
naitik-no naira dis all plan was of naman(he tells all the story)
naitik-yess naira.
(she sees kartik nd feels guilty.Kartik naira se naaraz ho jaata h.Den Naman cums)

Naman-Bhabhi, kartik naira gayu??u all here(hesitating)what r u doing here.Ohh no what happened to bhaiya.Bhaiya r u ohkk?
akshara-Dont act oversmart naman.Naitik has told us everything.Do u understand.I was having a doubt before on u but i was not sure.Now i will not leave u naman
Kartik-Yes we will not leave u.See naitik sir.Unki yeh haalat aapki vajah se hua h.
Gayu-we did expect dis from u naman chachu
naira-yes chachu we did not expect dis from u.U knoe agr mere papa ke saath aisa koi krta h to mai usko chhodti nhi hu.Aapki vajah se maine bevajah kartik par shakk kiya.Aapki vajah se ab kartik mujhse nafrat krega.Kyu kiya aapne aisa kyun??
akshara-wait let me call the police.
naman-(ghutno par)plzz bhabhi i m really very sorry plzz bhabhi aajke baad aisa nhi hoga plzz naira kartik gayu i m really very sorry.
akshara-no let me call the police.
(naman tries to run but kartik holds him)
kartik-ohho w8 where r u going.Ek to maafi maang rhe ho upar se bhaag bhi rhe ho.
(akshara comes nd slaps naman.She goes to call the police but naitik stops her)
naitik-no akshara dont call the police.Aakhir iski sacchayi sab ghar parivaar ko pata chalna chahiye.We shud leave him here.
(they tie naman nd locks in the house like he did wid naitik)
episodes end here

Precap-akshara nd naitik romance while naira tries to convince Kartik.

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  1. Sarayumane

    dude you are just writing the upcoming track of the serial

  2. Very nice episode shrutii
    Kartik fighting would be a treat to watch
    Hope u uncover the next episode very soon

  3. Shrutiiii

    No its little different as in real story naira misunderstanding has been clear before only nd in my ff she realize the truth when she meets naitik.Actually I hav posted dis one on saturday noon but it has been posted on sunday .I literally didnt knew dat the real story will be almost same as mine ?

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