Special episode of Switzerland (YRKKH ff) Epi-3

Episode 3 of Switzerland special.
Scene 1(Naira nd Kartik r together)
Kartik-R u ok Naira.Where had u went.Dont take out the anger of sumthng else on sunthng other which hurts ur family u understand??(in anger)
naira-yaa I understand.
Kartik-if u hv understood den Lets go.
(they go in a restuarant where they have arranged seats for akshara nd Gayu also)

Scene 2 (Akshara nd gayu r cuming in taxi.Suddenly there taxi stops)
akshara-What happen? why did the taxi stopped?
Driver-wait a minute maam something has gone wrong in this taxi.
akshara-So now what.How much time it will take to repair it.
driver-It will take just 15 min maam to repair.
Gayu- dont worry maami.It will be ok in 15 min.Lets go there (she points out somewhere)
akshara-Yaa ohk.
(there taxi stops where Naitik has been kidnapped by Naman.He is in a house locked frm inside.)
(Suddenly while walking aksharas leg go on something.She sees it)
akshara-Oh My god this is to Naitiks watch but what is it doing here? see gayu isnt dis naitiks watch?
gayu- yes maami u r write this watch is of maama ji.
akshara-but how it is here.I think somethings wrong wid Naitik.I hav a bad feeling.I think my cuming to Switzerland is not bad it is a sign of god dat my Naitik is calling me.
gayu-But how we will find him I mean is he here in switzerland or not.How we will find out all this thing??
akshara-(crying)i know my Naitik is in trouble.I know my naitik is here.(she things all the thing before while she was going to airport that how she heard Naitiks voice nd naitik photo frame nd the ticket.She was just standing parallel to the housewhere Naitik was locked nd kidnapped)
Naitik-(crying)I hav a feeling dat my akshara is here only.I knew dat she will here my voice nd cum to Swiss.I knoe she is here only,she has cum to switzerland.
akshara-(crying)I hav a feeling that my Naitik is here.
gayu-I think maami u r right.I also think dat Maama ji is in trouble otherwise he shud hav picked up d phone.
(suddenly the driver call)
Driver-Maam its done.Plzz cum
akshara-yaa we r cuming.Lets go gayu
(they go)

Scene 3 (in the restaurant)
kartik-why r dey so late.They r not not picking the call also
naira-dey shud be cuming dont worry.
kartik-(in joke) dont worry to i shud tell u but here reverse is happening.Miss rishikesh is telling me to dont worry to me wow
naira-ohh very funny.Accha listen
naira-Dont tell mumma nd gayu dat i was lost in the market otherwise dey will start worrying for me.
kartik-yaa ok.I think dey will be late till dat lets order coffee.
(dey order coffee but by mistake the coffee falls on kartik jeans.He take out d mobile thinks where to keep)
naira-U give me ur phone nd u go to d washroom
(he goes)
naira-dis is a better chance for checking his phone.
(she checks his phone nd sees so many numbers of Kenya)
naira-i just dont know dat what is he doing wid dis number.I hav to find out his plan

Scene 4 (in the washroom)
Kartik-Now i think naira mood is little bit okk.Only because of her i cant buy a gift also.Dis girl is miss musibat/Mendhaki.But what to do now.My heart is also like dis its melts easily.
(he goes)

Scene 5
(Naira sees kartik cuming she keeps the phone down)
Naira-you ok na.
Kartik-yaa i m fine.
(they wait for akshara nd Gayu)
Episode ends here

Precap-Akshara tells everyone about naitiks watch.Kartik nd Naira get worried.

Hope u guyzz r enjoying my ff.Keep reading if u like.

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  1. LOverly Story just bring a few more kairas romance scenes

  2. Shrutiiii

    i knoe guyzz dat it shud be more long but sorry for dat actually i was having my scul so i cant write much..but next time i will try my best.

  3. Renee

    nice one dear

  4. Hey no dear it seriously good one I seriously wished they could show such scenes in Swiss I stead of filler episodes of Swiss,
    Ur seriously doing hood job for ur age

  5. Hey nice 1 dear
    A nice swiss track
    Hope that kaira removes their misunderstanding as in real also
    Overall a good one dear

  6. superb dear loving it

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