Special episode of Switzerland (YRKKH ff) Epi-2

Episode 2 of Switzerland special.Hope u will like it.

Scene 1 (Yahan waha song plays in which Naira nd Kartik r dancing. Suddenly Naira gets up from sleeping.)
Naira-(to herself)What is happening to me! What m i dreaming .I m dreaming of Kartik nd Me….no this cant happen.How can i forget that he is cheating my Dad.
(suddenly Gayu knocks the door)
Gayu-Naira get up ! we have to go .We are getting late.R u there Naira??
Naira-yes Gayu di i m here.I have got up.
Gayu-okay then get ready fast
Naira-ok gayu di.

Scene 2 (they all meet outside the hotel)
Gayu-maami i nd Kartik r going for d exhibition .U nd Naira enjoy
Akshara-Why beta we all must go together
gayu-no maami it will take much time.Ur whole day will get disturbed because of me.(in mind)like dis i nd kartik can spend much time together
akshara-It doent matter beta we will also go.
(Naira thinking-i cant let go gayu di alone wid Kartik.I cant trust him.I have to do something.)
Naira-let us do one thing mumma u nd gayu di go for the exhibition.I nd Kartik will stay here nd we’ll plan something for u.
Kartik-yaa this one is ok nd gayu achievment is only because of Maam only, so maam shud deserve dis ,Maam shud go wid gayu.
Gayu-(hesitating)okk if u say kartik den i nd maami shud go together.
akshara-ok then lets go nd naira kartik take care of yourself.
(they go)
Naira-(in mind)like dis i can keep a watch on kartik that what is he doing nd get a chance to check his mobile.
Kartik-(in mind)wow today miss rishikesh wants to be wid me! awesum now we will be together.
Kartik-(smiling)so lets go.
(they go)

Scene 3 (kaira goes to a nearby market to do some shopping)
Kartik-Come naira lets take some selfies
Naira-(in anger)No i dont want to take selfi wid u.(she goes)
(kartik seems to be upset.Suddenly he sees Naira has fallen down because her heals got broken.Naira gets hurt)
Kartik-(holding Naira)R u okay.Hav u got hurt.Let me see.
Naira-(in anger)i m okay.I dont need ur help.Who r u asking me that i m okay or not?
Kartik-But we r frnd nd in frnship we cant worry about our frnds??
Naira-Who told u that we r frnd.I dont need ur frnship.I know everything about ur frndship.Frndship is just a excuse for u to cheat others nd broke other heart.(she leaves)
kartik- Now what hav i done.Why is she behaving like dis to me.Whom heart hav i broken?Whom am i cheating? Now i hav to find out why she is upset but how??shud i give her a gift.Yaa dis is ok nd then she wil be happy nd i will ask her dat y is she upset.(he goes)
Naira-(realizing)ohh no where hav i cum? i was so angry wid Kartik dat i left him there nd i came so forward dat i forgot d way of going back.
Kartik-(realizing)Omg Where is Naira.I was so busy buying gift for her dat i forgot her.What will i tell to Maam??
(They both run nd find each other.Naira starts crying.When she turns back she sees Kartik nd shouts KARTIK.She runs nd hugs Kartik.Kartik becums happy)
Kartik-(smiling in mind)At Last you have to come to me only, to a frnd
Naira-(in mind realizing)What is happening to me .Why i m getting closer to Kartik knowing that he is cheating my father.

Episodes end here.

Precap-akshara gets Naitik watch.

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