Hey… All ready to read my ff…. Okay then lets go….

A clg is shwn and class room where a teacher is shouting… Is this is class or a market?? Some water was lying thr on the ground… Teacher saw it and asked.. How and y is this water lying here?? Viplav y r u hiding there?? Viplav being hidden answers that bhoomi Devi was thirsty and we students offered here water… Everyone laughs… Teacher asks Viplav wat r u dng thr on the floor?? Teacher shouts and leaves thr telling this is the worst batch I have evr seen(remember ur teacher telling these words to ur class)He sees Raj and pankaj entering the classroom. He jumps & shout HAPPY B’DAY MY FOODIE… PANKAJ.. and sings the b’day song.. Everyone joins Viplav and sings birthday song ?.. Pankaj thanks everyone and offers them party that night ?….

Scene shifts to party hall..

Everyone is dancing ? for abhi toh party shuru hui hai and various other songs… During that party Shahid(A student of thr class)announces tat he has a news tonight.. He continues… New entry this week our class.. (Remember whn someone new comes to our class we all comes to knw it before thr entry,isn’t???)Everyone do ooh-aahs.. He says srry,girls this time new entry is a girl… He continues Dhaani is her name.. Pankaj asks Shahid to spill the beans out.. Shahid says Dhaani completed BBA in Delhi and was joined for MBA somewhere in Delhi otself but do not knw why she mved from thr and joined our clg.. Raj giggles,to Pankaj and Viplav,may be her soul mate is here in our clg… Thy laugh?… Shahid continues the most imp news abt Dhaani is that she is the daughter of Mohit Vedera,principal of our clg… Emrald college…. Everyone gets shocked to hear that news….

From the next day everyone waited for her.. Most of the time boys looked at the gate so that thy does not miss her entry… Viplav stares at the gate.. Scene freezes….

Hope u enjoyed the epi… Keep reading Special Best friend in order to knw hw Dhaani made her entry…

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Credit to: shanitics

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  1. Superb start shwetha..?
    Eagerly waiting for dhani entry?

    1. And the cover pic??????

    2. Thanks Arshi di…
      Me too loved the cover photo

  2. Superb..keep going

    1. Thankss Vrutika….

  3. Wow superb start enjoyed it, post the next one soon!!

    1. Thanksss Maria

  4. Well said .. Lectures fav dialogue this is worst batch i have seen.. Lol it is true they say every batch same dialogue …

    1. Thanks Meghs di… Actually I too heard that dialogue almost from all the teachers

  5. wah wah swetha…go in.waiting for dhaanis dhuwaadhaar entry

    1. Thankss Sujie di…

  6. Superb start!! ?

    1. Thanksss Mahira

  7. very nice stating … keeping writing

    1. Thanksss Nima

  8. Gud starting swethaa..warm regards 4 ur coming story..

    1. Thanksss Mayanta…..

  9. Hi Frnd gud story..can you please post this to ikrs India forum..like all of you there are so many loyal fans there.. They like it more..can you..

    1. Thanksss Anjali…

  10. Special best friend is very special ff awesome intro

    1. Thanksss Joyee di

  11. Swetha di it was a rocking episode. Cover pic is just wow!!! U made the episode special like the title special best friend. But di plz make it longer. And also u didn’t add precap. I read yesterday’s comments and I saw ur comments. U want me to give the link of my ff. I will give u. Here’s the link.

    This is the episode from which Viplav starting flirting with girls. I guess u wanted this episode na? If u want the next episodes u will get the ping back below all the comments.

    1. Sorry di that link is wrong. This is the correct link.


    2. Thanksss lols

  12. hey swetha super dear

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