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Here I’m with an another sweet epi.. Another sweet nostalgic memories…
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Dad,mom.. I’m back!! Shouts Piya.. Tum,kab,keise {u?? How and when??}asks Dhaani’s mom.. Maa.. Shaanth.. Wait I will tell.. Yesterday I called Di, and asked her to pick me up from the airport ✈ Di, replied that she will surely pick me up and asked me not tell to u guyss tat I’m cmng home ? back… As to give u bth a surprise ? … So I did according to her instructions and lo,I’m here… Everyone hugs Piya.. Piya says maa aaj raath KO party ? hai.. Main jaavu?{can I go} kaunsi party{which party} asks Dulaari(Dhaani’s and piya’s mom)Tanya is now engaged ? to Raj.. So he threw a party ? Tumhara Raj Dhaani???(urs raj, Dhaani) Hamara? asks Dhaani!! Ahh!! Voi!!{yaa} Answers Dhaani.. Okay ? then.. U go.. Dhaani u too will go na?? Dhaani nods.. Accha teek hai… Toh puthar javo aur fresh hojavo.. Main tab tak khana lagathi hoon{okay ? my child ? then go and fresh up.. Mean while I’ll Make the food ? } says Dullari… Thy bth go and freshens up.. And later have thr food….

?? Scene shifts to party hall..??

Viplav is wearing an orange colour top and white chudi pant and is waiting for someone at the entrance of the hotel ?… Viplav looks at his watch and thinks Dhaani ab tak kyun nahi aayi????{y dhaani haven’t came yet now? } Dhaani arrives with Piya.. Dhaani is wearing orange gown.. Bolna song ? plays….

Viplav stares at Dhaani.. Dhaani too stares at Viplav.. Thy share an eye ? lock… Piya asks Di,kya Hua??{sis,wat happnd)Dhaani answers nothing and both moves ahead… Piya says di,today Viplav is looking damn hot ? especially in this orange… Dhaani gives a sharp look.. Thy joins Viplav.. Viplav smilingly ? says u r looking gorgeous.. Dhaani get lost in Viplav’s smile ? and says go.. Gor..watt.. Viplav looks into Dhaani’s eyes ? and says aaj tum bahut khubsurat lag rahi hoo.. Piya pinches Dhaani.. Dhaani comes to senses.. And asks uh,wat u say? Asks Dhaani.. Piya whispers in ears ? says gorgeous and leaves.. Dhaani shyly thanks Viplav for the compliment.. Dhaani thinks ? wat happened to me?? Y I was lost in his smile ??? They bth go to the party ? hall!! Tanya compliments Dhaani for her attire… Piya gets busy talking to Pankaj.. Raj says it’s dance ? time… Everyone cheers ? up.. Pair dance adds Pankaj.. And pankaj and piya starts to dance ? Raj looks at Tanya.. Tanya shyly goes with Raj. Vidha looks at each other… Viplav looks at Dhaani.. Dhaani smiles and both proceed to dance… Viplav keeps his one hand on her shoulder and other on hip.. Dhaani looks at Viplav.. Viplav looks at her in a confused ? manner and was abt to take the hands.. Just then Dhaani keeps her Hand ✋ on Viplav’s shoulder.. Jeena jeena Song ? plays… All the pairs have a cute romantic dance.. With an eye ? lock in b\w…

After that thy have there food ?.. Dhaani says to Piya let’s go!! Piya gives negative answer.. Dhaani says raath hogayi chalo.. (dhaani says it became night ? let’s go) Piya says I’m gng to spnd this night ? at Tanya’s house ?.. Tanya says yeah,she will come with me!! Toh main jaavu(soo can I leave) enquires Dhaani.. ? okay answers Piya.. Di,If u don’t mind can u lend me the car ??? Adds Piya.. How will I go then ??? Questions Dhaani.. Piya smiles ? Viplav asks wat happnd?? Piya suddenly says Bhaia,would you pls drop my Di ??

Where?? Enquires Viplav. Dhaani gives a sharp look ? @ Piya. Home ? answers Piya ignoring the sharp look of Dhaani.. Em.. Okay ? I’ll drop u Dhaani.. Can we?? Asks Viplav.. Dhaani says yeah,no problem ? I’ll go.. Viplav says no. It’s ok ? I’ll join u says Viplav… I’m gonna leave adds Viplav.. Viplav
Asks Raj for the car ? keys .. Dhaani asks Viplav so how u came… Viplav answers By Raj’s ? car… Me ,Raj and Pankaj came together.. Dhaani nods.. Dhaani adds later,can we walk?? Viplav looks at Dhaani.. I love ? night ? walk Viplav says cool.. I too love ? night walk ? Viplav says to Raj no need of keys.. Then bro how will u go?? Questions Raj.. Walking ? answers Viplav smilingly ? Thy bids good bye ? to all and leaves the hall…

I hope.. U remember that gorgeous dialogue scenes of our ikrs.. Do u remember on that epi update.. All said how poor Dhaani is can’t understand and all… Remember ?

Hope u all enjoyed the epi..
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Credit to: shanitics

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  1. Wow super episode. Loved it soo much.vidhani was looking gorgeous ??.I was waiting for your update for so long

    1. Thanksss Aishwarya di..?

    2. Happy that thr people who wait for my ff too?

      1. This is bcoz your ff is too good ☺☺

    3. ? thankss again…

  2. Sujie

    Shaani…. this is awesome…. and yes the night walk….. 🙂 🙂 keep rocking 🙂

    1. Thankss Sujie di.. ?

    2. Night ? walk will rock di… ?

  3. Mariyam123

    Super duper episode di. Loved it to the core. Both of them wore the same color dress?. Go on di. Plz post the next one soon?

    1. Thankss lols?

  4. Wow sheetha party of 3 pairs was interesting ? viplav compliments dhani n she is lost in his thoughts so something begind? by the way u have posted it after many days.

    1. Thankss Renu di?

  5. Sorry shweta

    1. Y sorry di???

  6. It really nice…. Keep it up☺

    1. Thanksss di..?

  7. Shruthy

    Woow that was a great one. ?? Finally both famling for each other (or already fallen but didnt have any change in their behaviour) ? Both wearing orange! Not bad ??? Really loved ot Shweta. Cant wait for next one. Post it soon

    1. Will post the nxt part soon.. As possible ?

  8. Latha

    Wow swetha superb episode. Viplav and dhani in orange looking gorgeous. Viplav waiting for dhani and after dhani’s arrival viplav compliments and staring each other something superb. And yes finally the night walk……… awesome . Loved it so much swetha and keep writing….

    1. Thanks Shruthy di?

    2. Thankss latha di ?

  9. Waah Swetha it was sooo lovely and adorable .. viplav wearing orange dress uff !! I can imagine and dhani was looking gorgeous Waah Waah !! .. viplav compliments and dhani lost in her thoughts .. loved it !! Night walk will gonna be beautiful 🙂
    Waiting for the next one

  10. Thanksss maha di..?

  11. swetha….loved it yaar…cute sa epi…..actually mujhe epi padne ki zaroorat nahi huyi….patha hai kyu..? all the emojis used here tells me the whole epi…….ya its a cool idea dear….and ya remember it……how can we forget the dialogue..?

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