Special Best Friend Epi:-21


Thy all reached Back to clg.. Teacher says u all should go directly to ur house ? and nt somewhere else… Especially girls… Vidha,Pankaj and Raj are waiting for thr respective cars ???? Dhaani says thankss for making this trip the bst as I thought… Viplav says my pleasure ? Raj says our pleasure!! And gives a stern look at Viplav.. Dhaani says my ca came wth piya inside.. Nw let me go.. Pankaj looks inside the car.. Dhaani smiles.. Piya out and hugs Dhaani.. And says I missed u soo much.. Dhaani says I too… Pankaj whispers I too missed u… Raj giggles ? So hw was the trip.. Awesome says Pankaj.. Piya says Bt Banaras is a religious destination na.. Yeah but with friends every destination are best… Says Pankaj.. Viplav says ye lo our car ? too came.. Dhaani says soo u 3 r gng in the same car ? thy nods.. Dhaani says House is ur present destination not any bar… And laughs ? Thy say.. Thankss fr making us remember.. Okay then c u tomorrow in clg.. Thy bid a good bye ? and leaves…

In Dhaani’s house ?

Dhaani says I’m very tired and sleepy ? First lt me take sme rest later I’ll share the news abt my trip.. Piya says okay.. Dulaari says ur face seems to tired ? go and sleep.. Thy all leave to thr respective rooms… Dhaani says no better place in is in the world othr than our bed room.. And jumps on bed ? and sleeps..

Aftr a long sleep ? she wake up.. Washes her face… And go down.. Piya is watching TV ? Dhaani asks u don’t have clg today?? Piya says if I went to clg, who will hear ur experience of Banaras.. And smiles.. Dhaani says maa… I’m feeling hungry.. Dulaari serves her Break Fast and Dulaari and Piya sit on chairs near Dinning table.. Dhaani narrates them her banaras tour.. While Viplav is lost in dreams of Dhaani.. And the moments he and Dhaani spent in Banaras.. He opens his mobile and takes photos and stares at vidha selfie.. That day passed just like a eye blink.. Everyone lazy and always resting on bed ? and thinking ? abt the Tour..

Next Day at clg…

Everyone are discussing abt the tour.. Wat all thy did?? Wat all they bought!! And all.. A teacher comes and shouts TUM LOGON KA SOUND CLG KE BAHAR TAK SUNAYI DE RAHA HAI.. CHUP BETNE KA AADATH HI NAHI HAINA.. ISS CLASS KO.. USS CLASS KO DEKHO WAHAN TEACHER NAHI HAI PHIR BHI KITHNE SILENT HAI.. YE CLASS KA TOH… (ur sound can be heard outside this campus.. Not a single student have the quality of maintaining silence… In this class.. Look at ur neighbouring class how thy maintain silence… That class maintain silence even during teachers absence but this class…) Viplav whispers soo ma’am was outside tge clg.. Teacher leaves the class.. For 2 min all students maintained pun drop silence and again they started to shout.. Till that news was heard.. A teacher comes and says Students Be Silent… Ur exam result( in my stry at the beginning remember thy wrote an exam.. That exam only made Vidha closer and gave them a relationship of friendship) will be out either tomorrow or day after.. Soo u can start to prepare.. For it.. Everyone gets shocked to hear that news… From that moment onwards everyone started to pray.. Go to temple.. Distributing Prasad.. Including Viplav,Raj and Pankaj.. Dhaani says few guys don’t even know which deity thy are praying.. Dhaani says I need at least above 90.. Viplav Raj and Pankaj says above 90.. Out of 100 ? I’m praying here for getting a pass mark and u above 90.. That day passed by.. Sun rose up.. By presenting a new day.. Raj is on his bed ?and says why this rose today soo early.. He looks at his mobile.. Mobile flashes 8:00? AM.. He stretches his arms and wakes up from his bed ? He sees his mobile ? flashing Viplav calling!! He answers the call ? Wat ask Raj.. Take some extra amount in ur wallet may be it will be required.. Results are out.. Says Viplav.. Raj says okay.. And disconnects the call ? Raj calls Pankaj.. Pankaj is in his bed.. His phone rings.. Pankaj ignores the call.. Raj rings him.. Pankaj attend the call ? and say.. Sone de yaar!!(pls allow me to ? sleep)and closes his ? eyes.. Raj says results are out.. Pankaj says we can see results till day after tomorrow But the sleep I lost today can’t be gained day after tomorrow.. And disconnects the call ? and sleeps.. Raj says vo toh hai.. (Ya tats true) Raj says let me start today’s schedule.. Pankaj wakes up at 8:30.. He looks at clock… Stretches his arms removes bed sheet and goes to baath room.. He takes the towel and take a bath… And look at the clock time says 8:45 AM.. Through window he look at the entrance of his house.. And sees Viplav and Raj entering the house.. Pankaj hurriedly dresses up.. Viplav says I’ll take his lunch and all.. U take his bag.. And parks the car… Raj ? runs to Pankaj’s room.. Whereas Viplav shouts Aunty,pankaj ka lunch.. Pankaj’s mom give Viplav Pankaj’ lunch.. Raj takes Pankaj’s bag ? and thy all run towards the car ? viplav changes the gear.. And thy all rushes to clg.. Thy all r in car ? Pankaj says aaj bhi hum late nahi hai..(Today also we are not late..)Raj says y can’t u wake up at 8:00? just like me.. Always rush… It is either me or Viplav who packs ur bag ? and ur lunch.. Viplav says u r lucky that the we r supposed to reach clg by 9:15 AM… And from ur house ? it’s only 7-9 min drive… Ya.. Says Raj… Pankaj says these morning rush.. Will be best memories of our clg life.. I swear says Pankaj.. Do u knw during BBA hw we did the same with Raj.. Hw we managed Raj and at last made him wake up by 8:00AM.. Those were the best memories isn’t?? Vo toh hai.. Answers Raj and Pankaj.. Thy reach the clg.. Thy park the car and goes to computer lab.. And sees a big rush thr.. Dhaani waves them.. Thy wave Dhaani and ask her to come near them.. Dhaani says if I would have known this link I would have opened it through my Laptop.. Viplav says after this rush only we can enter,na!! Yeah.. Says dhaani.. Raj says then lets move to canteen or to class.. Dhaani says so marks.. Viplav says seeing this rush we can’t even enter the lab nearly for 1 hour.. So lt us go somewhere and later will come… Dhaani says Bt!! Viplav says if we can wait for 1 year.. Then y can’t we wait for 3hrs.. Dhaani looks at Viplav and nods.. Thy move from thr.. Dhaani says next week Dusshera hai na.. My Dance ? is thr.. Really where asks Viplav.. As usual in my home ? after the religious practices.. U guyss should certainly come.. Thy nod.. Thy spend one hour talking to each other.. Going to Piya’s and Tanya’s class(Bth r in same class)Talking to them.. Going to canteen and hearing songs.. And all.. Later thy go to lab and sees the rush has almost been reduced.. Thy enter the lab.. Dhaani says only one computer is needed.. We can all look in Same ? computer Dhaani checks her results.. She says yippee ? I have gt all subjects above 92.. All congratulate her.. Viplav checks his results.. And says every subject above 90… Raj check the result and says all subjects above 91.. Pankaj checks the result and says.. All the 5 subjects above 90 and for one 90.. Thy congratulate each other.. Pankaj says ur treat this time.. Dhaani looks at them and smiles ? Thy all go to their classes.. Everyone are sharing their results.. A teacher comes and shouts.. Maintain silence.. And be settle in Ur seats.. Every one get settled.. The teacher says Y u guyss are shouting in class.. Now only a month is ahead.. After that almost all will say a good bye ? to ur education life.. Or clg life.. This week will come to an end within a eye blink.. Next week is holiday due to Diwali or Dusshera.. Then only 2 weeks ahead…then 3 week u’ll have ur farewell.. Everyone’s face get ? sad.. When thy heard thy r soon gng to hear farewell bell… Most of the students eyes ? get filled with tears of sadness ? Dhaani says our friendship ? should nvr come to an end.. Thy nod.. Dhaani says toh Dusshera u all will come to see my dance ? na.. Thy all nods..

Viplav is lying on bed ? along with Raj and Pankaj.. As the teacher said Just like a eye blink the days passed soo fastly that tomorrow Is dusshera.. Says Viplav.. Pankaj says Tomorrow is the best day to say ur feelings again to Dhaani.. Raj nods.. Raj says tomorrow I’ll say to my parents abt my and Tanya relationship.. Pankaj says tats y u called us… And give a cute punch to Raj.. And hugs Raj and thy go to sleep ?

Next morning (Dusshera morning )
Viplav Raj and Pankaj are sitting for Break fast .. On dinning table along with Raj’s parents.. Raj asks maa.. Today u’ll call Viplav’s Pankaj’s and Tanya’s parents for lunch na.. She nods.. Viplav whispers during noon u say… Raj’s mom asks y?? Ase hi pucha tha!! Says raj.. Thy all have thr food ? and go to the terrace.. Viplav and Pankaj are sitting on the swing while Raj on chair.. Viplav says we’ll support u u simply go and tell.. I meant during noon.. Raj nods.. Later all take shower and wait for Tanya’s parents.. Viplav is browsing FB.. Pankaj is watching TV ?and Raj walking ? left right.. Left Right.. Someone rings the calling bell.. Raj takes a deep breathe and leaves the room.. Followed by Viplav and Pankaj… Raj opens the ? door and sees Tanya’s parents… With Tanya.. He welcomes them inside… Raj’s parents also join them.. Pankaj pushes Raj.. Raj looks at Viplav.. Viplav nods.. Raj says uncle papa.. I want to tell u something.. I love ? Tanya.. And Tanya too loves me.. Soo.. And looks at Viplav and Raj.. Viplav says soo uncle do u have any problem.. We have no problem says Tanya’s parents.. We are happy ? to knw this and more happy that our choice of selection was good.. Raj looks in a confused ? manner.. Raj’s parents say.. Ahh, we always wanted u to marry Tanya.. Bt was waiting for this moment.. Viplav says yippee ? Everyone gets happy.. Bt says Tanya’s parents only after completing her PG only we will give her hand to u.. Says hr parents.. Pankaj says toh clg ka fees tu nahi barna padeiga.. Everyone laughs ? Viplav’s parents pay a way.. To the house and sees everyone laughing.. Viplav narrates everything to them.. Thy also join in thr happiness.. Toh hamara rishtey ka naam bhadelne ka time aaya na… (So it’s time to change our relation name na.. )asks Viplav’s dad.. Every one nods.. And everyone congratulates Tanya & Raj.. Later all have food.. And share some quality time and bids a good bye ? and leaves… Sun sets and moon appeared.. Viplav says bhai.. Chalo now u also tell ur wrds of heart.. To the person for whom ur heart is beating for.. He gets ready and gets a call from Raj telling he is the front of his gate and requesting him to come down.. He bids a bye ? to his parents and get inside the car ? Already asks Pankaj.. Viplav nods.. Raj changes the gear and Car ? moves..

Hope u all loved this epi..

Remember the famous dia of teachers when we shout ur sound can be heard…..

Hw is Rajya jodi.. Good one uh?? The way Raj proposed hows that??

By the way,this journey of special best friend will come to an end by the next epi.. Next epi is the final or the last epi.. Hope u all loved my stry..?

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Swetha again a mind blowing and sweet episode 🙂 There were many things which were so cutely define <3 Best part was the superb result that scene increased my heart beats like it was my result 😀 😀 U are finishing it yaaar, I will really miss ur ff as u write sooo cutely and simply.. Thanks for sharing this story and for reminding us our school days :-*
    LOVE U <3

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss maha di ?

    2. Shanitics

      soo result is ur weak point and heartbeat point uh???

    3. Shanitics

      happy that I was able to fulfill my purpose of writting this stry.. the purpose was nostalgia of vidha/mieshal alng wth school life memoriees

    4. Shanitics

      love u to di..

  2. Areeb

    Swetha!!! ? Teacher’s dialogue!! Exact similar to what happened with me in school! God! ? Itny achy din thy woh!! ? Hmm. Next, of course I remember that exam.. exam sy zayada boys ki group study!! Or woh question skip kr dena k paper me nahi ayega. ?? best scenes thy woh. ? But what’s this you are ending before giving any notice! ? Oh no. ?

    1. Shanitics

      happy tat those bits of instances happnd in ur life

    2. Shanitics

      yeah..whn we live those moments we nvr knw thr value..bt ones it becomes our memories we will cme to knw thr values

    3. Shanitics

      hahaah seems like grup study of these boys had a grest impact on u di…

      1. Areeb

        Oh yes, that totally reminds me of my group studies! ?

    4. Shanitics

      srry fr nt telling..actually 4gt to mention on the last epi..

  3. Aiswarya

    Swethaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa U wrote the famous dialogue of the teacher’s ???today one of my teacher told this dialogue ??

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss aish..

  4. Aiswarya

    Today tr told that when u was not there peace was there n all was soooo silent ??

  5. Aiswarya

    N when I came all class became sooo talkative

      1. Shanitics

        same in my case too.. oftenly hears this dia

  6. Aiswarya

    It was an awesome episode ???I like Rajya Jodi very much ???

    1. Shanitics

      wow some1 liking Rajya jodi.. soo wat abt vidha jodi!!!!

  7. Aiswarya

    Next one is the last episode ??ikrs is also ending n u are also ending it ff

    1. Shanitics

      yeah have to.. some neccessities

  8. Aiswarya

    come back with another ff okey

    1. Shanitics

      will try my bst to cme up wth an anthr ff

  9. Renuverma

    Shweta i enjoyed a lot. Lovely episode ☺

    1. Shanitics

      thankss renu di

  10. Renuverma

    Rajya pair is nice n best part is their parents had fixed this relation much earlier ☺

    1. Shanitics

      yep.. rajya jodi also needs to rock na alng wth vidha jodi

  11. Renuverma

    Great to kniw every one has done real well in exams n have scored above 90%

    1. Shanitics

      yep.. thy are studious + fun loving boys

  12. Renuverma

    Yr narration of raj ; viplav n pankaj rushing to college reminded mevof 3 idiots ??

      1. Shanitics

        4 me it reminded my own case.. me Pankaj and raj and Viplav my Didi and Amma respectively.. i always rush to gt bus.. though I wake up early

  13. Renuverma


    1. Shanitics

      tats universal truth

  14. Renuverma

    Students behaviour n teachers shouting sounded real as this is what it happens 25 yrs ago when i was in college n even today itsthe same?

    1. Shanitics

      happy that I was able to bring back the nostalgia of ur school life and I’m mre happy that u could njoy my ff.. equally like us

  15. Renuverma

    Looking forward for viplavs proposal to dhani

  16. Shanitics

    tat will b a good one di..

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