Special Best Friend Epi:-20


All ready for the epic dialogue of Ikrs “Tum uparwale se dua maang rahi ho.. Aur hum upar wale se tumhe…”

Then lets goo….

Raj,Pankaj and Vidha r sitting under a tree ? Dhaani says wow ? wat a gud scenery!! Viplav says.. This is the beauty of Banaras.. Dhaani says ya.. Raj looks at the sky and says Iwe can expect a rain ☔ Dhaani says thn lets click some pics and lets move.. They take selfies.. Raj,Pankaj and Viplav poses for a pic and asks Dhaani to click it.. Dhaani captures the pic.. Viplav walks ? towards Dhaani and says Mdam,can I have a selfie with u.. Dhaani smiles and says yes.. Viplav and Dhaani takes a selfie..
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Kahe Kita Kahe Ve

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Raj says stand like this let me take a click.. It is ☔ raining says Pankaj.. Vidha poses for the pic.. Dhaani says look there.. There is a temple we can take shelter thr.. They all walk towards temple.. Rain starts to drizzling.. Thy all run ? Dhaani falls down.. Pankaj shouts Rain is gng to fall heavily.. Viplav takes Dhaani in his hands.. And runs.. He climbs the steps of the temple with Dhaani in his arms… Dhaani keeps her bth hands around Viplav’s neck.. He climbs the steps and thy reaches the temple.. Viplav makes her sit on a chair ? in the temple.. Raj asks teek ho??? Dhaani nods.. She looks back and sees the deity.. Dhaani says let me pray and come.. U guys too come.. Dhaani removes her chappals.. And go inside.. Viplav removes his chappals and stands near a pillar waiting for Pankaj and Raj….. Dhaani is standing near to the deity where as Viplav a bit far from her.. Dhaani joins her hands.. Viplav stares at her.. Dhaani closes her eyes ? Wind blows.. Viplav feels the essence of love in the air.. Dhaani opens her eyes.. Viplav closes his eyes ? and prays to god.. Viplav opens his eyes ? and says to himself “TUM UPAR WALE SE DUA MAANG RAHI HO.. AUR HUM UPAR WALE SE TUMHE”
Ishq Ishq……
Ishq Ishq…….

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed
Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
Kahe Kita Kahe Ve

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Dhaani searches for viplav.. She sees him standing near the pillar and actions him to come inside.. Viplav looks at Raj and Pankaj.. Thy all go inside.. Pandit ji comes and gives everyone prasad.. And asks Viplav to put sindhoor on Dhaani.. Viplav looks at Panditji in a confused ? manner.. Even then he applies sindhoor on Dhaani’s forehead..
Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Ishq Bawar Mein Choddu Bahar
Apna Aap Gawar

Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
Usse Koi Rang Na Va

Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Pandit ji tells I asked to fill her maang.. Viplav says I’m not her husband.. Pandit ji gives a confused ? look.. And asks phir tumne isse ghod mein kyun uttakar laya(Thn y u brought her inside the temple in ur arms…) Viplav narrates the incident.. Pandit ji apologizes and says yahaan nayi Dulahan ko apne pati ghod main utta kar lane ka ek rasam hai. Toh main socha aap vo rasam kar rahe hai..(Here, we have a custom of husband taking his wife in arms and climbing all steps and cmng in this temple.. Soo I thought u r do that custom)Dhaani says it’s ok ? and thy leaves… Pankaj says Baarisha shaand ho gaya(Rain ☔ stopped)Dhaani sees a small market near by.. And says we can gi thr and runs.. Viplav Raj and pnakaj follows her..

(In market)
Dhaani is selecting bracelets.. She sees a bracelet with centre written”V” Dhaani asks to the shop keeper.. Bhaia,ye kitne ka hai??”(hw much this costs) Das ka hai (₹10) ? answers the shop keeper.. Ye pack kar lo says Dhaani.. Amd gives him ₹10.. Another customer comes and purchases.. Dhaani reminds him.. Bhaia,.. He gives her the pack.. She goes to Viplav and gives the pack.. Raj and Pankaj looks at the pack.. Viplav opens it and sees a bracelet.. He takes out… And sees The bracelet.. Ye “VD” kya hai.. Questions Raj.. “VD” asks Dhaani.. Pankaj says ah.. And shows her the bracelet.. The bracelet might have gt exchanged.. I bought”V” and nt “VD”… Viplav smiles.. Pankaj and Raj understood the reason of smile and joins him in smiling ? Dhaani asks kya hua.. Sab kyun has rahe ho??( wat happnd?? Y smiling ?)Nthng… Answers Pankaj.. Dhaani says Give me this Braclet I’ll exchange ad will buy that one.. Viplav says no.. Lt this bracelet be with me.. Pls.. Says Viplav.. Dhaani says ya.. Okay u keep it.. Dhaani moves to the same shop.. Ganga maya ka aashirvad hai.. Viplav aur Dhaani.. “VD”.. A girl was gng on that way.. Raj asks that girl ? is ur name Dhaani?? Viplav gives him a punch.. The girl ? moves.. Thy start to tease him.. Dhaani says to the shop keeper Bhai,mujhe “V” jhahiye.. U gave me something else.. (I need”v”) he apologizes and says mam return it.. She says it’s ok and buys 3 bracelets with centre written “V”,”P”,”R” respectively and gift ? it to Viplav Pankaj.. And raj.. Thy thank her.. Dhaani moves in front.. Pankaj says Bhabhi.. Bulau.. (Can I ca her bhabhi) Viplav says.. Ahh ur’s wife elder sister only.. U can call her wat u want.. Thy laughs ? Raj says we want to gift ? Dhaani something na.. Yeah… Answers Viplav… A boy ? comes and asks to Dhaani something.. Pankaj says jalne ki smell aa rahi hai na Raj(Burning smell is cmng na Raj).. Ah.. Answers Raj.. Viplav gives a sharp look and Raj and Pankaj laughs ? Viplav goes near to Dhaani and asks the boy ? wat happnd?? He showa a address and asks the route… Viplav says we are tourists so.. Boy ? says oh.. Srry.. Viplav says it’s okay.. Viplav says we r just behind u.. Dhaani nids.. Pankaj says to Raj.. Hws the teddy ? bear.. Ye pathi aa gaya.. In se hi puch lo!!(Here comes the hubby… Ask to him)Viplav asks wat?? Pankaj tells him.. Viplav says yeah tat one is gud.. U guys follow Dhaani.. I’ll buy and come.. Thy nod.. Viplav runs ? Dhaani looks behind and sees Raj and Pankaj.. She questions whr Viplav went?? Thy answer Viplav will come within a minute.. Lets move.. Viplav buy that teddy bear ? and comes back.. Raj Pankaj and Viplav gift ? that to Dhaani.. Dhaani says for wat?? Viplav says simply.. Dhaani smiles and thank them.. And gets happy seeing the bear.. Dhaani says feeling hungry.. Can we go to hotel ? and have food ? Viplav says ya.. Me too feeling hungry.. Thy take 2 autos… In one auto vidha and in other Pankaj and Raj…
thy reach the hotel and have thr food.. And go to thr rooms… Viplav Raj and Pankaj sot on bed ? and Dhaani on sofa… Dhaani says eve ko yahan mandir pein jate hai..(Lets go to temple in evening)Thy nod.. Raj says chalo. Rest karthe hai..(Lets take rest) Dhaani u use that bed room and we will use this one.. Dhaani nods… (NOTE ? IT IS A 2 BED ROOM APARTMENT)Dhaani goes to her bed room.. Amd login to FB where as Viplav and Raj fall asleep??? And Pankaj watches TV ? Later Dhaani and Pankaj too sleepy ? and goes to sleep ??

Dhaani wakes up hearing alarm and checks the time.. It’s 6:00 PM..? Dhaani wakes up and washes her face.. She goes to room where boys ??? (Raj Pankaj and Viplav)are sleeping ??? She makes them wake up.. She says we need to go to temple.. Viplav says u go and get ready… We all r wearing the same dress ? Dhaani says lekin… (bt) viplav hugs Pankaj and sleeps.. Dhaani looks at them… And goes to her room… She changes her dress.. She wears a salwar.. White colour.. She goes a make the boys ? ? ? wake up.. Thy all wake up and says whr r u gng?? She says nt me.. We r gng yo temple.. Remember?? Yeah.. Says the boys.. Thy all get up from the bed ? and washes thr face.. And all moves to temple side.. Boys all say we will sit here u go and pray ? U guyss nt cmng?? Questions Dhaani.. We’ll b near this ganga river ? u go and come… Boys sit in the steps.. Where as Dhaani go to temple.. Viplav says U guyss look today I’ll confess.. Tats the spirit my boy ? says Pankaj.. Thy walk ? down the steps.. Viplav lets dip all our sins.. Pankaj and Raj ask Kya.. Viplav says Ganga hai.. Pani hai.. Toh… Thy take thr shoes ? and jumps to ganga.. Thy say GANGA ? KI JAI.. Thy play in water.. Viplav says hai ladoo… Let me buy and come… Thy nod… Viplav goes and buys ladoos.. Seller says prasad hai.. Yahi khalo.. In fromt of thus ganga (It’s prasad.. U eat here itself.. In front of ganga)Dhaani comes and searches for the boys in steps.. Pankaj Raj shouts.. DHAANI.. She looks all around.. And sees Them in the river.. Pankaj and Raj comes out.. Viplav Sees dhaani.. Cmng with a plate.. Viplav gies near to Dhaani… Viplav looks at the plate.. She says prasad hai.. Viplav says I want to tell u something.. Dhaani nods.. Dhaani tat is first u have this laddoo.. Dhaani take one ladoo from it.. Pankaj says 6 laddoos are thr.. & we r 4.. I’LL have 2 Raj says bro I too will hlp u..
Okay.. Viplav take one ladoo.. Raj and Pankaj takes the box itself..? Flower ? from her plate fall down.. Dhaani I love ? u.. Says Viplav.. Dum dum dum da da da da da.. Someone plays the Dhol… And some announcement is made.. Kya hai ye?? Asks Raj… Dhol stops and thy hear the announcement through speakers ? Ek pratha jo kar raha hai ishq mein bhed.. Ishq ka rang safed…Viplav takes the flower ? fallen sown from Dhaani’s plate and keep it in the plate.. Dhaani smiles..? Pankaj asks kya announcement hai ye??(Wats this announcement is??) To a person standing near to him.. Drama is gng to start.. Answers the guy Which Drama?? Asks Raj.. Ishq ka Rang safed!! A Drama abt widow remarriage answers the guy.. Ohh.. Says Viplav.. Dhaani says Wat u said Viplav.. I complete it I didn’t heard that due the sound of Dhol… Nthns answers Viplav…. Dhaani says chalo,It’s time to bid a good bye ? to Banaras.. Viplav nods Thy leave.. Thy reach thr hotel.. And pack thr bags ? ? ? ? have their food.. And goes to Railway ? station.. Thy enter into the train… Dhaani looks at the station.. And bids a good bye ? while the ?train starts to move..

Soo hw was the epi..
Remember”Ek pratha jo kar raha hai ishq mein bhed.. Ishq ka rang safed…” It was the promo of our serial.. I have tried my best to give u the exact scenes shown in the promo of ikrs.. Hope I was successful in it..?

Hw was the VD bracelet??
Remember hw we or our friends used to tease us in front of the crush..?

“Tum uparwale se dua maang rahi ho.. Aur hum upar wale se tumhe…” I have again tried my best to portray good scenes during this epic dialogue of Viplav.. The dialogue which is stitched with golden thread in the heart ♥ if each fan… Of Ikrs ? Hope I didn’t spoiled that dialogue ?

All cmnts are welcomed ??

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  1. Sujie

    Shaani… Good one….
    Perfectly depicted the promos with dialogues and your uniqueness…..
    Adorable VD ????????????

  2. Shanitics

    Thankss sujie di?

  3. Shanitics

    Happy ? that u enjoyed all the scenes

  4. Shanitics

    Yippee ? I was able to depict properly..?

  5. Swetha it was a very nice episode ???you know in one fine Mon I came after my class I felt like watching tv so jumped on the bed &took the remote &started changing channel’s then I noticed a promo in that a widow n a handsome guy was shown he was sooooooo cute????
    N he was telling “tum uparwale se dua maang rahi ho
    Aur hum upar wale se tumhe”
    That dialogue touched my heart ??n changed me little bit
    I used to used to never see serials now I became die hard fan of mishal all ??
    I first choice became a best choice n I’m sooooooooo happy for that

    U made me remember all this thk u doo much??
    Post the next part soooon☺☺

  6. Shanitics

    Thankss aish..

  7. Shanitics

    Me too I too had the Same experience.. I saw the promo.. First was nt impressed by Mishal.. Bt latr I startd to watch the serial rarely Bt mishal took away my heart with his sweet killing smile… His smile ? and the then current plot.. Of sarla kaki made me a often viewer of this serial..?

  8. Shanitics

    Will post the nxt part soon…

    1. Shanitics

      Happy that I made u remember the promo of ikrs…

  9. Renuverma

    Wow sheetha finally they have reached banaras n wnjoying.?
    Liked viplavs tdking dhani in arns n she tying her hands on his neck?
    Poor panditji confused n thought vidha as couple☺ dont worry panditji yr wush would be true soon.☺
    Raj n pankaj teasing viplav☺☺
    Dhani buting lockets for every one✌✌
    Raj pankaj n viplav gifting teady it was super cute.

    Vd locket was superb.
    Best was yr promo dialogue which u beautifully fitted in thus story.

    1. Shanitics

      thankss renu di..

    2. Shanitics

      happy that u loved the part viplav taking Dhaani in his arms..

    3. Shanitics

      return gift toh bantha hai na…

    4. Shanitics

      yippee.. promo fitted the stry properly..

  10. Areeb

    So Good Swetha! Each n every scene remind me of golden episodes! ? Loved it. The best thing was tgat bracelet got exchanged.. Aww, sweet. ??
    Sad Viplav missed the chance of proposing. But no worries, excited to know what’s next you are going to give! ?

    1. Shanitics

      thankss areeb di..

    2. Shanitics

      happy that I was able to remind u those golden epi through my ff

    3. Shanitics

      don’t b soo excited wat if I’m nt able to catch up ur expectations… bt yep..will always keep trying 2 catch up ur xpectations…

  11. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing amazing amazing? viplav lifts her in his arms and then the sindoor scene was superb.. viplav’s dialogue was so nicely represented, don’t worry u haven’t spoiled it.. VD bracelet was an adorable scene, viplav is such a sleepy boy? but he looks too cute while sleeping and hugging pankaj?? poor viplav though he said I love u but dhani couldn’t listen it but it’s Ok better luck next time? u have given a superb place of IKRS promo in this episode..
    The way Raj and pankaj pulled viplav’s leg was so funny actually I love these kinds of scenes and so as this one? I don’t have experience because nothing like this happens with me yet but we used to tease our friends? so this tour has ended really apart of vidhani we also enjoyed this tour alot.. just loved it? now waiting for vidhani love confession..

  12. Shanitics

    thankss maha di..

  13. Shanitics

    happy that I haven’t spoiled those epic dia.. and reached ur expectations..

  14. Shanitics

    yaa Viplav is a sleepy boy..just like u..

  15. Shanitics

    hands off to u 4 ur cute imagination.. then only u can c Viplav sleeping and all that…

  16. Shanitics

    happy that i was able to place ad give promo of this serial nicely..

  17. Shanitics

    friendship is full of pulling legs..na

  18. Shanitics

    happy that u enjoyed this tour part.. hope u’ll njoy the upcmng parts too

  19. Shanitics

    vidha confession will b as usual aww..seems to b

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