Special Best Friend.. epi 19

The day of tour came… Piya and Dhaani r packing the bags πŸŽ’πŸŽ’ Di. Pics snd karna math bhulna..says Piya.. Dhaani nods.. Raj,Pankaj,And Viplav are busy packing thr πŸŽ’bags πŸŽ’πŸ¬ Viplav says to himself During this trip I’ll surely confess my love towards Dhaani.. And smiles πŸ˜ƒ Dhaani seeks the blessings from her parents and leaves..

Scenes shifts to clg…

Everyone is entering into the bus.. Vidha followed by Raj and Pankaj.. Raj gives a flying kiss πŸ’‹ to Tanya.. Tanya shies.. All r sitting in the bus 🚌 The teacher says.. Now we r gng to Railway πŸš„ station.. From thr via train πŸš„ straight to Banaras… Soo all ready… Everyone shouts YES!!! The bus 🚌 moves.. Everyone put thr neck out the window and bids a good bye πŸ™‹ In bus 🚌 all are jumping Dancing πŸ’ƒ Whistling taking pics and.. All.. Thy reach πŸš„ Railway station… Everyone takes thr luggage.. Dhaani is taking hr respective bags πŸŽ’ Viplav comes and hlps hr.. Dhaani thankss Viplav and smiles..😊 The teacher says all should move together by group. Othrwise u will b missed.. Soo b togethr always and always make sure ur wallets are too safe.. Pick picketers are here.. Some whispers.. Ma’am ko keise patha ki yahaan pick poketers hai.. Mathlab ma’am ka kuch khoya hai.. (Hw she knw many pick poketers r here.. Tat means smethng has been missed from here) Thy enter the station.. A flood of people are thr.. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand βœ‹ seeing the crowd.. Ishq ishq plays 🎢 Dhaani looks at Viplav.. There is a chance u’ll b missed… Dhaani gives a positive look.. Raj questions Dhaani.. Iss hand back mein koi valuable items nahi hai na.. (Inside the hand bag πŸŽ’ no valuable items are nt thr na..)Dhaani says nothing is inside this.. Thy enter the train πŸš„ vidha followed by Raj and Pankaj.. Are looking for thr coach.. We are 4 tat means we have to share our coach with someone says Pankaj.. Dhaani shouts B-45,46,47,48 Thy all says at last found the coach.. Thy arrange thr bags πŸŽ’ and sit and start to talk.. Rah says no range here.. Viplav says now speak to us nt with Tanya amd laughs πŸ˜†.. Everyone laughs.. Thy have thr Dinner 🍴 and all gt settled in thr seats. And sleeps..

Next morning πŸŒ… thy reach The holiest place BANARAS.. Viplav makes Dhaani wake up.. Viplav looks at Dhaani and gets melted in her sweet sleeping face.. Dhaani’s hair fall on her face.. Viplav moves that hair slowly withut disturbing her… Ishq ishq plays 🎢 Dhaani moves Viplav’s hands.. Pankaj shouts only 5-min away frm the station.. Viplav says shut up.. Dhaani wakes up hearing Pankaj’s voice.. And sees Viplav’s hand on her face.. Viplav removes his hands.. Dhaani wakes up.. Raj says oh,madam thr is an announcement.. Dhaani nods.. We will reach Banaras ,the city on the banks of the Ganges, within 5-min.. Dhaani stretches her hands.. Combs her hair with her hands.. And stands up.. Viplav wishes hr gud mrng. She too wish 🌠 good mrng.. She opens her hand bag πŸŽ’ takes out the comb… Brushes her hair Viplav stares at Dhaani.. Ishq ishq plays.. Dhaani brushes her hair. And later corrects her dress πŸ‘— again.. Raj says chalo,pahunch gaye station main.. Viplav say welcome to Banaras,The spiritual capital of India, the holiest of the seven sacred cities ,.. Thy take thr luggage and get down the train.. And goes to the bus arranged by the clg.. In bus 🚌 girls enquires each other abt hw thy slept yesterday.. Boys discusses abt the girls thy saw in the train πŸš„ pre Night.. Thn hw thy spnt night talking. And all.. Thy reach the hotel.. Receptionist πŸ‘© asks u frm.. Someone anwers Rani Bhai clg.. Thy look back.. The boy πŸ‘¦ says ohh apologies…Unknowingly said.. Teacher says Clg ka naam bhi patha nahi. Everyone laughs πŸ˜† Viplav says Emrald clg,Indore.. Yeah sir ur rooms have booked.. A set of 4 can come an take the keys sir.. Says the receptionist πŸ‘© Vidha,Raj and Pankaj…takes the keys and moves to thr room..Viplav opens the door πŸšͺ and enters..

Everyone sits on the bed 🏨 Raj says let me enquire wats today’s plan.. Raj and Pankaj goes out… Dhaani says let me gt fresh up and come… And goes to bath πŸ›€ room.. Viplav sees the mirror and thinks 😌 lt me study hw to propose her. And goes near mirror.. He starts to propose in different manners… Dhaani comes out of bathroom and sees Viplav in kneels.. Dhaani gives a weird manner… Viplav’s mobile πŸ“± rings 🎡 The phone πŸ“± flashes Raj mobile πŸ“± He answers the call πŸ“ž Raj says aaj raath ko return hai.. Viplav nods.. Pankaj takes the call πŸ“ž and says let us check wat all r here?? By tat time u and dhaani take shower.. Viplav nods.. And disconnects the call πŸ“ž Viplav shares this news with Dhaani.. Viplav says u take shower 1st by tat time let me take a small nap 😫 Dhaani says lazy hai bahut lazy hai tu.. Viplav says ah. Kya karu. And falls on bed 🏨 Dhaani takes hr dresses and goes inside the bathroom.. She finishes her shower. And comes out.. She stares at Viplav sleeping.. In a cute manner.. Ishq ishq plays.. She thinks 😌 of calling Viplav bt thinks to make him wake up after few time.. She dries her hair.. Water from her hair falls on Viplav .. And he wakes up and stares at Dhaani.. Dhaani combs her hair.. And sees Viplav staring at her.. Viplav comes to senses and says.. Let me take shower πŸ›€ and come.. Hr takes towel and leaves.. He is taking shower.. He looks for soap and didn’t find it and calls Dhaani and asks for soap.. Dhaani gives soap to Viplav.. Dhaani shies..Viplav pulls her closer.. Viplav opens the shower.. Water falls on Vidha. Dhaani ask wat r dng… Viplav pulls her more closer.. Dhaani says I finished my bathing off the shower… Viplav offs the shower.. Viplav says pani ke saath romance toh banta hai.. And holds her hands.. Viplav kisses πŸ’‹ on her forehead… Dhaani knocks on the door πŸšͺ Viplav realises that it was his dream.. Dhaani says soap is thr.. Tap ke side main hai Dekho… Viplav says milla… Dhaani says 1st open ur eyes πŸ‘€ and look around after that shout… Vipla says kab dekho meri shikayath karthi hai..😏 shikayathi pudiya and smiles 😊

Viplav dresses up.. Raj and Pankaj enters the room… And sees Dhaani in front of the mirror wearing a white-red salwar and viplav with towel and shirts πŸ‘• Raj and PankajπŸ˜’gives Viplav a weird look… And Viplav asks them wat?? Raj looks at Viplav and asks towel or T-shirt bo bhi white.. Matching to Dhaani’s salwar.. Dhaani looks at Viplav and smiles πŸ˜ƒ Dhaani asks them abt thr Banaras study… Thy say nthng much to see.. 🌊 river.. Only a few km ahead.. Site seeing πŸŒ„ shopping… Tats all.. And return ticket 🎫 for train πŸš„ timing is 10:00 by 9:00 we have to reach here in this hotel.. Btwn this much we can do anything… If no plan smply sit in the room.. Viplav says mujhe bhuk lagi hai(I’m feeling hungry)… Lets have food 🍴 Raj,Pankaj and vidha goes to have food… Viplav orders the food 🍴 Djaani says this Saturday should be the bst Saturday ever in our life.. Wat if we have gt a day… Each moment spnd wth Frnds always beautiful memories… Everyone nods… Viplav thinks 😌 aaj main aapne dil ke baath kahunga… And smiles.. Thy all have their fos amd goes back to thr room.. Viplav take a small nap meanwhile Pankaj and Raj freshens up.. Dhaani is lying on the bed 🏨 and watching TV πŸ“Ί Pankaj says chalo,utt yaar chalthe hai.. Viplav doesn’t wake up.. Dhaani gives a beat on Viplav’s back.. He wakes up saying AAA😣 Thy all smile 😊 Viplav aks Y u didi this… To wake u up.. Answers Dhaani.. Viplav in anger goes to bathroom and washes his face.. And all pay a way to the beautiful banaras destinations…

Remembered ur tour to a destination..
Remembered the guy in ur school or clg who is always 😫 sleepsπŸ’€ when he gt time in btwn.. Hw we usd to tease our frnds πŸ‘«

Hope u all r njoying my epi’s 😊


  1. Shruthy


    |Registered Member

    Awww that was so ViDhalicious. Such cute scenes with ViDha checking out each other sleeping, that romantic dream etc. so eager to read the confession part.
    Btw I must says, that small gang of 4 is seriously adorable. But I am confused, is Dhaani staying with the boys? I am confused if they are sharing rooms or not? xD

  2. Areeb


    |Registered Member

    Hi Swetha. πŸ˜„ Finally catch up with the story. Pheww. 😌 Okay. Previous episode.. I read them altogether. They were superb. Really you move the story exactly like your story name ‘ special best friend ‘ . Viplav-Raj-Pankaj chemistry is the best! And today’s episode was too good! Hope will goes well with proposing to Dhaani- or may be another twist is waiting ahead. 😌 Just one confusion, you wrote Vipla, Raj & Pankaj took their room key. Us Dhasni also staying in the same room?

    And I always relate your story with my school friends be it group studies, class tests, pranks and lot more. Today was also one thing that totally relates to my life. Was in start when Piya says pictures send kardena- that’s totally me!! πŸ™‹ In my cousins I’m the one who always say the dialogue whether it’s about my picture or their . I love checking out pictures. πŸ˜‚

  3. Mahaaijaz


    |Registered Member

    Swetha it was amazing re :-* the way viplav holds her hand and then the way he melts down seeing dhani sleeping was so lovely and then viplav’s dream hayee hayee maza agaya it reminds vidhani romance in shower wale episode πŸ˜€ eagerly waiting for confession part now <3 so post the next one soon..
    And u know its me who sleeps like this I always used to sleep in these kind of situations and at day time neend ziada achi atii hai but my cousins are always there to do their pranks which disturb my nap πŸ˜›

  4. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    Shaani….. ViDhaliciously ViDhalicious😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍 episode…..
    Lovely….. Keep going dear….. And the dream😍😍😍😘😘

  5. Meghs


    |Registered Member

    Wow choti its rocking 😍😍 dream too

    Well clg name part remember me my own incident when sir ask clg name i said only half nameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he asking 3 yr u study not know clg name lol

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