Special Best Friend.. epi 18


Hii.. Guyss I’m back with an another epi… Thankss for supporting me… My sweeet readers..?

Next day at clg…

Everyone is complementing Vidha,Raj and pankaj.. For thr ?dance… Viplav says only because I was there in the dance ? everyone is complementing.. Dhaani says oh really then a big hearty thankss and laughs.. Raj comes and says hey u heard.. Bsc.. Zoology students are gng to tour… Then ours is on process… Says Viplav.. On process says Raj No tour for MBA final year students adds Raj.. Who said asks Dhaani.. Gt the information from an inner source says Raj… Tats really a ?bad news…. Says Dhaani… Viplav says principal Ki beti hona toh kaho aapne dad se Hume tour le Jane keliye (Ur dad is principal na soo ask him to grand the permission) Bell ? rings..

A teacher enters the class and says everyone settle in thr own seats ? everyone gets settled in thr seats.. Soo I’m going to take a test tomorrow.. On the previous chapter.. Viplav murmurs to Dhaani and Raj.. Aaathi hai exams announcement karne ya exams dalne…. (Comes to announce the tests or to take test) Raj says yaa bro… She doesn’t even take the chapters… Isiliye haven’t slept ? ? in her class.. Raj and viplav wat r u murmuring thr… Raj says nothing mam…. Soo I heard u guyss murmuring viplav says no mam… Then u’ll b listening to the class na… Then read the left portion of that section says the teacher… Raj murmurs to Pankaj and Viplav… Lazy to read the portion soo she picked us… Thy laughs ? Viplav look at Dhaani.. Dhaani says from here… Viplav takes her book ? and starts to read.. Dhaani says tats my book ? viplav says mere bag ? main hai lelo my book ? (book is in my bag.. Take it)and continues to read…
Bell? rings.. Viplav stops reading and closes the book ? Teacher asks have I asks u to stop reading noo na.. Thn read viplav in anger opens the book ? again and Continues to read..

Another teacher enters to the class… The last teacher asks Viplav to stop βœ‹ reading and leaves… Everyone wishes the entered teacher.. Teacher says heard abt the tour.. No shouts the class… U guyss don’t have tour this time… Management have decided… I cannot do anything.. Pankaj says Varna abhi much karthi.(otherwise would have done something?).. Raj giggles… Teacher says do u knw Whn I was dng my pg.. We went to…. And she describes abt her tour… Everyone looks at each other in aaj ka period khatham (today’s period is over maaner)manner.. The bell ?rings and the teacher leaves.. Everyone becomes sad…

Another teacher enters to the class… This teacher is much friendly to them…. All says mam.. We have no tour this time… Mam says y? Thy shouts management have decided it… Raj says mam.. Can u do anything.. Can u represent all we students and ask to head of the department(HOD)… A guy sitting near the entrance to the class says silent.. HOD is the cmng… This news passing from one bench to another… uss gadhe ko uss Ki saza millegi.. (Tat donkey will surely have to pay for it..) HOD was abt to enter the class just then he somehow falls down.. Raj, Pankaj and Dhaani looks at Viplav… Thy say Pranamm? guru.. And laughs ? Teacher goes and helps the HOD… The class as usual begins to shout… The teacher comes and says if u keep quite I’ll try my maximum to grand u permission for the tour.. The class becomes pin ?drop silent.. Even the most talkative began to keep quite and made othr to maintain silence… After few minutes a boy asked will anything happen… Seems to b says another boy.. The girls ?? asks them to b silent.. After a few minutes.. Thy began to shout.. A student says keep quite.. The mam is cmng.. Everyone becomes silent and gets settled in thr places… Mam says.. The tour is ready… Everyone says yeee….?? but.. Continues the teacher.. The management has decided whr u need to go… Thy shout it’s ok ? Mam continues… Then ur trip is to Banaras… Thy all shout BANARAS… ?? mam says em.. Banaras.. I tried my best bt.. This was the result.. Viplav says ye koi religious tour hai kya ab…(Is this a religious tour or nt.. Now??) seems to b says Raj and Pankaj.. Pankaj says Mumbai.. Delhi.. Or even Goa choose karthe toh… Teacher says b happy ? that u r gng for a tour.. Make the tour mst memorable tour of ur life… Make as much memories possible… Thy say thank u ma’am.. The bell ? rings.. Mam says.. Oh.. I forgt to tell u the mst imp thing… The date for ur tour is cmng Friday.. Friday u’ll go.. Saturday morning u’ll reach there… Saturday u can move around Banaras… Sunday afternoon u’ll move from thr… Monday u’ll reach here.. All says this cmng Friday.. ? Ya.. Answers the teacher.. Tat means only 3 days left for us… Today Monday.. Viplav shouts can we begin our count down uh.. All others shout yes.. Dhaani looks Viplav in a lovely manner…

From that day onwards no one listened to the lectures given.. No one wrote the notes.. Instead all kept dreaming abt tour.. Wat dress ? to wear.. Hw will be the tour.. Hw will thy spend time thr…and all.. Girls are busy doing thr shopping ? gng to parlours ? and all.. Boys are busy copying song in hard disk ? planning wat to do aftr thy reaches Banaras.. Hw to convert this religious trip.. To a wonderful destination tour.. And how and wat all naughty ? things.. Thy can do thr.. And so..on.. In short,no one was was attentive in class… ?

How was the epi?? Loved uh??

Remember if thr r any students wth thr parents wrking that same institution. Thn how we use to tell hr.. To ask or do for smethng..

Remember whn we murmur to our frnds and teacher asks us to read… The left portion… And we don’t evn knw wat is being taken!! Thn cmnting on the teacher. And asking frm frnds whr she reached and start reading!!! And whn the bell we stop reading..

Whn our tour is not thr.. We complaining it to our friendly teacher.. And asking for hlp..

Remember ur you from ur school or clg??
Keep reading to knw wat will happen on tour.. And to hear the ur fav dialogue
“Tum upar wale se dua maang rahi Ho aur hum tumne”
Whn and hw he will say this dia…. To onw this keep reading ?

All cmnts are welcomed ?

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  1. Wow swheta lovely episode. Was thinking about my school. I feel very sad as I am going to leave it very soon

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Butterfly..?

    2. Shanitics

      U r cmng a long aftr…nice 2 c ur cmnts…

      1. Shanitics

        Don’t b sad… Yaar clg will too b awesome ? it will surely.. Give u an anthr set of memories ?

  2. Sujie

    Swethu….. You made me nostalgic…. Wanna know why….because same thing happened to me for 7 long years…. Classmates used to pamper me to make some changes…..but best friends used to tease me ….. My best friends πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Banars tour is gonna be memorable….and yes waiting for TUM UPARWALE SE DUAAN MANGRAHI HO…AUR HUM UPARWALE SE TUMHE

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss sujie di ?

    2. Shanitics

      Happy that I am able to give u a nostalgia of ur school life through my writings..?

    3. Shanitics

      Hahah.. In my case.. Every1 pampers my bst frnd.. Including teachers.. So I use to tease hr.. Including the reason y teachers and frnds pampers hr..?

      1. Shanitics

        Yup.. Even I’m waiting to write those dia.. In my ff…?

  3. Maha_Aijaz

    It was as usually super duper swetha.. it made me remember my school days πŸ™‚ how boys used to murmurs and all that.. they are master in doing pranks, in making records of tearchers and in creating disturbance πŸ˜› but girls are so innocent haiina πŸ˜€ .. and yeah we always ask help from a good teacher because a strict teacher won’t help us ever .. anyways it was a very nice episode and now superbly excited for their trip to banaras plus our favorite dialogue “tum uper wale se dua mang rahe ho aur hum uper wale se tumhen” so post the next one soon πŸ™‚

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss maha di..

      1. Shanitics

        In our class.. Bth boys and girls join thr hands and make pranks.. And disturbing the teachr… So at least for tat few min.. She won’t take class na… ?

    2. Shanitics

      In our class.. Too we have a friendly teachr who we ask.. A hlp for..

    3. Shanitics

      Keep waiting maha di.. For that Goosebumps dia.. I’ll post it asap…?

  4. Renuverma

    Shweta nice one dear.
    Yes it was nostalgic. Students murmuring n teacher scolding ☺
    Yes there is always a good supporting teacher jn real too.
    Here also teacher helped n arranged for tour thouhh management had refused.
    Looking forward for next ☺

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Renu di ?

    2. Shanitics

      Studnts murmur teachr scolds… Tat process will nvr come to an end di.. It seems..

  5. Latha

    Swetha it was superb episode and yes there is always a good teacher supporting too. Excited for their trip to Banaras and keep going dear

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss latha di ?

    2. Shanitics

      A gud supporting teachr is always a blessings for the students

  6. Swetha it was a very nice episode ???I remembered how teachers used to call me while I was busy in talking ???

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss aish…?

    2. Shanitics

      Hhah aish.. Evn I’m caught 4 talking…

      1. ????

      2. Shanitics

        Aish. May I knw whch std u r studying…

      3. 11th ??

  7. Swara

    Good one dear..keep writing…I’m back to school life…

    1. Shanitics

      Happy tat u r back to school through my ff..?

  8. Swara

    These shouting at classroom nd keeping silent whn tr coming all I did in school…now in clg too?

    1. Shanitics

      Ahha.. We have placd 2 security guards(2 studious boys) at the ntrace of our class.. To infrm us whn the tr is arriving.. So tat we can keep quiet.. ?

      Bt she will scold us telling that ur snd is being heard in the entrance of the school?

  9. Shanitics

    Thankss varsha chechi.. For ur valuable cmnts.. ?

  10. Shanitics

    Hahah in clg. Too.. Omg.. Nt my followr na.. Chechi?

    1. Hahaha. Yeah…these days r superb..

  11. Angel20

    Wow it was amazing!! Loved it!!

  12. Shanitics

    Thankss Maria…

  13. Lakshmi

    swetha dear simply outstanding….yep not remembering now living those days in real yaar…..and ya waiting to hear that dialogue once more…..

  14. Meghs

    I remember when mam asked to read what she done once when actually i didn’t concentrate cls ? lol

    Trip made remember me when we all tried convince hod for tour but alas they don’t allow as mgt change

  15. Shanitics

    Thankss meghs di?

  16. Shanitics

    Hahha.. Tats wat we call acting.. I almst nvr usd to cncntrate in class.. And whn teacher luk at me I look at hr like I was listening through out?

    But at times I have been caughtd tooo

  17. Shanitics

    Happy ? tat these incidents can b related to the real life too.. And it’s nt just an imaginary parts…

  18. Bernardo Heziak

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