Special Best Friend (EP-9)


Ep -9
Vip searches 4 Dhaani. He sees Dhaani reading the guide. Hey,says Vip. She smiles and study..Vip asks her wat happnd?why soo serious?? She didn’t study a question!Raj & Pankaj joins thm..Pankaj hear it and starts laughing…We left 20 pages frm that chapter says Pankaj.Thn study,45 min left,says dhaani..Vip says tats not imp one,so we left it…Nt imp means,if any 2 mark or 5 mark question comes,thn??? Raj says,If the question is of 2 mark then we will leave tat question..If 5 mark we’ll write the summary of that 20 pages and smiles…Dhaani stares at them…Pankaj and Viplav nods..If I talk to u guyss then my time will be wasted..She looks @ them and continues her studies…I’m damn sure this question will nt come says Raj…Y asks Dhaani..Because Pankaj has studied this question and answer..Dhaani looks in a confused manner..All the long answer questions tat Pankaj has studied has nvr evr been askd in the xams says Raj…From school life till now adds Vip..She smiles.Then I’m not gng 2 study this happy..Thy smiles

Again 30min left 4 exam says pankaj….Lets go to canteen and have some food says Raj. Pankaj asks Dhaani 2 come…Dhaani says are you mad?? Lets revise all the chapter by this time..May be by this revision our mark increases then…hw can we increase our marks,its the teachres who evaluate our marks not us so come says Raj. U can increase ur marks by writting the improvement exam but u can’t go to the canteen right @ this moment next time…xams bar bar aathi hai lekin zindigi mein moka bar bar nahi aathi says viplav. They have an eyelock…ishq ishq plays..❤

Credit to: Shanitics

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  1. Good going Swetha di. But I m angry with u. U don’t read my ff. Now I m katti with u. But your ff is superb.

    1. Thanksss lols… Don’t be katti… I’ll read ur ff…. Tell me the names of ur ff?

      1. Ab aaye line pe.lol. Main mazaak kar rahi thi. Lekin agar aapko mera ff padne ka itna hi man kar raha hai toh mere ff ke naam hai-
        Revenge or love
        Journey of love
        Viplav and Dhaani together makes vidhaani.
        And I can never be katti with u. I m in a mood to joke so thought to do it with u. But don’t forget to read my ff.

  2. swetha….keep going…. waiting for exams to get over in ViDhaani’s life….

    1. Thanksss Sujie di….
      Vidha exams too will over soon….

  3. Itni jaldi kyn khatam ho jati hai yeh!!? ? When I get deeply involved with the story it ends the very same point! ? Swetha next time make it longer, please. ?

    Okay so coming to the episode. ? Was very funny Again! ? My favorite part was when, Raj told about Pankaj’s story.. Pankaj’s ( bad luck ? ) influence on lengthy question – answers. ? I recalled my class tests the very same thing happens with my friend. Bechaari. ?

    And yeah, try posting the other episodes sooner! As I have always been longed to read this exam story to reminisce my golden period of School. ❤

    1. Thanksss Areeb..?

    2. Areeb di… Don’t worry next epi will be longer ?

    3. Yup… When I thought abt wat element I should put in tat place I remember a that always in a class thr will be a guy like pankaj.. Yup in my class too… Soo I thought to add those scenes… So that u too can remember ur golden moments… And the guy like pankaj?

    4. Will soon post the next ff!!!

  4. I remembered my exam days…we too r like thjs…used to skip all difficult portion. …lol…..nice work sis…keep going. ..

    1. Thanksss swara di?

    2. Actually I too used to skip most portion…. I am happy that u remember ur days too?

  5. you made me remember my exam days they are so horrible .. raj and pankaj are so funny but please make it some long its my request

    1. Yup.. Surely make the ff bigger one..
      Saachi exams are horrible…

    2. Thanksss Maha

  6. Dear shweta u always make me remember good old days of 90 to 94. Were u born by then??? just kidding i know u were not but yr story is good.

    1. Thanksss Renu di…

    2. Renu di.. I’m happy that I made u remember ur golden moments….

  7. These boys only try to enjoy. But that was cute the way they cheer up Dhaani!
    Keep up the great work yaar. Waiting for next ???

    1. Thanksss shruthy?

    2. Yup… VIP.. Raj.. Pankaj knws hw to live life that’s why thy always enjoy thr life?

  8. Beautiful, keep it up

    1. Thankss Aish?

  9. very good episode swetha ..but make it little longer …keep it up … 🙂 🙂

    1. Thankssss bhaia?

  10. Lol Swetha. It’s sooo true, revise for one thing and get confident and then it never appears on the exam paper. ???

    Keep it up! Look fed to reading the next epi soon. Xxx

    1. Thanksss Misha di…

  11. Thanks lols.. For the names will surely read?

  12. good episode.. but content was too short i think.. anyway njoyd dis epsde.! 🙂

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