Special Best Friend (EP-8)

Ep 8
He says y r u soo shocked.. I just askd u 2 njoy because our one exam is over & nt 2 do sme dangerous adventure…She says one exam is over..3 exams are left!!He says one exam is over,right?? She says 3 are left,right?? He says if u want to njoy,njoy because this moment is nt gng to come again and leaves to canteen.In canteen Pankaj asks him wat he was dng with Dhaani.vip narrates everything to them…So wats the plan 2night???asks Vip.Pankaj answers mmm..night drive,food @ Taj hotel and film tonight @ Vip’s house. Thy agrees. I’ll pick u both from ur house adds Raj. Vip and Pankaj agrees..

At night pankaj picks Vip and Raj from their house and drives all the way to Taj…
They enters the hotel & orders the food.Thy spend some fun time thr..Thy drive back to Vip’s house and choose the film to watch…Thy fight 4 the movie..STOP!!! announces viplav…Kapoor and sons finalized announces pankaj in anger..Raj and Vip nods..Thy all watches the movie..I told u na,this movie will be nice!!! says Pankaj to Vip & Raj..they nods. OHH, I forgot 2 mention,,TANYA IS BACK says Raj. WOW!tats a great news!!!says Vip and Pankaj 2gethr. So when she is arriving asks Viplav..Next month says Raj…At bed they talk abt there childhood memories thy spnd with Tanya and sleeps…

From the nxt day thy started to prepare 4 thr exams..
Now only one hour left 4 us to study half chapter announces viplav..Raj says one more hour left..Just one hour left we’ve to cmplete half chapter 20 pages says Pankaj little worried..Raj says Bhai,leave that half chapter..It’s not much imp portion and we knw the content in tat 20 pages,right???so no,problem..From that 20 pages if any question came thn???write the cntent that I told u and if it came for sme 15 marks @ tat time first write the content thn write the summary of that chapter..emm,nearly 3 pages will be covered by the summary..Hws the idea,bro???asks Vip..Stupid idea bro,and laughs…

PRECAP- xams bar bar aathi hai lekin zindigi mein moka bar bar nahi aatha says viplav to Dhaani. They have an eyelock…ishq ishq plays?

Thankss for reading and loving my ff… comments toh banthi hai

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  1. This gang of boys never leave an opportunity to enjoy and fight xD it was funny!
    and the precap… aakhir kya dikhanexale hai aap? 😀 cant wait !

    1. Thanksss Shruthy… May I knw abt u….
      Yup these boys are fun loving ….? boys…

    2. Keep waiting shruthy for thr precap scenes?…. Kyomki..pic abhi baki hai mere dosth?

  2. Hi Swetha

    Lol at the last bit about the summary being 3 pages. I exams I used to write bigger ???

    Really good again, keep going and I’ll look forward to the next instalment,


    1. Thanksss Misha di ?
      Keep reading and keep cmnting?

  3. keep going Swetha….

    1. Thanks sujie di ?

  4. Swetha it was a funny episode. In the precap Viplav’s dialogue is superb. Go on di.

    And also I m very sorry for not commenting on previous episodes.

    1. Thanksss lols…

  5. Shwetha it was fun to read their celebration mode☺? SUSPENSE WITH TANYA? LIKED VIPLAVS WORDS THAT EXAMS KEEP COMING BUT OPPORTUNITIES DON’T ??.

  6. good one .. keep going

    1. Thankss.. Maha☺

  7. It is okay lols… That I haven’t cmnted on the pre epi… Happpy that u cmnted on this episode ?

  8. Thanksss Renu di?

    after every exam Celebration toh ban thi hai?

  9. Renu di… Tanya is suspense…?

  10. Awesome dear, it’s interesting buh plssss make it longer.

    1. thankssss Aish

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