Special Best Friend (EP-6)


Ep 6
I never thought my ff  will be loved this much people…Thankss for loving my ff and putting comments…  ?

Hey do u know rain?and coffee ☕ are the best pairs…she nod. She looks out. He says when it rains look 4 rainbow?,whn it’s dark luk stars?..she looks @ him..He says rainbow..She looks @ rainbow?.He asks her lets go..yes she says. He drops her home and go to his home. @ 7 he leaves to Pankaj’s house..They start studying. Raj says it’s 11 lets sleep..Viplav & Pankaj get shocked…They say 11 & suddenly close there books and run to bed.
Next day @ clg Dhaani thanks Viplav 4 yesterday’s eve..He says its okay and leaves..He calls her. She looks at him. He asks 4 some guides.?She surprisingly asks U STARTED TO STUDY??? He says yup!!combine study…. u,Pankaj & Raj,uh???asks Dhaaani. He nods…She says I’ve the guide and will bring it 2marw…He thanks her and leaves..

Next day she gives him the requested guide.?He says thank u and asks her whether she is interested to join them in their combine study..She leaves behind some excuses and goes…He stares @ her!!! Ishq ishq plays…?

So tomorrow onwards iss clg mein nahi anna… says Raj…Pankaj and Viplav nods…Pankaj asks padhayi jodhe. Viplav says toh itne din ke mehanath pani mein arrey waah!! phir jab marriage ke time sasur puchege wat”s ur qualification??? passed 12th with phd…. Raj asks watt??? Viplav says ah!! passed 12th with great difficulty…They laugh…?? Patha nahi kis sale ne ye exams ko dundhkar laya???? says Raj… someone who hates us… Tats 4 sure answers Viplav..
Days passed so fastly…Everyone is busy in thr exam preparations…
Finally the day came….EXAM DAY

PRECAP- Viplav c Dhaani getting panic..He asks her is everything fine?? She says no,,,I am worried 4 exams..He asks her not 2 worry….

Remember those golden moments,ur school life,Where there will be a gang of boys who are never worried for exams..Isn’t???

Credit to: Shanitics

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  1. Swetha……awesome….. Go on dear 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanksss Sujie di…

  2. HAHA! After reading their combine study I was gone into a fb of my combine studies with friends. ?

    Superb episode but was very short. ? Wanted to read more!

    1. Thanksss Areeb.. Will surely write more ?

  3. really good and nice one…….keep writing

    1. Thanksss pethusri…

  4. Shanitics this is very creative and Romatic ??? Loved it , keep up with the good work x

    1. Thanksss A’isha?

  5. Waiting for the next episode

    1. Will update soon… Keep reading ?

  6. very good episode shantics ..keep it up sis …. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanksss bhaia?

  7. swetha….dear…awesome yaar…u make me my old memories……combine study…..exam panics…lol really miss that….and in my class there r 10 boys only out of 60 students…they never panics….they says to us girls be cool….hahaha…when the result came then also be cool….hahaha…in ur ff i think viplav is saying the dialogue patha nahi kisne dhoondhkar laya exams ko…..ya dear like them i also want to know the person….if u got to know then tell me plz………

    1. Hahah Viplav… Good that u remember ur golden moments back…
      Even I’M searching for that person.. Lol?

  8. plz post the next one soon swetha

    1. Thanks Lakshmi…

      Surely post the nxt part soon..

  9. Amazing shwetha mam just amzing I loved it

    1. Thanksss Nancy… And no need to call me mam.. I am young…

  10. Its nice swe… I remember well boys never in our clg felt nervous or panic regarding exams they chill n write even if they didn’t read anything …

    1. Thanksss Meghs di ?

  11. Good one shwetha??

    I am eagerly waiting for next???

    1. Hahah.. Lol arshi di…

      Keep waiting.. Bt whch one are u waiting for??? Ep11


  12. Hmmmm….pretty nostalgic remember my college time from 90 -94 shweta its good but isn’t it short?☺ seems u have shown just 14 min out of 30 min telecast?

    1. ? Renu di.. I’ll make it long… From nxt and thanks for sharing your thought?

  13. thanksss renu di

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