Special Best Friend (EP-5)


okay…Then are u all ready for Vidhaani scenes…
Thn lets go………..

He asks her 2 gt into his car & says he’ll drop…She though refuses @ 1st later accepts the offer…
He sees Dhaani feeling uncomfortable.He asks her wat happnd???She winks @ him.. He says just tell ur problem,dude!!and feel comfortable.She says songs..He looks @ her.She says I hate english songs..He asks her choice and comes to knw old hindi songs are her fav and changes the CD..He looks @ her and smiles…So only one month left infront of us.She looks @ him.He says 4 xams.She nods..He says wats ur plan after exams.She says lets 1st crack the exams and then speak abt the vaccation…I’m worried 4 exams.He asks her not to worry 4 the exams and it will be easy…It starts raining…Would u like to have chocolate he asks..She says yes!!!thy eat chocolate…[kuch yaad aya,,Viplav ko stomach pain ana Dhaani Viplav ko chocolate khilana and…..]They see some children playing in the rain on the road…Viplav parks the car and go and dances along with them.Dhaani stares @ him and smiles..Piya ore Piya song plays..She calls her dad & informs that she is with viplav…Viplav enters the car with 2 cups of coffee and gives one cup to Dhaani..
Dhaani scolds Viplav 4 playing in the rain & asks him 2 be mature.He says its life.We have to live it..Only @ some phase of our life we have to become mature,who knws will I able 2 njoy the same happiness during next rain.She says u’ll gt fever & give him a hand kerchive..He brushes his hair and returns the hand kerchive saying just live the present and thn think of future otherwise we’ll forget 2 live the present..Only if I’m alive I’ll get fever who knws i will be alive…so nvr keep anything 4 future,just do it then…except studies…thy have an eyelock.piya ore piya plays…

Precap;Dhaani thanking Viplav…. Viplav says it’s okay and leaves…Viplav asks Dhaani for some guides….She surprisingky answers u started to study

Hope u all enjoyed the epi.. and hope a Vidhaani secret smile adored ur face during those chocolate scenes…Keep reading ang put ur valuable comments…

Credit to: swetha and arshi

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  1. arshi di u also joined swetha?? lovely epi… kuch nahi bohat kuch yaad aaya???chocolate scene??

  2. swetha and arshi………….. how can anyone escape without a smile reading this????

    lovely episode

  3. Wow arshi di also joined you, loved the episode, update the next one soon..

  4. O shwetha madam pagal hogi h
    maine koi help..koi suggestions nhi diye isko
    pta ni mera naam kyu dia credit me .. i am innocent… mujhe kuch nhi pta 😉 😛

  5. Bdw shweta episode was awesome… remembered chocolate romance… keep going

  6. Nice epi mam loved it. 🙂 🙂

  7. thanksss Viplav

  8. thankss Arshi di… Apne kuck bhi nahi kiya lekin aap toh karne hi wale ho!!!!

  9. arshi chocolate aache tarah yaad aya

  10. thankss Maria

  11. Thankss Sujie

  12. Ohoo!!! Arshi di aap bahut chuparustam ho. Chupke se Swetha di ki madat kar di. Lekin free main nahi aapne toh credit le liye help ke badle main.

    Swetha di it was superb. The episode was full of Vidhani scenes. Loved it.

    1. thankss Lols

  13. Shanitics very good n sweet like u precap seems interesting ?☺

    1. thankss RENU DI…

  14. Piya O Re piya!! ?? Was imaging the wole rain scene!! ?

    1. thankss Areeb di

  15. nice one, keep writing

  16. thanksss Kaviya….u too keep writting the cmnts….

  17. good episode swetha and arshi … but make it little big … to do saitan ladkiyo ki milibhagat hae ae story 😛 ..chalo ..all the best for future episode … 🙂 …

    1. Thanksss Bhaia….

  18. fabulour episode..!!

    1. thanksss mayantha

  19. *fabulous

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