Special Best Friend (EP-4)

So.. All excited to knw hw Viplav is writing the test… Lets see thn how Viplav wrote the test….
Dhaani is looking stunned at Viplav… Viplav is shown copying the answers from Pankaj and Raj is copying from Viplav… Dhaani think that she need to tell this to Teacher and when she was abt to tell she got surprised seeing that… Raj and Pankaj are copying from Viplav … She sits and stare at them… Teacher asks Dhaani not to stare and to write… She thinks wats happening thr?? Who is copying whose… And she get confused..she again looks at them and sees Viplav copying from Raj and Pankaj copying from Viplav.. She thinks.. She need to tell the teacher abt this and get stunned that all most all are copying from one another… Even the guy who is sitting near to hear… She thinks not to tell and completes her test and leave the class…

Later.. After the test She asks Viplav abt the test.. He says it was easy… Only those questions came that we studied… Therefore have attended all most all questions… And leaves and comes back telling badla khatham hogaya.. And laughs.. She becomes pale.. Fb is shown.. Viplav putting water on her head… She says I have seen u copying.. He says okay so,, she says I am gonna complaint… He tells okay bt on one condition… She nods … Tell me ur house address… She says wrong address… He says okay thn leave to ur home no need to complaint because u gave the wrong address.. She gets stunned.. He says principal’s house address is nt that and tells the address.. She gets pale…
Next day at clg a teacher announces the dates for the exam…. OPPS!!only a month a head for exams… Says Raj… Do not knw hw will I crack it… Says Pankaj Vipalav ays no worries,guyss tomorrow onwards we can start to study.. Pankaj says okay then MISSION COMBINE STUDY!! Venue my house time;7:00 to emm… Any time Viplav and Raj agress.. Thy leave the clg… While leaving the clg Viplav sees Dhaani rushing to the clg… He stops the car and asks her where r u rushing to?? She answers to dad’s office ?… He says ur dad left the campus …. She looks at him… He clears the throat and says Mohit sir toh Gaya… She asks watt?? He asks wat happnd.. She says my car got break down..OH,NO!!NOW I have to go by an auto.. Oh no.. She gets panic.. Viplav stares at her… Scene freezes…

Precap; Dhaani(Dhaani is sitting in a car)stares at Viplav and smiles ? Viplav playing with some children.. In the rain..

Hope u all loves the epi.. Dheere dheere is waiting for u.. For that keep reading and don’t forget to put ur cmnts…?

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  1. Great shwetha
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  4. Good episode dear

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