Special Best Friend (EP-3)


So.. U loved my story uh?? Hws vidhaani’s first meeting…. Nice or okay okay type…

So now lets see how Dhaani behaves to Viplav after that incident…. U wanna see??? Thn imagine the story while reading…
All ready to imagine thn lets go…?

Days passed by whenever thy meet face to face thy smile ? and greets one another…. One such day a teacher asked Dhaani to announce a class test in her class and mentions a particular unit… On that evening,,Dhaani announces this to the whole class in Viplav’s absence…

Next day at clg….

Dhaani smiles @ Viplav in a unpleasant manner… Viplav looks her in a confusing manner.. Thy u walk to each other.. Dhaani says I’m sure u r unaware abt the class test because yesterday I announced it in ur absence… Now lets see wat happens… Viplav burst into laugh ?? Dhaani stares at Viplav… Ishq ishq plays… Viplav says to Dhaani wait… And shouts Anushka….(A student of thr class) kyun chila rahe Ho… Aa rahi hun… Answers Anushka…. Viplav asks to Anushka aaj koi class test hai kya… She replies kisko patha hai!! Dhaani says I announced it yesterday Anushka… Anushka replies… Aacha teekhai… Viplav as class test hai… Dhaani keeps her hand on her head… And was abt to say smething … Bt Viplav interupts her and says ye clg hai!! Yahaan asa hi hota hai… Yahaan announced test and surprise test sab Barabar hai and stares at hr… Thy have an eyelock.. Ishq ishq plays…

Viplav says I’m not a first bencher who studies for test whn announced… He says its only a class test whr we can gt aandas at free cost… I meant zero marks… And y r u worrying for me if I gt 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 Dhaani says or 5 or 6 .. Viplav laughs and says ohh.. Ohh no 5 or 6 … Only 0,1,2,3,4, and thn will jump to the pass mark… Watever marks I gt I’ve no problem its just a class test and be cool ? dude….

She looks @ him in a surprising manner.. He smiles and leaves … Raj and Pankaj smiles @ him… And asks him abt the talk.. He narrates everything to them …. Thy laughs…

During the test Dhaani looks at Viplav and sees him writing the test and she continues… To write her test.. She thinks how come he is answering… And turns and sees and get stunned…

Precap:- why Dhaani gt stunned… Hw Viplav attended the tests.. And why Dhaani hidden the information of class test to Viplav… U wanna answers of all these.. Thn keep reading Special Best Friend ?

Do nt for gt to put ur valuable cmnts… Keep commenting… Keep reading… Keep smiling ?

Credit to: swetha

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  1. swetha superb yaar post next one soon…..eagerly waiting to know what happens next

    1. Thankss Viplav?

  2. HAHA! Very anxious to know how Viplav is taking his test! ?

    1. Thankss mishalian…

    2. go to hell

  3. Awesome shwetha
    he must be cheating…naughty viplav

    1. Thankss arshi di…

  4. Swetha…go on dear….

    1. Thankss sujie di…

  5. Swetha superb episode. Viplav must be cheating. Waiting for next.

    1. Thankss lols…

  6. Swetha, can feel the tension building!

    Keep going lovely girl. Looking forward to the next one!


    1. Thankss misha di… So at last u read it.. Good girl ?

  7. Shweta good gping . Eager to kniw next.☺

  8. gud 1.. keep it up yaar

  9. thankss Mayantha

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