Special Best Friend (EP-2)


So guyss are u ready for our adorable Dhaani’s entry?? Thn letss goo….

One fine day She made her entry from a jaguar she came out.. Rushed to principal’s room in anger… Shahid declared to the whole class DHAANI ARRIVED.. Viplav’s eyes ? searched for her… Everyone’s curiosity increased.. Viplav stood up and walked to the corridor… Dhaani in anger is walking towards the corridor and thy get collide to each other… Viplav catches her and stares at her… He gets attracted by her bright eyes… Aankhe Teri ? song plays… Viplav looks at her eyes.. Thy have an eye lock..
Dhaani shouts at Viplav and questions him that u do not have eyes ???? Viplav answers yes,I have 2 big eyes ? and asks y r u soo angry?? She asks him who r u to question me?? U do not knw who am I?? He says ? wrong I knw who u r!! Daughter of Mohit vedera,principal of this clg and u r Dhaani vedera, am I right?? She in anger looks at him…
He sees a bottle filled with water … He picks it up and put water the water on her head and laughs… Ishq ishq plays…. She angrily says how dare u put water on me and now u r laughing ? Mr.. And searches for his name… He says Viplav Tripathi and I was laughing the fumes coming from ur head after I put water… She angrily goes from thr…. She goes to principal’s room and shares everything happened wth her to her dad and asks hum to take action against Viplav… He laughs and says to her tat Viplav did that for fun and take it in a funny manner and leaves… Dhaani shouts telling that ohh so u r Viplav’s chamcha and u like him more than me… He says no… Viplav is a good guy and u’ll come to knw it once u knw him… He says u r weird ur clg is weird and student’s are weird… Stupid clg …. I’m gng home and she leaves…

Next day at clg
Viplav sees her and smiles… He calls her angry fumer…. And says hope Not angry ? today…. She smiles.. He smiles and asks her y she was angry yesterday.. She says personal.. We are class mates u can say to me anything anytime and smiles.. She asks him that are u interested in knowing me.. He says no! And asks her not to be angry again… He further adds I don’t know ? wat ur problem is bt I certainly knw tat thr is a reason behind ur angriness .. And a sweet face is hidden behind this angry ? face …. Every problem has a reason and every problem has a solution… He apologizes to her for his yesterday’s behaviour…. She says it’s okay and smiles.. He leaves and joins Raj and Pankaj…. Thy asks him wat u r talking to hr and that hw come u knw her… He narrates to thm thr(Vidhaani)first meeting and today’s talk.. Raj and pankaj laughs hearing that and Pankaj says I think her name is not Dhaani bt Angry ? women …. Thy laughs… Scene freezes

Hope u all liked today’s epi… Pls put ur valuable cmnts…
Interested to knw hw Dhaani and Viplav became friends… For that keep reading Special Best Friend…..

Credit to: shanitics

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  1. keep going swetha…… rocking episodes on the go..i must say 🙂

    1. Thankss sujie di…

  2. Swetha it was so good. U have made Dhaani miss angry fumer. Very interesting. Go on dear.

    1. Thankss lols

  3. Rocking swetha..
    And dhani looks amazing in the cover pic??

    1. Thanksss Arshi di…
      And ya.. I too loved Dhaani in tat cp

  4. swetha super………cp very beautiful

    1. Thankss lakshmi

  5. yes I have two big eyes ?…these sentence n emotion makes me lought.
    nice episode go on Swetha ?

    1. Thanksss Nima…

      Actually I too loved that ? wala sentence

  6. Wow shweta absolutely different n nice.

    1. Thankss Renu di

  7. Wow amazing swetha post the next part soon..

    1. Thankss Maria

  8. good going sis ..keep it up like this …and give precap also ..it will be good 🙂

    1. Thankss Bahia..
      Surely try to give precap frm nxt epi onwards…

  9. Good one shweta with happy go lucky guy Viplav & angry young girl dhani.Lol u even included here shahid too!! Good going dear! God bless u!

  10. shanatics… nyc eps. keep going on!!

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