Special Best Friend (EP-12)


So all ready for the next epi.. The next epi after the maha episode….?
By 1:40 Viplav,Raj,and Pankaj reached Dhaani’s house ? and thy bids good-bye ? to her parents ? and leaves… They the theatre ? and watch the film ? After the film ? thy go to hotel ? Dhaani is humming Jabra song ? Viplav says good song ? isn’t?? She says yeah.. Awesome!! Song ? Thinking ? something Dhaani speaks up em… If u don’t mind can I ask a doubt thy say of course!! She asks Tanya ka pic mujhko dikha sakhtha hai kya?? Raj was abt to show the pic just then Viplav says no it’s secret… Tanya ko tum sirfh kal airport Mein hi dekhegi… Pankaj says yes!! Viplav ne sahi kaha… Tum kal humare saath airport Mein aa rahi hona.. Tab Tanya ko dekh Lena!! She says actually I cannot come with u to airport because my sister is coming tomorrow… So I should go to pick her… Raj says sister?? Tum eklothi beti hai na?? She surprisingly says no… Mohit sir, ko do betiyaan hai.. Dhaani vedera and Dhaakshi vedera… Dhaanisays Dhaakshi vedera… Quite unique name!! Pankaj nods… Dhaakshi vedera kya kar rahi hai asks Raj.. She answers BBA in London… Hey,even Tanya is doing BBA in London…. Wow ?!! Really then wat’s the name of Tanya’s clg??? Says Dhaani.. Just then the waiter comes and takes the order… Thy get thr ordered food and get busy in eating… After that Viplav drop Dhaani and asks r to be ready by 9:00 AM… Raj says kal Mein propose karne wala hoon… She wishes him good luck ? and says kal meri behen aa rahi hai aur mujhe airport Mein Jana hai!! Thy asks her abt Dhaakshi’s flight ✈departure? time.. She answers 11:00AM…Raj says then Tanya and Dhaakshi will be cmng in the same flight ? Dhaani says sounds interesting… Thn do one thing u 3 come together and I’ll take my car ? and we can go together… Viplav says cool!! Okay ? then c u!! Good night ?

Nxt day Viplav along With Pankaj and Raj comes to Dhaani’s house ?… Dhaani takes her car ?.. Raj asks her can I drive … She nods and say then u do one thing u can come by this car ? and I’ll cme wth Viplav… She enters Viplav’s car ?…. Pankaj says then I’ll come with Raj and goes.. Thy leave and enters Dhaani’s car ?… Dhaani sees a bouquet ? of flowers ? and asks for??? Viplav says guess!! For Raj.. Mera mathlab for Tanya … Guesses Dhaani… Absolutely correct ? answers Viplav… Thy leave.. Piya,mera mathlab Dhaakshi will join our clg nxt mnth 4 the same course and smiles ?… He nods and asks whether Piya is her pet name?? She gives him a affirmative answer… She was gng to change the song ? ? and keeps her finger ? on the button … Viplav too was going to change the song ? and keeps his finger on the Same button … Ishq ishq plays…
Thy have an eye ?? lock….

Hope u all enjoyed the epi… ?
Cmnts pls… It’s cmnts time.. Frnds…

Silent readers pls pt the cmnts because I’m writing this epi during the busy schedule of my school life.. So frnds pls pt the cmnts..?

Credit to: swetha

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  1. Shruthy

    Hmmm… Doesnt these Daakshi and Tanya have a link by luck ? ? Anyways. I am just waiting for the upcoming episodes eagerly. ?

    1. Thankss shruthy?

    2. Hope so.. Keep waiting di?

      1. Shruthy

        Sure definitely 😀

  2. Swetha I loved it? ishq ishq ?? and I think Tanya will be Dhaakshi I guess?anyways keep writing and waiting for the next one?

    1. Thanksss maha?

    2. Keep waiting… Surely reveal r thy same or not…

  3. Angel20

    I think Tanya and Dhaakshi are the same. But it was superb, eagerly waiting for the next…

    1. Thanks Maria ?

    2. Keep waiting my girl ?

    3. Tanya and Dhaakshi are same.. Or not
      Jaane keliye keep reading this?

  4. Avijit

    very good episode …and one of my fav song dhani was listening . ..what coincidence .. I am also listening jabra song now ….

    me tera hai re habra hoy re jabra
    fan hogaya
    o tuje dekhte hi dil me dhyan tanan ho gaya 😛 ..

    see Dhani and my choice are same … haha …
    keep it up sis but give a precap also ..All the best …study first then ff …

    1. Thankss bhaia?

    2. Wow great coincidence ?
      Ohh so the speakers became my fan na!!?

    3. Sure bhaia.. Will study too?

    4. Forgot abt precap ?
      Posting it during my busy schedule soo?

  5. Arshdeep

    Good shwetha.
    I think tanya is dhakshi.. And really a unique name

    1. Thanks arshi di?

    2. Yeah.. It’s a unique name?

  6. Latha

    Good episode swetha. Dakshi and Tanya are the same I think so. Loved and waiting for next one???

    1. Thanksss latha di?

  7. Sujie

    Go on swetha…
    I guess Tany Dhaakshi are linked…or may be same person….
    Waiting for the next part dear

    1. Thanks Sujie di?

    2. Thy have a link or bth r same person uskeliye keep reading di?

  8. Nima

    Nice episode?… I think Tanya n Dhaakshi r same person

    1. Thnaksss Nima?

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