Special Best Friend (EP-11) {MAHA EPISODE }

Hii guyss I’m came with vidha sweet moments and with a maha episode ?

Next day morning Viplav wakes up by hearing the phone ? bell… He answers the call and recognises the voice… It was Pankaj… Love guru,utt jha subah Hua!! Says Pankaj… Viplav asks him y he called early morning… He replies I got ticket ? for the film ? so get up and be ready… I’ll come by 2’o clock …. And disconnects the phone…. He wakes up and go to washroom and have break fast… While having breakfast Viplav’s dad tell to Viplav that after his clg he should join the company… Viplav mods and gets excited ?
At afternoon thy go for the film ? and spend some fun ? time there….

Sun rised and hidden soo faster these days says Raj… Tomorrow is our exam..; Days passes like an aeroplane ✈; no bullet train ? declares Pankaj…. Lekin aacha Hua din ithne chaldi beeth Gaye… Now I’ve to wait for only 5 days dude …. Viplav & pankaj starts to taunt him…. Raj shy’s …. Thy continue their studies

Next day…..
Last day of exam declares Viplav… Every one nods… Whr is Dhaani??? Asks Pankaj.. Thy look to and fro.. Dhaani comes and joins them… May u live for 100 years says Viplav… U guyss were looking for me uh??? Asks Dhaani.. Thy nods…. Not scared for the exams asks Viplav to Dhaani… Ur affect replies Dhaani…. He smiles ?

YIPPEE ?!!! HURRAH!!! Exams khatham vacation shuru…. Dhaani,Pankaj,Viplav,and Raj says happily…. Iss Khushi Mein pani Puri aur gol gappe toh…. Of course says Pankaj. Raj.. And Viplav shouts yes!! And looks @ Dhaani for the answer… Dhaani looks at them in a confused ? manner… Tum ithna sooch thi kyun hai chalo… Says Viplav… We r friends Dhaani… Dosthi kiya hai toh nibhana bhi pad thi hai!!! Says Raj… Dhaani looks at Raj in a surprised manner… Thy r friends dad says Pankaj… Remember he later adds… FB is shown Viplav telling to Dhaani’s dad that thy r friends now and Dhaani smiling ? at them… FB ends… She says okay.. Lets have pani Puri.. Thy all run.. It starts raining ☔… Viplav,Raj,Pankaj stare at each other and throws the question paper ? and starts dancing ? in the rain… Viplav pulls Dhaani from the shed and asks her to dance.. They all dances in the ☔ rain…. Cham Cham ? song plays …. Everyone joins them and all the students dance ? .. When the rain ☔ stopped thy went to the pani Puri stall and had pani Puri…. Dhaani starts to shiver… Dheere Dheere se meri zindigi Mein aana plays… Viplav sees Dhaani and covers her with his coat… They have an eye ? lock thy wat pani Puri and leaves from there… Viplav says I’ll drop u to Dhaani.. She nods… So wats the plan??? Asks Pankaj… Waiting for Tanya… Says Viplav… Raj nods .. … Viplav and Pankaj laughs… Dhaani looks in a confused ? manner.. Now lets leave and we can decide our plans later via mobile ? says Viplav.. Tgy nods…

On the way to Dhaani’s house ?
Dhaani asks Viplav can I ask a doubt?? Viplav nods… Ye Tanya kaun hai??? Asks Dhaani… Viplav replies our childhood friend… Next month onwards our Bhabhi.. Dhaani gives a confused ? look… Viplav says ohh!! Sorry!! Bhabhi mathlab….. Raj loves Tanya a lot and same response from Tanya too…. They love ❤ each other since childhood.. When she arrives next month Raj will propose her … It’s not sure will Raj will propose because he is a small dharpok?… But that’s the plan… Dhaani smiles ? ….. He drop Dhaani and leaves to his house ?
That night ? Dhaani thinks of Viplav… At Viplav’s house he is thinking abt Dhaani and
Says to himself y do I feel happy ? when I think abt her… And remembers the day they played that afternoon and the smiles… Dhaani remembers the coat incident {Viplav covering Dhaani with the coat}Ishq bulava song ? plays…

Next day Viplav called Pankaj and asks him abt the plan he answers that tomorrow Tanya will arrive and we will have fun ?… Next day we can go for some one day trip if want… Any idea ??? Em… Right now no idea… If I got any idea I’ll call ? u…. While having breakfast he thinks of calling Dhaani…. He completes his break fast and calls Dhaani… Hi,watsup?? Asks Dhaani… Nothing thought to call ? u … Wat’s the plan for today asks Viplav .. Nothing… Breakfast kha rahi hui.. Usske Baath nahne keliye chayegi.. BAs ithna hi hai plan Mein … Kyun koi idea hai kya?? Asks Dhaani Tumhe movie dekhna achha lagtha hai kya?? Asks Viplav.. She affirmatively answers… Viplav says aaj 2’o clock ko film ? dekhna jaye kya??? She says let me ask the permission and will inform u… Viplav says okay ? and disconnects the call.. She asks the permission from her dad and he replies… Viplav ke saath.. Toh koi problem nahi…. Teek hai tum jaavo… Lekin raath se pehele hi ghar aana…. She thankss her dad and informs this to Viplav… Viplav tells her that Pankaj and Raj too will join them.. She says it’s ok ? and I knew it… He asks how?? She answers I know u…she asks the name of the film???he answers fan… Aur koi suggestions hai Kya?? She says no. … Fan seems to be a good film and I’ll be ready by 1:30 … Okay then I’ll come nearly by 1:40 or so… She nods… So be ready says Viplav and disconnects the call ?… She gets another call ? and gets happy… She thinks let this be a surprise ? to mom and dad….

Precap: Viplav,Raj,pankaj and Dhaani are watching the film ? after that they are going to a hotel ?…..

Hope u all joined today’s episode… Misha Jodi kaa dheere dheere se yaad aaya?
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  1. Swetha dear ur maha episode made me very happy dear….ur special expressions…like bullet train…..aeroplane…liked it very much… 🙂 and the songs its all r super….and finally ur cover pic…. its really aww…very different one…and loved it…miss misha a lot

    1. Thanksss Vimi?

    2. Happy to knw that my maha episode made u happy?

    3. Thankss for loving my special expressions? Happy that u caught those expression ?

    4. Yipee!! Songs matched the scenes… I was a bit confused whether sng will match those scenes.. I was recreating those scenes….?

    5. Awesome.. U noticed the cover pic.. Actually I put those pics in order to make u remember misha jodi?

    6. Me too missing misha Jodi..? alot…

  2. Wow it was just superb swetha loved today’s episode!! Post the next episode soon!!

    1. Thanksss maria?

    2. Will post ✉ the next part soon!!!?

  3. Swetha….go on dear…..
    Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai….. Ofcourse yaad aya 🙂 🙂

    1. Bahutti Khushi milli ye soch kar Ki appoko ymisha jodi ka dheere dheere se yaad aya ?

  4. Brilliant swetha? it made me remind old ikrs episodes and mishal-eisha jodi those scenes and those moments were so lovely? .. keep rocking dear?

    1. When I thought I want to write a cute romance this song came to my Mind and I end up with this cute romance?

  5. Swetha your Maha episode superb and loved it. Keep it up and post next one soon.

    1. Thanksss latha?

  6. Waaaao amazing keep writing:-*

  7. Awww this was a cute one. What a happiness when exams are finished! xD
    Tanya loves Raj? Oh oh then drama to come soon 😀 Cant wait for upcoming episodes <3

    1. Happiness we get after completing the exams are countless…. ?

      1. I totally agree ?

  8. Shwetha loved yr maha episode ??finally exams end!!????????????〽 i was also thinking who is tanya n got it now. Great dhani’s dad has no problem with her going out with viplqv?

    1. Ab patha chala kaun hai Tanya? … Yup.. Dhaani’s dad has no objection ?

  9. good morning swetha,☺
    episode was full of masti…the rain dance n that song cham cham…?????very awesome

    and yes, cover pic??
    that scene was golden n one of my best scene too?
    missed vidhani Jodi?
    sorry for not reading n commenting?? bt trying to read all ff☺

    1. Thanksss Nima?

    2. Chaam Cham song ? even I loved it too?

    3. Thanksss for the cover pic appreciation too?
      Yup that were the golden moments…?

    4. It’s ok ? u didn’t read..? happy that u cmnts today?

  10. Wow shwetha… Good one… Finally a maha episode..!!
    And thank god no love triangle..tanya is for raj 😛 …i was a bit scared first 😀
    Keep going dear 🙂

    1. Thanksss Arshi di ?

    2. No love triangle ? I don’t like love ❤ triangle ?

  11. Amazing, keep going u rock

    1. Thanksss aish?

  12. Swetha dear, tumne pukara? aur hum chale aaye? , dil❤ hatheli✋ per le aaye re?….. darrr Jo gaye the?…nahi nahi majak kar rahe hai????

    1. BAs bulaya aur yuun aayi … Good di?

  13. oho maha episode ..superb re sis ..sorry for late comment ..koi nah ..very nice story ..and the emoji are great 😛 .. keep it up … this is my new retirement from TU logo .. 😛 😛 ..because I retired from TU after my ff ..hahaha 😛 .. mera majak to chalta rahega …keep it up .. 🙂

    1. Thanksss bhaia?

    2. Late cmnt kiya kii problem nahi.. Problem tabhi hai jab…. Cmnt nahi kartha?

    3. Hhaha retirement… Lol bhaia?

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