Special Best Friend (EP-10)


Oken… Then lets goo to canteen says Dhaani … Thy have some fun ? thr and later return to the exam hall… Today u r not afraid for exam asks Viplav …..opps!! I forgot to worry says Dhaani… And winks. Viplav smiles ? and enters the hall…

I told u na that question will not come for exam …. Says Raj to Dhaani Hw was the exam?? Questions Viplav.. Easy answers Dhaani.. Lets goo says Pankaj.. On thr way to car ? parking area pankaj says only 3 days are left in front of us for the next exam.. Dhaani says only 2 units are thr to study and that two are easy ones…so no problem… Pankaj says I meant only 3 days are thr to enjoy in between 2 exams …. Dhaani says u guyss are impossible! Thy laughs …
Next 3 days all thy did was wake up @.9:00 am {studious children thy are? }then have food ? then take shower then study then take rest and again food.. Study.. Rest.. The process continued till 11:00.. At 11:00 thy do thr fav hobby SLEEPING…..

Next day at clg.. Dhaani sees Viplav.. Raj.. And pankaj cmng and runs towards them and says Hey,do u knw Teachers are telling that next exam is going to be easy says Dhaani in an excited ? voice… Viplav says wow!! Tats a great news … Raj asks wat abt today’s?? Dhaani says it will be easy na.. Ussme kya doubt hai… By the way how many pages left for this exam without studying?? Adds Dhaani… Thy smilingly ? says No pages left.. Okay!then All the best and enters the exam hall!!

Now only one exam is left after that vacation says Viplav…. After next exam Tanya will arrive!! Says Raj.. Viplav and Pankaj taunts him… Dhaani asks them abt thr exams?? Pankaj u have a week and 3 days left between two exams this time… So enjoy the maximum says Dhaani smiling ? ya the cmng exam are my fav one Do u knw y??questions Pankaj to Dhaani… One week and 3 days… Am I right?? Answers Dhaani… Absolutely correct Dhaani Vedera.. Hey,look ur dad is cmng Viplav informs Dhaani… I think we have to leave says Pankaj… Dhaani says my dad will not do anything…. Hw was the exam dear.. Asks Dhaani’s dad{Mohit vedera}… Easy one dad…. Mohit sir asks the same to Viplav,Raj,and pankaj.. So u guys became friends,uh?? Asks Mohit sir… Looking @ them…. Viplav answers yes,now we all are frnds and holds Dhaani’s hand ✋…. Ishq ishq plays… Dhaani smiles …. My dear I’m gng home ? r u cmng with me or urself asks Mohit sir…. Dhaani answers no doubt dad With u and waves good bye ? to Viplav,Raj,Pankaj…

That night ? Dhaani thinks of Viplav and she gets lost in his thoughts.. Just then Her ? phone bell rings and guess who it was… Yes it was Viplav…Thy bth talk to each other.. Ishq ishq plays… And thy sleep…

PRECAP:Viplav,Raj,pankaj and Dhaani along with may othr students dancing ? in rain ☔ for the song ? Cham Cham!!!

Hope u all loved the cute Vidha scenes and episode…
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Credit to: swetha and arshi

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  1. Swetha it was a masti wala episode. Precap is exciting. Post it soon and also post your second ff also. Waiting for it.

    1. Have posted my second ff’s first epi too.. It will be soon published seems to be?

    2. Yup.. Precap is exciting… Surely.. Give u a mast epi next?

  2. Swetha….. full on masti….. Go on dear

    1. Thanksss sujie di…

  3. Thanksss lols?

  4. Today it was too good better than ever. Great ??

    1. Thanksss Renu di?

    2. Saach Mein is this good? Today I’m soo happy ?

  5. Great and wonderful episode full of fun.. precap is lovely?

    1. Thanksss Maha…

  6. Nice episode.. Loving it!!

    1. Thanksss Maria ?

  7. Aww so friendship has grown up between Dhaani and the gang. Good <3 Loved the episode. Post the next part

    1. Thanksss Shruthy?

    2. Will post the next part soon!!!

    3. Yes, now friendship has grown ? btwn vidha?

  8. Swetha really a good one dear…keep it up

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