you probably remember that night ,the night we first said ” i love u ” .We lay on our backs with the grass flat under our bodies, the moonlight kissing our skin. You kept asking me what what i was thinking over and over you poked at my dimples and at my sides. ” Tell me what u’re thinking lado . i want to know what u’re thinking curly . Tell me what u’re thinking or i’ll pierce u with a sword ” . I then asked where u would get a sword and u began telling me made up , intricately detailed story about a knight saving a gorgeous prince from a dragon. I laughed and went along with ur ridiculously fascinating imagination , sighing in relief. you didn’t ask me again that night what i was thinking.

I didn’t want to tel u i was thinking of the stars. Down from the ground , the stars looks so close together .They’re all a bunch of twinkling friends. Some shine brighter than others and shine when others can’t shine as bright. They have each other’s backs- if stars had backs then u see the stars up close.

The stars deceived us.

There r spaces between them,from far away they look like twinkling friends but close up they r distant.They don’t care how bright the other stars r shining or maybe they care but just can’t see. They can’t see so they wonder ,they ‘re curious. Perhaps they even yearn 4 the touch of the other stars and they imagine just how much brighter they would shine if they could shine together.

I didn’t know what this meant at the time not until i walked in the stars’s shoes .If stars had shoes,it was then when i knew what the stars were feeling ,if stars could feel ,it was when we were forced to be separate when i understood the stars and how painful the spaces between them really is.

My love , my laksh,we shine brighter together .The spaces between us should be filed with kisses and sweet words and togetherness…..I like us better together.

I know right now it’s hard and the space between us is occasionally difficult to cope with.
Let’s look at the bright side as i always try for us. The bright side is, the space between us isn’t nearly as big as the space between the stars,Stars r light years away. My mind can barely wrap around how far a light year is. I wouldn’t survive being that far away from u.If u read that u would probably say something like this ” Don’t be so dramatic lado, u survived before u knew me ” . Well sure i survived before i met u, lucky but now that i know u i wouldn’t want to live in a world without u.

We wouldn’t survive as stars.

I sometimes fear what would happen if the spaces between us get too deep .Would we become more distant ? Would our luv slowly fade ? Would u want to move on ? I couldn’t imagine me moving on. I don’t ever want to move on. We shine together.Without u i’d be dull.

Lets not move on then .Lets stay together forever and shine brightly ,shine so bright that we blind the world with our twinkling love. You’ll be my knight and i’ll be ur princess (since u have saved me) and we’ll live happily ever after like i still believe we can despite the distance between us.Distance means nothing when someone means everything . You means everything.

Stay with me forever.

Stay with me until we’re old and withered and think bingo is fun.Stay with me until we both can barely walk so we stay in bed all day with our wrinkle hands interwined.

It sounds perfect to me.

All the love.

Yours lado…………………

Tears come in the women’s eyes once she reads the journal , brown leather and decorated with sharpie designs and words. Reading her own’s daughters words is hard enough, but reading them aloud is even more tough to do without crying . Sharmistha is broken , but so is the woman sitting next to her, tissue in one hand while the other grasps onto her in a comforting way. It’s hard 4 her to read just as hard .The letter is written to her son.

“our babies” whisper annuporna .She wipes her eyes vision blurry.”They didn’t deserve this”

Sharmishtha can’t bring herself to nod or shake her head or utter a single word.The words written on the lined paper echo in her brain as she stares at her daughter’s lover, He looks peaceful lying there in the hospital bed. His skin is pale and dry . The brunette fringe laying over his forehead is messy. His eyes r closed, but both woman know he is awake .They don’t move him. He hasn’t said a word since the accident .He isn’t ready yet. Everyone understand.

Anupoorna leans over and squeezes her son’s cold hand,”Do u want to hear some more laksh ? ” .He doesn’t hum in responseas he has before. Anupoorna lets it be,leaning into her seat and continuing to wipe her tears.

“He’ll be alright”, Sharmishtha finally whisper .She takes anupoorna’s hand as she begins to cry once more. “He’s getting out of here tomorrow remember ? ”
Anupoorna nods ,calming her sobs “Yeah ,yeah u’re right”.

“I know it won’t be the same after this , but it will be alright” . Sharmishtha does her best to be strong 4 the other woman,just as torn up as she is. “laksh will be alright”
Laksh’s mum knows he will be, but it will be very different as sharmishtha said . For years laksh has been independent,only coming to his mother 4 relationships advice or problems only she would be able to make better .Now she has to take care of him completely like she did when he was a child . He hasn’t capable anymore. He isn’t capable of anything anymore and it will remain that way from now on.

“What about ragini ” ? asks anupoorna in a calm voice , watching as her facial expression don’t change anymore .

She feels numb” They ‘ll be alright “.

The space is getting deeper……………………

” We wouldn’t survive as stars”


Do comment if u want this to continue love u all .

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