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Hi guys how are you all? First of all really really thanks to you Aman bro for letting me know about Nagalakshmi. Here are some more interesting infos about her.

Nagalakshmi wife of seshnag who incarnated as Urmila in thretha yuga and Revathi in dwapar yuga. When she incarnated as mila she did a very big sacrifice which can neither be compared nor be equalized by anyone. Ram ordered a throne to be installed in Ayodhya’s court for her. But Mila said she doesn’t want any throne. Instead she asked a boon from him that she’ll always remain as his selfless devote. Ram said she’ll become a tree in his temple where she’ll be worshipped by all.[Aman bro once gave this story as a post here so I just gave a short summary.] . Today this tree is in Puri Jaganath temple. After being served to this tree only the Prasad prepared here becomes mahaprasad. This tree is called as Bimla tree. The people who come there call it as Bimla devi. This is how her name got changed from Nagalakshmi to Bimla.

When lord Vishnu took avathar as Krishna. Sheshnag incarnated as Balram. How many of you are aware of the fact that he had another wife other than Revathi. Yes he had another wife varuni daughter of varuna. In isckon temples he is still worshipped with his two consorts. That’s why people say Urmila was varuni’s incarnation/ Bimla is varuna’s daughter

Anyway its not true that seshnag’s wife is daughter of varuna because as you all know Sesha was son of kashyup and kadru and varuna and all other devtas are sons of kashyup and aditi which means varuna is seshnag’s step brother.and his daughter is like seshnag’s daughter as for as I know he wont marry his own daughter can u all get what im saying??

But Sulochana is seshnag and Nagalakshmi daughter there is no debate in that point she is not vasuki’s daughter. You can confirm it by the folklores in telugu and marathi


I love to research on unanswered questions of myths [of any religion} I don’t mean to say I can answer all the questions but I’ll try my best to answer them. The comments section is all yours now ask the questions that are in your mind I’ll try my level best to answer them.

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  1. nice post loved it ,ya i know varuni is balram’s wife but in some texts revati was his only wife and in an article varun sent his wife varuni to balaram,then they got married ,but some say,she is her daughter and varuni has a child from varun
    so,thr can be intrapolations,but if varuni wife of varun(mostly mnentioned),how can she marry balaram,it seems a later intrapolation
    in 1 article,i read balaram said to revati,you are my only wife and last wife,he had 3 children from her,but don’t know if has any child from varuni
    Anyways,we can’t predict mythology,or both my b inc of same godess,as rukmini(inc of lakshmi),satyabhama(bhu lakshmi),and rest 6 were 6 astha lakshmi

  2. Tanu if urmila is varuni’s incarnation and bimla is varuna’s daughter, then urmila and bimla are same only na

  3. sry, i posted wrng that varun child from varuni its a mistake and ya i didn’t knew bimla is tree

  4. Hey big confusion
    We bengalies worship godess Manasha.who is godess of snakes.and she is daughter of god shivay.
    They are seven daughters(without godess lakshmi saraswati)1.olaichandi(godess of cholera)2.Manasha (godess of snakes)3.shitala (godess of pox,ham etc)4.Rakta devi (godess of blood related diseases)5.Ghetu devi (skin disease) and other two sisters (I don’t know the name)

  5. So nagalakshmi is none other than godess Manasha.we bengalies very much bhakt of godess manasha.there are so many folkwriters of bengali who wrote many MANGAL KAVYA. (ex chandimangal,manasha mangal)in
    Manasha mangal KAVYA we get the story of Maa manasha. (I think many people know that)
    The story is in short maa manasha first only worship by the lower class people’s of society)to be god of all people’s of society she request her father Lord shivay.then Lord shivay tell her if the great bhakt of Lord shivay Chad saudagar worship her then it’s became possible.Chand is a great bhakt of Lord shivay and he refuses.then Manasha to scare chand one by one killed his six son by snake bite.even then he refuses to do that.then at last his seventh son lakhindar killed by snake bite in his suhaag raat.the wife of seventh son behula is a very sati woman and also a bhakt of maa manasha.she went to swarg with her dead husband crossing many obstructions.then she impressed all God’s by singing and dancing (actually in previous janam she is nartaku of indrasava name usha and her husband anirudh*lakhindar.maa manasha send them for her purpose)
    Then devtas tell manasha to give the life of her husband.then she do that in one shart that she will make her father inlaw to worship Manasha.then she back in earth with her husband life even with the other sons of chand.then at last chand worship Maa manasha with his left hand.then she is worshiped by all people’s

  6. Here also a story that the seven daughters have enemity with maa durga (wife of Lord shivay) .actualy the 7 sisters are not the daugher of maa durga (They are only shivjis daughter)
    Even maa manasha was one eye blind because maa durga heat her with chandrakantak.
    So that are the stories of maa mansha which we strongly believe.I am not telling that the ff is wrong but want to know you all about the story belived and also written in bengali many kavyas .and there has no connection with seshnaag.
    So any one if please clear the matter so do that.tanu if you mind anything?

    1. nagalakshmi is wife of sheshnag, u my search and mansa is sjv daughter, wife of rishi ant naglak is an inc of lakshmi in patal lok, frm whr shesh emerges, the sankarshan form of vishnu acc to bhagvat, as far as i know

  7. Thanmathi

    Sorry my sis posted wrong pic I think Devi manasha and nagalakshmi r not same

  8. Tanu I am not Nabanita ghosh.I have no Facebook account so you will don’t find me in g+.but yes my email adress is
    [email protected]
    So you can mail me ofcourse if you want…..

    1. If you see this message please reply so I will understand that you see that.

    2. Thanmathi

      Thanks for replying di

  9. Heyy, varuni was varun dev’s wife! And balram’s only wife was revathi, incarnation of devi vimala(bimla) daughter of varun dev and varuni

    1. Thanmathi

      Reeshi I’ll answer ur ques as separate article if u don’t mind

    2. hey sis,can u tell me the exact source whr it is written that bimla is varuni daughter

      1. Thanmathi

        Bro where did I mention bimla is varunis daughter. I said bimla is considered as VARUNA DEV DAUGHTER

    3. plz check the 2 link i pasted herevreg naglak temp,the only temp in kerla

  10. Cn anyone just tell me who was the son(s) of shesh nag and nagalakshmi? Plzz

    1. Thanmathi

      They had a daughter sulochana who was wife of meghnad daughter in law of ravan

  11. Bimala is not a tree. She is Goddesses Bimala. The Bimala peeth coming under 51 shakti peeth. Here the Devi Sati’s feet had fallen. so, it called as Pada peetham. She is Khetreswari of Puri Jagannath temple. She is known as wife of Lord Balabhadra. After Samarpan of Prasad to Lord Jagannath then it again samarpan to Goddesses Bimala then it becomes Mahaprasad. The sacred Tree name is Kalpa Brikhya not Bimala tree.

  12. In Mahabharat war Lord Balaram didn’t jained. he travelled all tritha khetra of India. when he came to Odisha there is a demon occupied some area and killed many people. Lord Balaram killed the demon Kandarasur and saved the people. before the death of Kandarasur he prayed to lord and said that please after my death you marry my daughter. His daughter name is Tulsi. Lord Balaram married Devi Tulsi. The area where the kandarasur killed now it known as Kendrapada. There is a famous temple dadicated to Lord Balabhadra. which is known as Tulsi Khetra by the name of Devi Tulsi. Devi Tulsi is the secound wife of Lord Balabhadra. The first wife of Lord Balaram is Devi Revati who is now worshipped as Devi Bimala in Puri Jagannath temple.

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