My south indian girl…os


Shravan reddy and ragini…
This pairs were requested by nuszz..
This was a os ..
Shravan reddy and ragini both were high class society people but love to be normal ..
One is punjabi and another one is telugu(south indian) but stays in punjab due to his father business..

A group of gang is sitting and this group almost every one were paired with each other except our heroo..
Prem:- come on shravan only you were left in our group as single..
Priya:- haa man find some one naa.
Shravan:- is it a rule that i should compulsory fall in love..
Raj:- wont u marry.
Shravan:- ofcourse i will but when i find my girl ..and when she too finds i am perfect for her..
And see karan searching some where.
Shravan:- oye karan your patner was beside you naa then for whom you were searching.
Karan:- arey yar do you remember our frd in usa rajendra.
Sharavan:- yaa..
Karan:- recently his family shifted here and he said that he will come here to meet us with his wife divya…
Shravan:- its been so many years i didnt seen him rather than talking him on phone..
Karan:- he is coming now..
There we goo.

Rajendra hi guys…
All welcomes him.
Shravan and karan makes rajendra to meet all his friends..
Karan:- where is you wife..
Rajendra:- she is coming with my sister..
They indulges in their talks suddenly shravan feels something strange but he ignores himself
and starts talking and laughing with them.
He hears a voice..
Voice:- come on babhi i was not at fault you knew na then.
Another voice:- what if mummy papa cames to knew leave them what if your brother..he loves his car more than anything…
Rajendra:- what happen to my car..
All looks at him and then girl..
A girl :- what car which car where is car..
Divya:- haa we are not talking about your car raj and they back light were good.rags hits head
Rajendra:- oh no dont tell me ragini you hitted my car with what.
Ragini:- its just a wall thank god not any another car or human u see.
Rajendra:-shut up i have to check my car and runs from their.
Divya:- i said naa for your brother his first love and first wife both were his car only ..
Ragini:- oh my god bhai first love was met with an accident then.
They both laughs..
Raj comes back and says you were unbelivable and say what happen.
Ragini:- ok while i am parking some stupit nonsense fellow whistled at me and i was busy in scolding him so i didnt notice wall.
Karan:- you must be ragini right..
Ragini:- karan bhaiyaa.
Karan:- yes..oh my god you changed a lot whistle banta hai.
You became damm beautifull..
They both side hugs each other..

Raj makes his wife intro to all and about ragini..
Ragini shake hand with all and feels a strange feeling while touching sharan ….
They sits and talks ..
Suddenly some one fells on ragini and touches her back..
She feels uncomfortable but when that boy says sorry ..
She says its ok..
But shravan sees that boy smiling by seeing ragini and going.
He feels something weird but ignores it…
When another boy about to fall again before shravan could react that boy face was smashed on another table near them.
Shravan opens his mouth and looks on..
Raj immediatedly gets up and goes to ragini and makes her free him.
Ragini shows finger to him and says next time before slipping on any one keep it in your mind that u may be feel some harp pain in your body and later it may become senseless part hmm ..
Raj makes her sit and says what was that…
Ragini:- what he misbehaved with me and i teached him a lesson.
Raj:- you can say it calmly right.
Ragini:- oh hello i said camly only.
Divya:- what if he kept anger in you and do something .this place is new to us ragini.
Karan:- haa ragini u might not have behaved like that.
Ragini:- bhai you knew what if his intensions are to hurting me then if i protect or not he will hurt me..
So let me get hurt by fighting atleast i will have a peace that i fighted back than being a coward.
Raj:- but.
Shravan:- she is right raj..
Girls should not keep quite otherwise few people will take their quiteness as a weopan and haresses them more and she didnot reacted that much ok she just gave a warning.
Raj:- if you support her like that from here onwards she will roam with hockey stick..
Any way lets go for outing..
Shravan and ragini smiles at each other…..
They are about to go..
Karan:- are you not coming ragini.
Ragini:- no i have some work i will catch u later when i will come to pick up bhai and babhi..
Karan:- ok bye..
Ragini bye..

Shravan see her going and thinks in mind..
Shravan:- she is beautifull i saw so many beautifull girls but she was deadly beautifull.her voice her eyes and those perfectly heart shaped lips were driving me crazy.i hope i will keep on meeting her who knew may be she is my future..ha but religion problem..
I punjabi and she south indian.
What i am thinking even mom and dad were opposite religion and did love marriage..
His thoughts were disturbed by karan.
Karan:- where were you lost man.
Shravan:- nothing..
They all enjoys and reaches their own houses..
As shravan reaches home he sees his parents fighting funnily which filled with love..
Shravan:- again you both started.
Mom:- i didnt started your dad started…
Dad:- see shravan who will eat this parata this early morning.
Mom:- who will eat idly like a patient.
Dad:- then why do you married this south indian.
Mom:- who asked you to love this punjabi after knewing our tastes..
Dad:- i thought you will change for me.
Mom:- even i thought you will change for me .
Shravan slowly checks all dishes and finds both idly and paratas and nodes his head..
Shravan:- mom why you feel happy after fighting with dad.why dont you say that you prepared parata and idly..
Dad:- i too knew that she prepared both.
Shravan:- then are you both fighting.
Dad:- its not fighting dear its love.
Shravan remembers ragini and smiles..
They both sees shravan smiling while lost in his own dream land.
Mom:- is she beautifull.
Shravan:- haa..
Dad:- is her smile beautifull..
Shravan:- wonderfull.
Mom:- is she punjabi.
Shravan:- south indian.
Dad shouts loudly in their ears which bought shravan back to his senses..
Dad:- yes south indian wow.. hiii one member in my team..
Now equal equal.
Shravan:- dad and mom its still one side love.
Mom:- arey make it two side naa..
Shravan:- today only i met her.
Dad:- that means love at first sight Mom and dad:- wow.
Shravan:- she is so brave dad and unique for which i fell later she is so beautifull and he says how he handled eve teasers..
Dad:- south indian are always brave enough..
Shravan:- dad she is south indian telugu and you were tamilian.
Mom:- that means my team.
Dad:- how that and if she is telugu or tamil but south indian.
Mom:- from now on words she is in our non veg team..
Dad:- ha ha what ever…
They all smiles…..
Mom:- when can we meet her.
Dad:- haa i am very excited to meet her..
Shravan:- even i am excited to meet her again…haa i forget do you remember rajendra my friend in usa..
Dad:- why do you like him also.
Mom:- but wont that be weird.
Dad:- weird it will be disguisting.
Shravan:- you both are unbelivable the girl i met today was rajendra sister..
Dad:- that means she written on your fate..
Shravan:- what..
Mom:- i was also your dad friend cousion sister only .
Shravan:- oh..

After they all break fast shravan about to go ..
Dad:- shravan ..
Shravan:- haa paapajii.
Dad:- atleast take her pictures and show to us..
Shravan:- done.
Dad:- take without her knowledge it will be fun.
They both smiles and shravan goes to her rooms….
Shravan to him self ..
Ragini rao i knew that your outer beauty was awesome but u have to knew about your inner beauty also…..
Next day…
Karan and shravan comes to raj house..
They knocks on door.
Shravan in mind i hope ragini opens door i want to see his luck ragini only opens door and smiles at them and greets them.
Ragini makes them sit and calls her family members..
Rag mom:- after so many days i am seeing you both how are..
Karan:- we are fine aunty how you and uncle are..
RMom:- we are fine beta.
Shravan:- its good aunty you settled will love this city.
Rmom:- i am already in love beta.
Shravan looks at ragini and thinks even me too.
I dont knew how i missed her in these years..
Rmom:- ragini come here..
Ragini comes next to her mom.
Rmom:- she is my younger daughter she used to live with my parents thats why you didnt meet her untill now and coming to karan he met her 2 times right.
Karan:- haa.
Ragini:- i met them yesterday maa.
Rmom:- oh
Divya:- hi
Shravan and karan:- hi babhi..
Divya:- your frd is taking bath he will come in minutes..
Both:- ok…
Divya:- i will bring something to you…
Rmom:- ragini show them our house..
They about to go just then raj comes.
Ragini:- ok maa bhai came i have work i am leaving.
Raj:- where are going these early morning.
Ragini:- preethi house her marriage was fixed…
Rmom:- whole world is getting married and this girl i dont knew why she is not accepting to that suraj…
Ragini:- mom plss not again that suraj is like a cross breeding of gorilla coward what not.
All laughs while raj and ragini hi
hives to each other stop by seeing

Their mom angry face….
Rmom:- he is good ok.
Raj:-amma its better she took nun than marrying that idiot.
Ragini:- thanks bhai any way i am leaving.
Ragini leaves..
Rmom:- karan atleast you say to your frd to stop defending his sister..i am trying to get married her from past one year..
And she and her antics
Rdad:- i am saying finally when she feels to marry some guy then only we will and you cant force her.
Rmom:- thats what when she will feel like that..
Rdad:- she will and why are u talking about that topic infront of raj frds they will run away by thinking u as hilter returned..
Rmom signs as unbelivable and goes inside…
Shravan smiles….
After two days …
Shravan and ragini leaves to their frds marriage with out knewing each other presence..
They reach patiala…
Shravan goes to his frds room immediatedly ragini entres and she goes to her frd preethi room.
They were sitting as a group and talking…
Shravan gang:- guys come lets meet babhi and ofcourse their frds….
Shravan:- you were impossible guys..
Siddardha:- haa yar go and meet them.
Shravan:- meet them or meet preethi babhi..
Sid:- what ever..
Preethi:- ragini do it properly naa it should be same size of door.
Ragini:- tell me one thing are you getting married to sid or this foor decorator…
Preethi:- in preethi marriage everything should be perfect…
Ragini standing on stool and immitating by fixing door flowers .
Everything should be perfect….
Someone knocks on door and ragini immediatedly says come in..
One person opens door immediatedly it hits ragini stool she stummbles and about to fall but a pair of hands catches her..
Shravan:- ragini app yaha..
Ragini:- shravan right..
Shravan nodes ..
Ragini:- my best friend wedding is here thats why and you here..
Shravan:- my cousion wedding thats why..
They both talks with each other with out realising their position.
Preethi:- ragini i knew that right now you both are comfirtable with each other but it almost 5 minutes passed dont you both think that you should be back to your positions..
Then ragini and shravan looks at their positions and realises that shravan was still lifting her so immediatedly they both comes back to normal postion.
And feels embaressed..
Frd:- hi babhi we were sid best frd s..
Shravan:-and me his cousion brother..
Preerthi:- nice meeting you..
And these all my frds and ragini is my childhood buddy…
Ragini:- i knew him . He is my brother friend..and its good to see you here..
Shravan smiles and says:- pleasure is mine….
Next day they started marriage preparations..
Early morning ..
Ragini came to balcony and taking fresh air…
And sees shravan doing exercise..she smiles and goes to him.
Ragini:- will do exercise daily or only today..
Shravan turns and sees her..and says with a smile..
Shravan:- daily why..
Ragini:- just like that.. here air is so pure with out any pollution.and i am going for a walk would you like to join.
Shravan:- sure..
They both were walking.
Shravan:- so did your suraj problem solved.
Ragini:- first of all he is not my suraj and secondly successfully he is out from my life…
Shravan:- why do you hate him.
Ragini:- i dont knew exact reason But i didnt like him…
I mean so much of dominating nature is their..and dont knew i just hate him.
Shravan:- like for love has no reasons like that your hate towards him has no reasons.
Ragini:- i had once he said that girl should not speak and should not protect them selfs only boys should do that ..because they meant for it.
How can he say that .he means if any one misbehaving with me i should wait untill his entry .. disguisting pig..
Shravan:- what disguisting pig. First time i am lisening this type of scolding ..nice one.
Ragini too smiles..
Ragini:- i almost knew karan but i never saw you with bhai.
Shravan:- actually i joined in last year may be thats why…..
Ragini:- hmm..lets go back we came far away.
Shravan:- yaaa.
Ragini:- by the way you are punjabi only naa.
Shravan:- yaa why do you ask like that..
Ragini:- i mean you dont have punjabi slang thats why.
Shravan:- haa my dad is tamilian and my mom is punjabi..
Ragini:- that means your parents did love marriage…
Shravan:- yaa.
Ragini:- wow then i want to see your parents..
Shravan:- they will come on marriage day you can see them on that day.
Ragini:- after 5 days hmm.
Shravan:- after 4 days one day already completed..

They both reaches to their rooms and finds their frds were discussing about something seriously..
Shravan:- what were u people discussing.
Frds:- to order babhi frds after all we are from ladka.
Shravan:- from where the hell ladka side came from.
Frds:- just for fun yar and without fun marriage house will looks dull.
Shravan:- what we hurts their feelings.
Frds:- we will take care of it.
Shravan:- then i am in.
Here ragini…
Ragini:- then i am in.
Her frds:- they will definetly order us and we will toture them ok.
They all hi fives to each other..
Boys were sitting ragini was pasding from their and stopped by shravan frds..
Sharavan looks at her innocently but he helps his frds..
Frds:- you are from bride side right.
Ragini:- yes..
Frds:- ok then we are hungry and..
Ragini:- if you are hungry just go and eat why you want my perimmison to eat..ok any way if its your wish theni will give you permission.
Go straight from here and your first left you will find kitchen you can eat what ever you want.
All boys opens their mouths while ragini shuts shravan mouth which brings him back to their senses..
Ragini smiles and says ..
I will bring something for you all.
His frds:- yar she is so sweet how can we tease her mainly..
Shravan:- guys she is sweet and cute that to only for me..
Frds:- what.
Shravan:- i am in love with her its conformed today.
Frds:- so when are you going to say.
Shravan:- let her also feel for me..
Ragini serves them and goes from their..
Frds:- shravan bhaii you knew bhabhi is so sweet.
Shravan:- i knew..mission startsfrom today..
Shravan keeps on stairing at her where she feels his gaze on her and asks him what happen
Shravan says you were looking beautifull..
Ragini smiles and goes from their.
Its sangeet ..
All were dancing ..
Suddenly shravan drags her to corner and closes her mouth before she could shout..
Shravan:- your thread of blouse is opened it may opened at any moment thats why i bought u stay here by hidding behind pillar by covering yourself and i will call your any of friend..
Ragini simply nodes and one of her frd comes and starts tieing her knot where ragini and shravan shares a eyelock.
Ragini and shravan spends their night in their room by thinking about each other..
Next day at mehndi..
Ragini was going by a room collides with door and due to that her chuni falls down.
Just shravan passes from their.
Ragini:- shravan.
By hearing his name he comes back and entres into room but turns another side.
Ragini:- smiles and says .
Can you wear my chuni.
Shravan:- i will get any one help.
Ragini:- all hands are full have to call another boy to help me but i wont trust anyone except you.
Shravan turns and makes her wear chuni by closing eyes and says.
Ragini:- because i too love you.
And did you get your answer.
Shravan looks on ..
Ragini goes close to him and encircles her hands around his neck and says .i lisened your
talks with your frds..
Like your first sight love mine also i like you by seeing you first time but i thought i should knew about you and i came to knew that i loved you..
Shravan hugs her and says i love you..
At marriage day..
Shravan takes ragini and introduces her to his parents .
Ragini tooks their blessings.
Their parents too liked her..
After ragini returned to her home she said everything to their parents and his brother assured their parents by saying that shravan and their family was really well mannered and good one.
Both families met each other and liked each other..
Soon after 3 months they both were married…and after one and half year both were blessed with twins…

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