Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 6


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For five successive days they keep on meeting, it happened the way Shrutakirti had told. But conversation expanded into nothingness, filled instead with the silent greeting and smiles. Each time Ram smiled, Sita bowed her head to hide the rising colours.

Urmila was feeling similar. She tried to hide the achkwardness by bowing her head lower in courtesy, she hated herself for trying to steal a glance at Lakshman. Each time she found his eyes hard on her, his open, unblinking gaze, taking her in mixed emotions. She is proud that she is not shy but she found her nerves suddenly moving fast and words freezing in mouth. She tried to move her face away him but found herself with overpowering reality.
Urmila started painting a portrait of Lakshman. She hears Mandavi coming, she hides it but Mandavi sees it. She says – i cm here earlier, but you were busy in painting so wanted to go but suddenly my eyes fell on this painting. Urmila says – its nothing like that, I was about to paint portrait of both the brothers. Mandavi says – you can’t hide your feelings from me, I am your sister. It is start of love.

It was syayamvar. Sita was sitting down, her slim hands resting on her lap,calm,composed with a bright smile. Janak repeats his promise in the rajyasabha full of crowd. He and Sunaina remember their memories with Sita and get emotional.
Mandavi sees Sita’s eyes at Ram sitting at the opposite end. Urmila has promised not to look at Lakshman but she has broken it in minutes.
Shrutakirti says – when will the ceremony start?
Ceremony start but all fail to lift the dhanush even Ravan, much to everyone sacrifice.
Ravan leaves angrily.

Mandavi says-by now, thirty princes have tried their luck even Ravan but failed.
Mercifully, says Shrutakirti, did you see how he was looking at Sita didi? He is full of anger.
Mandavi says – let’s see when will Ram get up to do that.
Sunaina fears if anyone will lift the bow. The princes started taunting Janak saying we will marry all 4 sisters forcefully.
Sisters get worried. Lakshman gets up saying – what type of syayamvar is this where princes arrived to humiliate daughters? He goes to everyone and says – you all are invited guests of Janak but where is your sense of honour when you speak so rashly? Let me tell you that there is any other suitor who hasn’t got the chance to show his skills and he is my elder brother, son of Dasharath. With Vishwamitra approval, Ram and Lakshman get up, saluted Janak, Kushadhwaj, Sunaina, Chandrabhaga, and all elders. 4 princesses.
Ram proceeded to it with Lakshman bowed to dhanush.
Everyone is eager. Ram broke the dhanush. Everyone is overjoyed.
Sita garlands Ram. All elders bless them.

Precap – Parshuram arrives.

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