Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 5

Ram was as handsome and tall, athletic, a bow and and a sword would have become his habit more than the basket of flowers he is carrying. However one could not say the same about his brother. Urmila looked at Lakshman, both have their eyes lowered. Lakshman was looking a little impatient. He is as tall as Ram, slimmer and unbelievably handsome, but has a crooked nose. Urmila thinks.
So, for ths reason, you are eager to meet each other, says Mandavi. She adds – but how was the younger brother.

Urmila Mandavi tease each other.
Urmila was lost in thoughts,since she met Lakshman and Mandavi teasing add fuel in fire.
Sita comes to her rescue, says – it was I who asked you 3 to follow me. Urmila was assured but for a short while.

Mandavi says – so she is innocent, anyways we got to meet the brothers.
Shrutakirti says – for this reason, didi was so impatient, but yes they are extremely polite.
Shrutakirti says – but didi, have you told anything to others in home other than we 3. Sita says-no, Shrutakirti, i m still unable to understand what could be my fate, I am feeling sorry for being so transparent nature. Shrutakirti says – Sita didi, we will not tell this to anyone till syayamvar but, didi will you be able to hide your feelings till then?
Sita says – i will, because the person who will win the syayamvar will only be my husband, i should be devoted to him only. Mandavi says – but, didi will you be able to love anyone else other than him. Sita says – now my fate lies with syayamvar.
Shrutakirti says – now listen to me carefully, the person you are in love, is prince of Ayodhya, and world sings praises of the feats, valour, goodness and good looks of Ayodhya princes, now smile. All smile.

Sita cries, I will be leaving soon after marriage, She says – Urmila, Sita is called as Janak nandini, Janaki, Vaidehi, Maithali etc., but it is you to be owner of these rights, not me. She says – didi, for me, you are my elder sister only this matters, not what name we get. Sita hugs the 3 sisters.

Precap – Urmila is painting a portrait of Lakshman but hides it but Mandavi sees it She says – it is start of love.

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    Interesting precap??
    The relation between the sister’s so sweet?

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    Nice bro…. the last line said by sita was emotional…

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