Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 4


The morning
Sita was late from returning to temple. Mandavi and Shrutakirti have gone to help Sunaina and Chandrabhaga in the wedding preparations. While helping them, Urmila was waiting for Sita return.
She checks in kitchen which was sita’s favorite place. She is worried.
Two hours later, Sita entered her room.
Urmila says – why you were late, we were waiting for you. Sita was lost in thoughts.
Urmila says – didi, is there anything? what took you so long? Sita calmly replied – I met him again. Urmila is no able to understand.

Mandavi says – you met prince Ram, am I right?
Sita agrees. Mandavi says- and? Sita gives a smile. Mandavi says – have you met your man?
It’s too extreme, it happened 3 days ago. Fb is shown. I was on my way to gauri temple and I was in shock when I saw him, standing right before me in the garden, I was in my thoughts when I was about to collide on him. Fb ends. She smiles.

I could just stare at him without saying a word. I was not feeling as stupid of me before. There is a strong pull in his heart. I fell for him. She says – please come to temple with me any of you.
Next day, the 4 went to temple. Shrutakirti says – I think you are going to collide with him once again. Sita says – no, i should not be meeting him, i am going to get married.
Shrutakirti says – didi, calm down you have done nothing wrong. You can not stop coming to temple with a little chance to meet him.

Mandavi says- Urmila, Sita didi is getting married, are you also in search of your husband. She teases. Mandavi says – i thk we 4 should start searching for our husbands, after didi, we will be in fast queue, being just 1 year younger to each.

They do arti, take prasad and head for home, when they realized two handsome youths come in front of them.
These are 2 princes of Ayodhya, we were talking about says Mandavi.
Sita asks to be quiet.
Ram and Lakshman with there eyes lowered welcomed them.
Urmila says-i am Urmila, Sita ‘s sister. Mandavi says-i am Mandavi and she is my younger sister Shrutakirti. We are her cousins.
Ram says – I hrd Mithila is beautiful, but now I saw it is more beautiful than I hrd full of politeness.

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