Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 3


Sita is cooking while Urmila is painting a syamvar scene. Davi says-didi, r u happy with your marriage, it’s your wedding and wasn’t the bride to be more happy towards the most auspicious moment coming in life? Urmila says-yes, didi I also find u sad. Sita says – no, act I will have to leave the house within few days, that why I am sad.
Urmila says – I would also get married after some time but I want to become great scholar just like my father, though we 4 are well versed in Ved, Shastra etc but I want to learn more and more. I need a husband who respect my feelings an let me achieve what I want to do, but God knows what is in my fate.

Shrutakirti says – don’t worry di, your husband will hv all noble qualities.
Urmila says – that’s our Shrutakirti, u always talk good and listen good. All smile.
Mandavi is still tensed. She says – didi, plz tell aren’t you happy about your wedding. Sita says – so, wht shall I do, she asked with a smile,i know it’s my wedding and I am very much happy. She says – then, show it and Sita smiles. Mandavi says – it’s perfect.

Sita says – I know the man who will break shiv dhanush will be my husband.
Mandavi says – but for the bow it needs 300 people to lift it, so I wonder who will be the superhero to do this alone.
Shrutakirti says-that’s the point, a superhero will be there for sure who will do that and marry didi.
Davi looked at Sita and says – ,though it is a syayamvar but didi has to marry the person who will break the dhanush, but we all have full faith on bade pita ji, wht he thinks is always right.
Mandavi says – and what about the 2 princes who came from Ayodhya, I think they are capable to do that.

Precap – Urmila looks for Sita in kitchen, her favorite place but she was not there, she worries.

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