Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 2


Sita cooking food singing melodious song. Urmila painting a portrait of family and hurrying to go for Ved lessons to Janak. Mandavi embroidering a dupatta. Shrutakirti advising someone.

We have unexpected guests.,proclaimed Mandavi with elaborate excitement. Sita distributing the Prasad of the morning prayer.

Mandavi says-i hrd the 2 young and handsome princes of Ayodhya arrived here. Shrutakirti smiles noticed by Mandavi and she teases her. Sita asks them to calm down and gives the Prasad. Urmila says-yes, didi syayamvar is coming then guests will come. Davi says-but thy are special thy killed tadaka and Subahu and wounded Marich.

Kirti says-we r lucky to hv a home like Mithila whr we could visit entire world which no other princess is allowed.

Sita looked thinking. Davi knw that her cousin is bound by father’s promise and can’t express her feeling.

Davi thk-who would be the man to marry her beautiful sister, is he one among the 2 Ayodhya princes.

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  1. Anushya

    very nice but try to make it longer…. loved the idea behind todays epi

  2. Padmaja

    Wow nice bro… loved it..

  3. superb , i have always wanted to read sita’s sister where the characters of ramayan r portrayed in a different way . thanks a lot for this ff . make it a little long please

  4. NABANITA626

    Good writing?

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