Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 17

Lakshman says – you love painting and studying more than cooking, you love brush and texts more than the kitchen.
She says – I do cooking but not that much, I like to spend my time as a painter and scholar.

He says – if Manthara is their, kitchen seems to be spicer. They smile.

In Kaikey
Bharat comes to his room. He takes his wife closer. He says – whatever time I get, I want to catch a glimpse of you. Mandavi smiles.
Lakshman says – I want to see you hair loose. He removes her hairpin. Her hair come down. It has become his way of affection. He kept his eyes roaming down at her. Urmila says – you know I can’t roam with my hair loose, it is socially not acceptable. She pick the hairpin but he held his hand. He says – don’t, I love to see your hair wild and flowing,no one is here, except we two, the door is closed.
She smiles. He says – Father just announced that Ram will be the crown prince, the ceremony is tomorrow.

She says – what, so soon? but why this haste
He says – it’s father. He wants no further delay, tomorrow is auspicious.
She says – but Bharat and Shatrughn and my sisters are not here, will they be invited?
He says – may he doesn’t want to hurt Ashwapati,now we don’t have time, we should hurry up and you are cross*xamining me as their is a plot. don’t worry. She says – it’s not like that I am not happy but it is too fast.
She says – does ma kaikeyi know about this.
He says – no, not yet he just inf ma kaushalya and me, I agree with father dec, it should be done fast
She says – don’t you trust Bharat

He says – I do, but can’t trust Manthara.
She says – but both kaikeyi and Bharat want Ram to be king
He says – she says but what about Manthara
She says – but still it is not good, how will we face when they will return, will they not be hurt
He says – they will be happy, now go and get Sita ready
She goes to her room.
Sita say – i was waiting for you,Ram is going to be coronated, but I miss the 4
She ask – whr is he
With kaushalya

I am missing Mandavi and Shrutakirti, Bharat and Shatrughn, they could have been here, says Sita.
She says – it’s ok, they will be happy, we don’t have time
Sita say – ex, it is so fast, Ram doesn’t have time to explain it

Precap – sisters talk

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