Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 16

Acc to book, kaikeyi doesn’t like Sita and likes Lakshman ‘s wife Urmila
She was the real princess of Mithila and Mandavi gets affected by Manthara and a rift between the sisters. Kaikeyi asks Ram to remarry but he rejects but I am avoiding all those parts

Sita asks Ram – your father has 3 queens including 350 wives (acc to some texts Dasharath has 350 wives), which wife will I be
Ram says – I will have only 1wife. Bharat says – yes we agree, we love our wives too much and can’t even think of any other. Lakshman says – if our wives can’t think of anyone so how can we. Shatrughn say – yes, it’s our promise to our wives that we will follow ek patni vrat. The sisters get happy.
Ram was kind. Bharat was soft spoken Lakshman was aggressive. Shatrughn was childish.
Urmila was painting that she has recently started. It was the scene of her wedding. She had planned it on a scale as grand as the wedding itself.
Lakshman says – have you heard some bad news?
She asked – bad news.
Ma kaikeyi father Ashwapati has been seriously ill, he wants to meet Bharat and Shatrughn with their wives.
Mandavi and Shrutakirti are leaving. she said. They go to meet them. The sisters hug and left.

Lakshman comes to his room. He holds her in his arms. She says – I am missing them. He says – me too, but they will be back in a month.
She says – what you have done. I will have to tie my hair once again.
He asks – now I think you never regret that I can’t be a king of Ayodhya.
She says – oh, leave that
He says – you know i love you madly,you are a great scholar, you can handle the department of law and justice or be the devil ‘s advocate.
She pinched him,says-I think you have forgotten that dagger.
He says – no, plz I request, plz don’t kill me.
She says – do you think that after marriage, the relation between the sisters and brothers will change, I don’t think
He says – I also don’t think. When we were small, I and Shatrughn being of same blood always react to crisis. Ram is the thinker. He thinks of effect and result. Bharat is the calmest and gentlest just like Ram but can’t forgive anyone who hates Ram, just like we two.
He says – but I think it depends on circumstances also. Manthara tried to create rift between the brothers but was not successful.

In Manthara ‘s mind, it is Ram vs Bharat,and she wants Sita vs Mandavi
But she is unsuccessful
Also father is in problem due to the promise he gave to Ashwapati before marriage.
It has been 1 week the 4 left for Kaikey. Sita is often in kitchen or with ma kaushalya,but still gets time to chat with her sister.
Lakshman spends his time with Ram during day time. busy with the arrangements of Rajyasabha.
Urmila spends time with her twin traits, painter and scholar-studying and painting.

Precap – Ram rajyabhishek decision.

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