Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 14

Sita found a new meaning with her sisters. She was filled with a dampening feeling of apprehension. Just then everyone is enjoying them their fairytale wedding, Shatanand came with a news that Ram has mangaldosh in his horoscope , it may not be well for marriage, it is not fit for Sita’s married life. We should call off the wedding.
Janak could not believe his ears. He can’t avoid imp of Ram stringing Shiv dhanush says – they are made for each other but the stars gone against them. Sunaina says – we should call off the wedding, I can’t take any risk with my daughter life. Dasharath will also wish the best for his son, he will understand.
Janak says – Sita is the best wife for him. The sh bow is a proof, you saw how many tried to sting it but it was only Ram wh success. Th are meant for each other.
Sunaina say – then is horoscope misleading, he is never wrong.
Janak says – but he said that if a condition is placed before marriage then horoscope doesn’t work. I can’t think anyone else as my husband, says Sita, I consider Ram as my husband, my life mate. But if you insist that I should not marry Ram, I will not but remain unmarried throughout the life. Sunaina say – but if you marry, you have to live in forest
Sita say – I love him Sunaina say – falling in love is easier than staying in love. Sita say – I will fight with fate along with him and he is my strength, Sunaina say – I am proud of you,if it is your decision, then it’s ok, may you get moral strength.
Shatrughn says – we hv to stand acc to age or height. Lakshman says – let you get married first
Marriage day arrives.
Sita, Urmila, Mandavi, Shrutakirti were in silver, crimson, green, yellow.
The garland ceremony starts Lakshman says – you look the most beautiful among your sisters, she says – Bharat is the most handsome among your brothers. All garlanded. The marriage gets over. After few rituals, the 4 parents bid farewell to their daughters, it’s vidai ceremony with heavy heart and necessary teachings.
Some kings who lost at Swayamvar attacked in midway but were defeated, Bharat gets hurt but is cured by Rishi Mugdal. Everyone is overjoyed.
Precap – they reach Ayodhya.

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