Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 12


Lakshman says – you have everything an ideal wife should have. I loved the flashing look in your eyes when challenged, I loved your laughed, the way you smile , the quick colour comes each time on your face when we share glances I become a drowning man myself,taken by your tide, and then I found myself hopelessly falling for you, but then I feared that was my love for you distancing me from my service towards my brother?
She says – so this is the reason for your unpleasantness?

He says – yes each time I saw you, I went insane, all I wanted to have you, but each time I realized that I can’t give any happiness to you. This is the frustration and anger which made me to stay away from you.
She says – no, I am yours. He says – but I can’t give you any happiness, so no need to sacrifice your life for me
She says – no I love you and I can’t dream of anyone other than you, I will marry you
He says – but,I want to say if I am unable to fulfill my duties what is the need to marry me
She says – I promise I will always support you and will never come between your love and duty, plz I beg you, marry me.
He is in tears and hugs her says I am the one who should beg, yes I will marry you.
She returned to the palace happily. Mandavi asks – have you met him? She says – yes, he wants to marry me and will marry me. Shrutakirti says – but, he has rejected. She says-no he was torn between love and service and I supported him. She says – whatever I will always support him. Sita says – I am proud of you. She asks – you haven’t told anything to ma, pita. Sita says – no

Bharat and Shatrughn arrived. Mandavi and Shrutakirti wanted to see them. They went to the temple but were clearly distracted. Like their sisters Sita, Urmila, Mandavi, Shrutakirti met their partners at the same place. The garden seems to become the place of our collective romance. They are getting late. Sunaina is waiting for them to return from the temple to begin the haldi ceremony. Their is a lady with them. They wondered who is she, the sisters feel a little angry and sad to see the four brothers talking and smiling with her who is extremely beautiful.
Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra is fixed perfect for marriage.
The sisters come to know that the lady is Shanta, their sister, daughter of Dasharath and Kaushalya. They greet her and her husband Rishyasringa.

Bharat says – Mandavi, I want to tell you something.
He says – I don’t want to marry you.
She says – but why
He says – no, actually I love you at the first sight but can’t marry you
She gets sad.
He says – I can’t give you any happiness, I am sure about you but not myself.
The porpoise of my life is to serve Ram

Precap – they agree to marry.

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