Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 11


Mandavi, for all her night could not take her eyes of Bharat ‘s portrait. Not that the portrait is a piece of art, but the person in the portrait was her life.
After glancing at Shatrughn’ s portrait, Shrutakirti seemed to be mooning as well, it was concluded that all 4 brothers are indoubtedly handsome.
Now, Janak gave a positive reply, All 4 daughters of Videh will marry 4 sons of Ayodhya.
Shrutakirti says – it’s too strange, just few days back, we were preparing for our sister ‘s wedding now we are the bride to be. Mandavi says – the sisters running freely are today bride to be. Urmila thinks – I am very much happy, but the only problem is that she rarely got a glimpse of person, she wanted to talk to him regarding their official engagement but the series of pre-wedding events prevented her from meeting him, nor she wanted to break it.
In morning, Janak asks the girls to take the blessings of rishi Vishwamitra and Vashishth,who are master mind in the four weddings.

Vishwamitra says – there is a reason why we want 4 of you to marry the 4 princes, only you can become ideal wives for them, rest time will tell.

They come back. Shrutakirti says – I was afraid of his anger. Sita says not to say like this. Shrutakirti says – I mean, everything is going too fine , is something in wait for us.
Mandavi says – was he trying to warn all of us, but why then he would arrange the whole affair.
Sita says – look at the brighter side, be thankful to him for giving us our life partners and help us to stay together, remove doubts.

They heard Lakshman saying – this is unfair to us, why don’t he understands?
Ram says – calm down Lakshman.
Lakshman says – how can I remain calm when I kept insisting that I don’t want to marry. Why am I being forced?
Ram says – if you don’t, this is going to be embrassing for all of us, why you are so stubborn?
Lakshman says – my marriage will be a lie, it’s the best if I don’t marry. I am saving everyone from headache, don’t you understand.

Ram says – tell her then, she might understand.
Lakshman says – how can I tell her that I can’t marry her.
Urmila can’t bear it and started moving. She looked up and saw Lakshman looking at her. But she started to walk fast. Mandavi made a move with her, Urmila says – plz let me be.
Lakshman says – Urmila
Lakshman says – stop.

She heard him but turned her way. She cries – he cheated me, he never loved me, he didn’t want me, he didn’t want to marry me. She remembered Sunaina’s words and cries.

She says – I was mad to fell in love with him, and the fact is that she can’t have him.
She was sitting in the garden alone when Lakshman approached her, he fell at her feet asking for forgiveness. She is shocked. He wanted to grab her in his hands never to let her go, but he stopped recalling his harsh words.
She asks – how did you find the way?
He says – I searched you and find out, Urmila
She says – don’t dare to take my name, you have no right.
She says – you don’t have courage to tell me truth and what you said marriage is a lie and so are you.
He says – my intention was never to hurt you, it is not as it seems, what you heard is a part of larger story, I wanted to tell you truth but

She says – but, what but, I don’t care to know, you are at guilty,and I was a fool
He says – so was I, I didn’t lost courage but lost my heart, I loved you and wanted so desperately but I can’t marry you. She says – don’t try to fool me, I heard everything

He says – don’t doubt that ever, I truely love you and I am saying this now as I am not afraid of saying so I had a fear of losing you, forbade me to utter those unwanted words, you are too beautiful, too good to make me feel that you will accept my love I have been in love with you since I saw you looking at me holding that pooja thali in the garden, you have taken away, you have taken away my heart, my pride, my everything, but what can I give you, just pain, sorrow and headache that’s why I can’t marry you, I can’t promise you happiness I loved you to eternity but can’t marry you, because I am torn between heart and mind, I have no intentions of marrying ever

My life is Ram, he is my God, friend, my everything and my mother Sumitra has told me that purpose of my life is to serve him, to protect him I prided on myself that no girl can attract me until you met me, but I fell in love with you badly at the first sight, you are everything, beautiful, noble, kind, intelligent, a great painter, most fierce among your sisters as I am among my brothers.

Precap – They agree to marry.

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