Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 10


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Sita sitting with her sisters.
Urmila says – didi, how that demon came in place of you. She replies – As i came out earlier, you came later searching me, I went to pita ji when he called me, unaware of all this, you came later and started following the demon who was in my look without saying a word, the demon didn’t saw you and not felt that someone is coming back, we are thankful to Lakshman who saved you. She tells about entire incident. Mandavi says – you did this as you love Sita didi and even asked forgiveness and he forgive you. Shrutakirti says – you are safe, that matters. Don’t worry.
Dasharath does some gossip with Vashishth and Vishwamitra. In the hall Dasharath says – Janak, i have a special request, if you wish, i will say.
Janak says-tell, plz.

Dasharath says – i want that with Ram-Sita, my other 3 sons get married to your 3 daughters.
He says – Bharat, Shatrughn will reach here in 2 days, but I hv portraits of them, no force, if you don’t wish, you can refuse my proposal, I will not feel bad, after all they are your daughters, final decision will be yours.
Janak agrees.

Janak comes inside. Urmila says – what do you think we should marry the princes. Janak says – thr is no doubt, they all are young, brave, noble and kind. I already knew Lakshman. Seriously, I can’t find a better match for you, whose fierce nature matches yours, he stood for you more than once, so he qualifies to be a suitable son in law for me, so do you agree to marry him?
She nodded slowly, giving a shy smile. Yes, I agree to your decision.
He asks Shrutakirti. She looked at the tiny portraits kept on table, she looked at Shatrughan’s portrait, says – I can’t find any fault in his looks, I know, they are all brave, kind, I can’t find better husband than him.

Janak asks Mandavi. She looks at Bharat’s portraits. I can’t deny because he looks nice, brave and kind, I can’t find a better husband than him.

Sunaina is quite. Sita says – ma, are not you happy with the proposal. She replied – no, dear, I can’t find son in laws better than them. Kushadhwaj and Chandrabhaga are also happy. They smile.
She gave a helpless smile. Janak says – your mother has some reservation regarding this proposal, your mother is not keen interested in sending all of you in 1 family. She thinks it would harm the relationship between the sisters and brothers.
Urmila recalls Lakshman saying – you can kill me for your sister.
Sunaina is not a woman controlled by sentiments, she is sensible even in trying moment of crisis.

Sita says – ma, wht could be better than the four sisters getting married in the same house, I always wanted this, we will always leave together as sisters and sister in laws, I shall not have to leave my sisters for my new family, the most painful moment for any daughter is to leave his family on her wedding day, i will feel the luckiest, if I will take them with me, marriage will not lessen but strengthen our bond.

Sunaina asks-but for your husband, if any situation comes in front of any of you, whr you hv to choose between your sisters and your husband, whom will you choose?
Sita says – but why tht will happen, our love for our sisters and husband will never clash. Don’t worry, I assure you. I promise you.

Sunaina says-i don’t need your promise, dear, I am not doubting your affection, but in other way, will you be fair to your sisters or husband or worse as the situation demands. Will you be fairer to yourself for making this difficult choice?
Sita says – don’t think ma, this may or may not happen, Mandavi, Urmila, Shrutakirti please make ma, understand.

All are at loss of words as they know the love between the brothers, thy think – will thy leave their wives for thr brothers, or brothers for their wives?
Urmila recalls how she choose Sita over Lakshman even trying to kill him for her.
Sunaina says – I trust on 4 of you, you are sensible and strong enough to take right decision.

Precap – Mandavi lovingly looks at Bharat ‘s portrait.

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