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Hey guys I want to to write a ff on sita’s sisters who are hardly even acknowledged in ramayan, so I just wanted to ask whether i should write entire book as written by Kavita Kane or make seldom changes as i thk at certain places in the book the characters behavior is like that of kali yug.
I read in that book, kaushalya behavior towards kaikeyi is like a typical kali yuga sautan
Urmila Lakshman hv disputes whn he was going to vanvas, mandavi bharat disputes during nandigram, urmila sita disputes over real and foster daughter
I knew those characters were all idealistic and can’t be jealous, it was author point of view only
Though i will try to make changes whenever I will and add some information which I know
Just asking about your point of view whether I should follow the whole novel or I should make certain changes.
Though I will try to make changes plz comment more and more so that I could get an idea

Some changes made, all comments and critics are welcomed plz comment for your support
the episode starts with janak and sunaina adopting a daughter found from Earth naming her Sita
Within 3 years Sita got 1 younger sister Urmila(biological daughter of Seeradhwaj Janak and Sunaina) and 2 cousins Mandavi and Shrutakirti (biological daughters of Seeradhwaj ‘s younger brother Kushadhwaj and Chandrabhaga king and queen of Shankashya). Thy wr just 1 year younger to each other. The order was- Sita, Mandavi, Urmila, Shrutakirti.

5 years later
Ages of Sita and her sisters are 8,7,6,5.
The girls are playing hide and seek. that girl seems to have vanished into thin air. Whr is she? Urmila could not contain the exasperation in her voice. Whr was Sita? Like always the fun has disappeared from the game and became a mission to locate Sita as she comes up with new plans of hideout
Mandavi says-don’t worry too much, sita didi might be in the dhanush room lifting dhanush
Shrutakirti says – I am afraid there is much dark there. Mandavi says – then cry, as you always do.
They find her there only.

Precap – 8 years later traits of sisters is shown.

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  1. Padmaja

    Bro it is nice but in my pov pls make some changes if their chrctr is wrongly depicted.. they r not jealous of anyone and like dat u can do changes according to the real chrctr.. it my pov only bro… pls forgive me if I said anything wrong

  2. Anushya

    amazing bro… like padma akka said i think u could change it where its negative…. sorry if what im saying is wrong…

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