Soumya’s truth out in Suhani’s eyes in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Suhani cries knowing about Soumya’s dark side and can’t believe it. Sharad consoles her and asks her to act alert and wise when it comes to stop someone from snatching her husband.

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  1. hope it shld b revealed soon

  2. suhani shld confront soumya directly and when daadi interrupts,dn she shld gve an ans like a slap….so dat daadi doesnt get any idea of planing aganst suhani

  3. About time suhani finds out the truth and so happy that it was Sharad who told her the truth. Exciting days ahead for suhani si ek ladki

  4. Pls writer/director make sure sushani win and let yuvraaj realized his love for sushani,let somuya loose and have shame and let her true out dt is after their money not yuvraaj not

  5. i can’t wait to see what suhani does
    i hope she goes on the meeting with yuvraj and soumya

  6. Sharad is so good. He should be the hero

  7. What about the other truth, Suhaani’ s father blackmailing Yuvraj to marry Suhaani????? What will happen then????

  8. Final suhani knowns the true face of sowmya
    let see how suhani keep away from sowmya from yuvaraj.
    How she realise yuvraj feeling from here.????? I hope every think should good in her life get her love yuvraj as soon as possible

  9. Finally ..hope suhani finally sees who soumya is and definitely not her friend

  10. Suhani should beat Dadi and gang at their own game without them realising it. She should do something to become an asset to the birla family. only then dadi will realise her true worth and she herself will throw Soumya out. Suhani also has to get a complete makeover and prove to dadi that She is a beauty with a brain. I feel sorry for Yuvraj, for making him a puppet in Dadi and Soumya’s hands. Please make his character strong and he should confront dadi , Soumya and make them pay for their evil deeds

  11. What if this scene becomes a dream sequence of sharad telling the truth to suhani?so many questions in this can suhani be in relation where there is no love from husband and the marriage is done only by threatning yuvaraj by her father?as yuvaraj didnt propose to suhani yet.whats her reaction when she came to know what her father had did to get her married?In my openion untill yuvaraj express his love to suhani,she cant be think herself as yuvaraj’s wife, she have to be seperate from yuvaraj , which will defintelly make him realise his love on that both of them will start new jouney of marriage based on love but not on symphathy.

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