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  1. it’s sooooooooooo nice for suhani and yuvraj. Though it will be good if suhani find out the truth about the past life of yuvraj ,and I like your couple veeery much.

  2. i just love it when yuvraj insults her..!!

  3. Serial is just becoming nonsense with scenes where Suhani either gets insulted by Daadi or Soumya. Atleast direct scenes like yuvraj atleast supports suhani whenever she gets insulted. Does it make sense soumya accusing suhani who infact saves soumyas life from Ankit. Atleast there can be a scene wherein Yuvraj can support suhani saying why would suhani expose Ankit.if she wants to risk soumyas life. Always blaming suhani for each and every small thing with no one even supporting suhani makes the serial damn irritating

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