Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 9


Abhi came down from his room to have dinner with Sahana and Purab. Abhi “Hi friends! How are u all?” Purab thought at that moment, He is making me not fine all this while and he is asking, how am I now???

Sahana with a smile “Both of us are fine Abhi! I heard nowadays u seem to be very happy! What’s the reason?” Abhi with a surprised look asked “You don’t know? Purab never told u?”

Purab, She knows everything Abhi just that she wants u to tell by yourself now!
Purab “No….she didn’t asked me…that’s why….” Abhi “What is this Purab? Even if she didn’t ask u should have told her na…” Abhi sat down and started to narrate whatever he experienced so far with Pragya.

Sahana “So the last time u met her is like 3 weeks ago?” Abhi was silent for a while not looking at them. Abhi “Haan we never talked with each other after that….It’s our personal issue….But I am happy as I know she likes me!!!!” Sahana in a mocking tone asked “Just like u or love u?” Abhi “Like and love is all the same right?” Purab “How can it be the same Abhi? A person can just like u for who u are but it doesn’t mean it’s love right?” Abhi “See Sahu! He is always like this…. He never supports me! I don’t like u Purab!!” Purab “It’s not about whether u like me or not…. It’s about whether she likes u or not!” Sahana “He is right Abhi…. What makes u feel Pragya loves u?” Abhi “I feel so as she hugged me!” Sahana and Purab at the same time asked “Hug u? When did this happen??” Abhi “Enough guys! I am clear that she loves me! And the rest I am not willing to share with u all! As I told earlier it’s personal! Let’s have dinner guys!! I am so hungry!!” Sahana looked at Purab and said “Now I understand u Purab….” Abhi “Ya u two can understand each other later but now let’s eat!”

They had their dinner and after that Abhi went back to his room saying that he is feeling sleepy.
Sahana “It means it’s not that easy to make him to tell what really happened too!!” Purab “That’s what I am telling u from the beginning!!” Sahana “Ok relax Purab! I will talk to Pragya tomorrow!” Purab “You will get the same answer as him!” Sahana “Let me try first…Just hope at least she would tell something to me….” Purab “But remember one thing! You persuade her to meet at the place we planned! We must make Abhi and Pragya meet each other!” Sahana “Yes sure I will do that and u persuade Abhi!” Purab “Ok I will persuade him even though I know it’s going to make me tired!!” Sahana with a smile said “I know u will say like this…. but only u can make him come there!”
Purab smiled in return and gave a Hi 5 to her.

The next day:
Sahana went to Pragya’s home. Sahana after talking to Sarla ma and Bulbul went to Pragya’s room.
Pragya was sitting on her bed and was thinking something. Sahana “So Madam is thinking something or thinking about someone?” Pragya came back to her senses and looked at her. Pragya smiled lightly and said “How are u? When did u came back?” Sahana “Just a few days back! First tell me what were u thinking about?” Pragya looked gloomily at Sahana. Sahana said “Tell me what u were thinking first instead of looking sad like this….” Pragya “How can I say that?” Sahana “Just say na….” Pragya “I feel he likes me….I mean he loves me….”

Sahana “Who is that he?” Pragya “You don’t know? He never told u?” Sahana “Who is that he?? I really don’t know Pragya!” Pragya “It’s Abhi!!!” Sahana “What? He likes u? He also loves u? When did this happen??” Pragya “Don’t act Sahana…..I know that he would have told everything to Purab and u!” Sahana “You know that much about him ah?” Pragya blushed hearing that and said “Nothing like that…. but I know he would tell whatever that happened between us…. except for one thing which is personal to us…..” Sahana “What is that?” Pragya “I said na…it’s personal…I am sorry but I can’t tell anything further….” Sahana “Ok…Then u never meet him all this while?” Pragya “I would like to meet him but not now Sahana…” Sahana “Then it’s ok! At least come and have lunch with me!!” Pragya “Sure! I also never really go out nowadays…Just give me a while to get ready!” Sahana “Great! I will wait for u outside!”

Sahana was talking to Bulbul about the plan and Bulbul also went along with Pragya and Sahana to a restaurant. All reached the restaurant. Pragya looked around and said “Why is this place with no body around?” Sahana said “Not peak hours na that’s why…. By the way does it matter? We are just here to have lunch and it would be better if we have it peacefully!!” Bulbul “Haan di! It will be great and we can talk more! We can gossip more too!” Pragya “Bulbul! You are always into gossiping…. that’s not good!” Sahana “Okok let’s sit there!” Pragya “Why there? It’s so far! Just sit here!” Sahana “Who brought u for lunch? It’s me na…so just do as per my wish!” Pragya “Never knew that u would be so demanding! Fine we shall just sit there!” Sahana and Bulbul sat next to each other while Pragya sat alone facing them.

They ordered some food and began eating. Sahana suddenly screeched “Oh no! I stained my jeans yaar!” Pragya chuckled hearing that and said “You are always like this…. Come let’s go to the washroom!” Sahana yelled “NO!! I can go by myself!! You just stay here!!” Pragya “Why are u reacting like this for that?” Sahana “I am not reacting in anyway….” Bulbul “Di! I just go with her too as I want to go washroom!” Pragya with a suspicious look said “Ok…” Both walked off from there leaving Pragya alone. Pragya was looking sadly at her food again and turned back when she heard his voice!

Pragya “You are here??” Abhi “Ya! Why are u here?” Pragya “It’s my wish to be here! How does it matter to u?” Abhi “Leiko! Are u really here? Can u pinch me?” Pragya “Huh? What are u telling?” Abhi held her hand and touched it soothingly. Pragya “Leave my hand! What are u trying to do?” Abhi “So u are real!!!” Pragya “Oh god! What happened to u?” Abhi leaving her hand said “All because of u!” Pragya “Me??” Abhi “You lazy Leiko! Never even come and meet me!!” Pragya raising her eyebrows asked “I am lazy?? Are u sure of what u are telling?” Abhi “Yes!! Lazy Leiko! Lazy Leiko!!!” He was keep on repeating that making Pragya irritated. Pragya “Stop it! What if anyone hears this? Are u a kid and always giving me names like this!!” Abhi was still repeating it and was not listening to Pragya. Pragya covered his mouth with her hand and he bite her. Pragya “Ouch! What are u doing?” Abhi “Biting u!”Pragya “Ridiculous!” Abhi “Then admit u are lazy!”

Sahana, Purab and Bulbul looked at each other in confusion after seeing Abhigya’s nok jhoks! They were hiding themselves from them and were observing all this.
Purab “See! This two are just making us mad! What is their problem? Or they acting as if they are in problem? Is there really a problem between them?” Sahana “Oh dear! This two make even a psychiatrist to be confused and mad!!” Purab “Stop it Sahana! You see na until now they are behaving like kids!” Bulbul “Yes u are right! They are like kids! Grown up kids!” Sahana “Can both of u just stop this…we have to stay here and observe how long they will continue this!” Bulbul “Look there! They are hugging now!” Sahana in shock “What?” Purab “When did this happen?” Bulbul “Should be when we were talking about them….” Sahana “Wait look carefully….Abhi is hugging her but she is trying to break the hug….Wait why are they not talking?” Purab “They are whispering now…that’s why we can’t hear!” Bulbul “It means di don’t like Abhi? Then my dreams of acting in his film are all wasted!!” Sahana and Purab looked at Bulbul in disbelief…..Purab “Oye Bulbul…now it’s not about your dreams but it’s about their love!” Sahana “Wait! Look there again! Now Pragya is kissing him on his cheeks!!” Purab and Bulbul at same time yelled “What??” Sahana “Sssh! So loud! How can both of u be so loud?”

Abhi and Pragya looked around hearing the loud voice and moved away from each other. Abhi walked out of the restaurant. Pragya stayed in the restaurant and sat in the same place where she was previously sitting down.
Sahana “It’s confusing now! First, they argued then hugged each other! Finally, she kissed him! Now he left with an expressionless face and she is sitting down with a blank face!” Purab “I told u before that this two are making us so confused!” Bulbul “Shall we just leave this matter? Since it’s their personal issue…” Purab “We will discuss about this later! I have to go and see Abhi now!” Sahana “Ya same here! Bulbul let’s go if not Pragya would be suspicious….I think we have to manage her now….” By saying that they parted ways.
Pragya looking at Sahana and Bulbul walking towards her asked “All this was your plan right?” Sahana “My plan? What do u mean?” Pragya “Making me meet Abhi?” Sahana “He came here? When did it happen?” Pragya “Don’t act yaar…. Fine let’s leave from here now….” They were about to say something but Pragya didn’t bother to hear and walked away from them.
Bulbul looking at Sahana said “Let’s go….Di is upset now….” Sahana too agreed to that and left from there.

Pragya trying her best not to be emotional said “The issue is not about accepting…..The issue is about accepting each other….how will I accept without expecting…..except for him how can I accept….”
In another situation,
Pragya holding Abhi’s hand said “I know you like me…but….I can’t like u as the way u think….as I have my own plans in life…” Abhi with a smirk said “Then I will like u as per your plans!” Pragya “You don’t understand what I mean….In my plans there is no place for love now….” By saying that she hugged him and said “I wish to like u….to love u…but not now….I am sorry….”

What’s her plan? Let’s see what’s that in the upcoming updates!
Sorry friends! I was busy at home ytd with household chores which made me tired and that’s y I couldn’t type ytd!

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