Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 7

Abhi “Leiko! I feel they may have surrounded this place! We have to be sure that they are not around this house so I want to ask u something!” Pragya asked “Ok but what do u want to ask me?” Abhi “Do you trust me?” Pragya “If u ask like this suddenly means then how can I answer? I am not sure….We have only met like two times and how can I trust you that fast?” Abhi “You are right Leiko but do u think I can be trusted? Just think for a while as we don’t really have that much of time too….” Pragya, I feel he is not that bad and he is a person that can be trusted but still…..

Abhi “Tell me faster Leiko….” Pragya not able to think further said “I trust you!” Abhi “Ok then come with me and I saw a back door near the washroom! I think u are also aware of that but maybe in this situation u have forgotten!” Pragya “Oh ya…I know! We can leave from there too…” Abhi “Shall we make a move?” Pragya “Ok…but do u think it’s safe?” Abhi “I am not sure about that but there is no other choice now as it’s already getting late!” Pragya “Ok!” By saying that she followed him to the back door and he opened the door. Both slowly walked making sure they don’t make any noise.

Pragya heard someone’s footsteps. She looked around and whispered to Abhi “Just listen carefully….” Abhi whispered “Okay….but u too must listen carefully to me!” Pragya “I was saying listen to that sound carefully and not to me!” Abhi covered her mouth with his hands making Pragya to frown at him. Abhi “Why did u raised your voice? What if someone heard it?” Pragya signalled through her eyes to remove his hands from her mouth. Abhi was not able to understand her and said “Stop it Leiko! We have to move from this place as soon as possible!” She managed to remove his hand from her mouth and said “I heard someone’s footsteps…..” Abhi “Why u never tell this clearly before?” Pragya “I thought u would understand but it’s ok now what do we do?” Abhi “We should stop talking!!” Pragya got annoyed by that and frowned at him. Abhi “Just come with me!” She followed him. Pragya whispered to him “I know how to go from here to the road side!” Abhi “Ok then let’s go!” Suddenly they heard more footsteps and realized that behind them there were goons! Abhi “Leiko! I think we are trapped!” Pragya in fear “Yes I know that too!” Both turned behind and saw 5 goons standing with weapons like rods and knives.

Pragya in a shaky voice asked “Now what do we do?” Abhi “Always asking me! Why can’t u tell what should we do?” One of the goons “Now u are trapped Abhi!!! You have to come with us now!!” Abhi “Why should I come with u all?” Goon “That’s secret! Just come with us without making any fuss!” Pragya “Abhi!! Just fight with them! They are just 5 of them!! You can do it!!” Abhi gave a weird look at her. Abhi “Are u mad? What if I got hurt? I know I can fight! But that is in movies where I don’t get hurt that much!” Pragya “There is no other choice! Just fight!!!” Goon “We have not that much of time! Just come with us!” By saying that one of the goon walked towards them and was about to hit Pragya with a rod but Abhi stopped him by grabbing his hand.

Abhi “I think u are right! Just watch me fighting Leiko!” By saying that he winked at Pragya and she smiled in response. Abhi started to fight with all the goons by punching them and kicking them with all his energy. In the end, all got scared and ran away from him. Abhi walked back towards where Pragya was standing with amazement. Abhi “Amazed ah?” Pragya came back to senses when he said that and smiled at him widely. Pragya “I didn’t expect that u will fight for real!” Abhi “Excuse me..I am strong enough to fight! That’s why I do action movies! You know right?” Pragya “Haan but I thought u have dupes for that….” Abhi “Dupe? Not at all Leiko….What do u think that I am weak or something? Do u even look at my physique? I am so well-built!” Pragya “Enough of praising yourself! This is too much now….” Abhi “The goons are actually stupid….Do u realize that?” Pragya “Why do u say so?” Abhi “They never attack u at all!!” Pragya “Abhi!! How cruel are u? I am such an innocent girl and why do they have to attack me?” Abhi “Then u think I am not innocent? I am innocent too!” Pragya in a irritated tone“Ok!!! But can we move from here now? How long are we going to be talking like this?” Abhi laughed hearing that and said “Let’s go!”

Both walked back to the roadside and Abhi managed to reach the place where his car was. Abhi “The goons are really funny! By right they should be here waiting for me to be back here! But they are not here!” Pragya “Why are u still talking about them when they are not here? I shall leave from here…I can walk back to my house from here!” Abhi “Now u are being funny! Just come with me and I will drop u at home! It’s already dark and how can u walk back alone!” Pragya “No….It’s ok…I can manage by myself!” Abhi “Just come with me Leiko! Don’t be so stubborn!” Pragya “You are also stubborn in asking me to come with u!” Abhi “Ok fine! At least I drop u near your house?” Pragya thought for a while and said “Ok can….but only near my house!” Abhi “Haan near your house!”
Abhi, This Leiko na…is so strange…how does it matter if I drop her at home? Maybe she feels her family will misunderstand her if I dropped her at home….Ya that should be the reason…

Both remained silent during the drive as they were tired because of whatever happened earlier in the day. Pragya had told him the directions to her house and he drove towards the streets. Pragya “Stop here!” Abhi “Here? Are u sure?” Pragya “Yes yes! Here would be fine! I can go from here!” Abhi “Ok! If u don’t mind can u call me once u reach your house?” Pragya again thought for a while….Abhi “If not it’s ok…I just want to be sure that u reach your home safely…” Pragya hearing that smiled and said “Ok I will call u…What’s your number?” Abhi in surprised tone “You don’t have my number?” Pragya “Ya…why should I have your number?” Abhi “I thought Sahana would have passed my number to u….” Pragya “She did gave me but I never saved it…so I can’t remember your number…” Abhi “It’s ok u tell me your number and I will give u a missed call or message?” Pragya “Ok sure! Bye and Good night! One more thing I know u are hurt on your back while fighting…so apply some ointment for that…” Abhi hearing that was surprised and said “Ok sure!” Pragya then gave her number and Abhi said “Good night too Leiko!”
Both parted ways from there and had thoughts of each other with a wide smile on their faces.
Pragya, Why do I feel he is very concerned about me?
Abhi, Why do I feel she is very doubtful about me?

Pragya reached her home and saw Sarla ma awake in the living room. Sarla ma “What happened Pragya? I was so scared and u never even brought your phone with u!” Pragya explained everything to her and Sarla ma hugged her with tears. Sarla ma “Why do u have always go alone to that place? It’s all because of that place!!! It’s so unlucky to us!!” Pragya broke from her hug and said “It’s not unlucky….We are unlucky to be not there….” By saying that she headed to her room and Sarla ma still couldn’t believe that Pragya is very attached to that place….their old house….

As for Abhi, he texted her and called her many times but she never responded which made him restless. Abhi, This Leiko na not even picking up my calls!! After numerous calls, she finally picked up and said “Sorry! I totally forgot about informing u! I reached home safe and how about u?” Abhi “Finally u picked up! Ok I am reaching home soon! By the way I have informed police about the goons too!” Pragya “Oh that’s good! Take care and bye…I am feeling sleepy now…” Abhi “Take care too Leiko! Bye!”
Abhi, Not bad I think can be a friend with her if she is talking in this way…Then slowly my dreams of her will be gone!!

Days passed….
Abhi, For now I don’t have dreams of her but I am only thinking about her…and only about that day in the house!! This is not right! Now how do I get rid of her thoughts?
Pragya, Strange! Why do I always get dreams of him hugging me? Now how do I get rid of this dreams? I should make sure he doesn’t have any feelings for me….If I am clear about this then I won’t have this dreams!!
Pragya, Shall I call him or text him to ask, how is he?
Abhi, Shall I call her or text her to ask, how is she?
Both were looking at their phone but couldn’t conclude whether to call or text!
Abhi, Ok Abhi! Just text her!! Enough of confusing yourself!!
Pragya, Just text him!! I don’t want to confuse myself further!!

Texting time:
A: Hi Leiko! How are u?
P: How are u? How is your pain?
A: Fine and it’s gone! Same timing!
P: I am fine too…Same timing?
A: You asked me how are u at the same timing as me!
P: Oh…Ok…
A: The goons! I saw them again!
P: What? U saw them again? When? Are u safe?

Abhi smiled seeing that and was about to reply but before that Pragya called him.
Abhi answered her call and said “Hey Leiko! I was just kidding! The police are still finding for them!”
Pragya “Kidding? You don’t know in what things to be kidding! I got scared Abhi!”
Abhi with a smirk asked “Why do u need to be scared?” Pragya was now thinking, He is right! Why did I got scared when he mentioned about goons? Why was I scared as if he is in danger again!

Abhi “Are u there?” Pragya “Yes…I was just scared that something happened to u and that’s all!” Abhi “It means you care for me?” Pragya stumbled hearing that and said “Haan…You are Sahana’s friend right? In that way I care for you!” Abhi “It means I am also your friend?” Pragya with a smile said “What do u think?” Abhi “I don’t know! And Leiko when I am asking a question there should be an answer as a reply! Not a question as the reply!!” Pragya hearing that giggled and said “I also don’t know!” Abhi “You don’t know what??” Pragya “I don’t know means I don’t know….” Abhi impatiently asked “You don’t know whether I am your friend or what?” Pragya “I think I don’t know for that!” Abhi “You think?” Pragya “Haan I think so….why I can’t think is it?” Abhi “I think you are purposely doing this!” Pragya in a childish tone “I don’t know!” Abhi “Leiko!! You are very naughty!! Ok fine so what u know?” Pragya “I know that I don’t know….” Abhi “O Leiko! Are u fine? Why are u repeating don’t know so many times? Wait for this also u will say I don’t know right?” Pragya “Yes u are right! I don’t know for this too!” Abhi “Fine Leiko…I will make u answer whether u care for me as a friend or not!” Pragya “How?” Abhi “I don’t know Leiko!” Pragya “Now u also don’t know!” Abhi hearing that laughed and said “Bye! My dear don’t know Leiko!” Pragya “Bye Abhi!”
Both smiled remembering their conversation and slept on the bed thinking of each other.

What happen to me?
Why is this happening to me?
Why am I seeing your face everywhere?
Why am I hearing your voice in silence?
Why do I feel you are in my thoughts?
Why do I feel you are in my dreams?
Why are you even stopping me from entering my house?
Why are you even stopping me from being myself?
Why are you disturbing me this much?
Why am I even liking all these feelings even though it’s disturbing?

That’s how Abhigya were feeling about each other not able to realize that they are feeling for each other in their own ways…..

Abhi “Listen! I didn’t do it purposely!” Pragya by crying badly said “You shouldn’t have done this! I trusted you blindly Abhi! It’s my fault!!” Abhi “No Leiko! Just listen to me…I can explain to u!” Pragya asked “Explain? What can u explain? U can explain that u made me as a fool out of this?” Abhi “Please don’t say like this….It’s not like what u think!” Pragya “Enough Abhi! I know we helped each other and that’s it! There is nothing between us! Do u hear it clearly? NOTHING between us!” She left with tears. Abhi was standing there with tears not able to accept his foolishness will hurt her badly…..

I don’t know when I will be able to update the next one as I will be busy in the upcoming days! Until then please wait for the next part!

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