Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 6


Abhi was very reluctant to even think of an idea to consider Pragya as his friend. Abhi, Why can’t this Purab think of something else? How can I be friends with her? She is not like me!! At least Sahana is cool like me! But this chasmish is just uncool!! Not fashionable too! I thought fashion designers will be fashionable but she is old fashion with her chatri like costumes!!! I can’t even imagine taking a photo beside her!!! Why does this have to happen to me??
He felt he need some peace of mind and decided to take a long drive. He went alone as he really felt loneliness is the only way to be in peace. As he was driving, he smiled thinking of the Pragya in dreams…..Abhi, The Pragya is my dreams and visuals is more pleasant….Like an Angel…..Always helping me……I wish the real Pragya is also in that way…….
Just then he stopped driving as a group of people will blocking the road. Abhi, What is this? Why is there so many people here and blocking the road?

He came out of the car and they started to run towards him with weapons!
Abhi tried to fight with them but he realized there were more coming behind and started running away from them. Out of nowhere, Pragya in a white salwar kameez came in front of him and in a tensed tone called him “Abhi! Abhi! Come with me! They are chasing u!! I can help u!!!” Abhi was confused at that moment as it reminded him of his dreams! Abhi, Now am I dreaming or is this real??? He stood there still not knowing what to do!!!

Pragya called him again and Abhi in confusion asked “Huh?” Pragya “Oh god! Why do u look so blank? Wait let me help u!” She held his hands and brought him to a safe place. Abhi, Am I day dreaming now? Pragya “Mr Abhi! I didn’t know that u will be like this….” Abhi asked “You are Leiko right?” Pragya “Haan that’s what u call me right? Wait! U can’t see me clearly ah?”

Abhi shook his head and said “No!! I mean Yes I can see u clearly….I was just confused….” Pragya “Oh ok….take a seat here….let me check if they are gone or not!!” Abhi “How can u go out alone? What if they attack u?” Pragya “Don’t worry I will check that secretly…..” After a while, Pragya came to him and said “They are still here….Do u want to call police for help?” Abhi “Haan wait let me make a call!” Pragya nodded her head in response. Abhi “Damn I left my phone in car!!” Pragya “Oh then we have to wait until they leave….” Abhi “Ok….but I seriously have no idea why they have to chase me!!” Pragya “I also don’t know but I think they want to attack u!!” Abhi “Why do u think so?” Pragya “Didn’t u see they were carrying weapons?” Abhi “Yes I did saw that….Wait!! How did u come suddenly??” Pragya “I always come by this route…but today I heard loud voices….That’s when I saw u…” Abhi “Whose house is this we are at? What if they come here?” Pragya “It’s used to be my house and they won’t come here as this is known as haunted house….That’s what everyone says….” Abhi in shock exclaimed “What??? Haunted house!!! And we are here now?? How can u be so cruel???” Pragya “Excuse me I have helped u from them!! And u are calling me cruel??” Abhi “You should not have appeared in front of me!!! If not I would have just ran to somewhere else!!! Not to a haunted house like this!!!” Pragya “Mr
Abhi….take a look at this house does it even look like haunted to u? It’s so peaceful….” Abhi with fear looked around and realized that it was not like a haunted house that is shown in movies….It was just like a normal house with all the furniture in place and with lights too…..

Abhi “Then why did u say everyone call this as haunted house?” Pragya “They say so as some of them died in front of this house….” Abhi “What??? Why??” Pragya “Arrey now this is a deserted place and there could be some people murdering others taking that as an advantage…..But to me this is not a haunted place…..maybe there is haunting memories of my childhood but definitely this place is not haunted….” Abhi hearing all that could only feel in what kind of situation that he was now stuck in that made him so confused……

Abhi sat down on the sofa there and Pragya walked towards somewhere in the house.
After a while, Pragya “Have this! You look exhausted!” Abhi “What’s this?” Pragya “Just coffee!” Abhi “You even have coffee in haunted house! That’s totally unexpected!!” Pragya in a stern tone “I am telling u again this is not a haunted house!!” Abhi “Okok anyways thanks!” Pragya “That’s better….” Abhi sipping the coffee said “Nice coffee….not bad I didn’t expect it to be nice though…..” Pragya raising her eyebrows “I too didn’t expect u to say it as nice!!!” Abhi “Can u check again if they have left or not?” Pragya “Ok u come with me too!” Abhi followed her and she was just looking out of a window there in between the curtains. Pragya turned behind to tell Abhi that some of them are still there. Abhi was just right behind her. Pragya “Move behind! Why do u have to stand so close?” Abhi “To see them! Don’t think I am dying to be close to u!!” Pragya in irritation said “Did I say like that?”

Abhi moved away and he still couldn’t believe how he ended up with her. Abhi, I hope this was a dream….Why always my dreams are so pleasant but my reality are like nightmare?
Pragya “I also didn’t bring phone along with me….Don’t know how long we have to stay here….”
Abhi looking at her gave a blank look and had no interest to reply her.
Pragya “I am talking to u only….Why are u not replying?” Abhi “Did u mention my name? No right? By the way just call me Abhi! Mr Abhi sounds very uncool!” Pragya “What is there to be uncool about this? I thought celebrities like u always expect for respect!!” Abhi “Just call me Abhi! I like it that way….I am not like other celebrities who is expecting respect….I only need respect for the work I do….and that I know I am having it through my fans and the people I work with….”
Pragya hearing that felt it’s again an unbelievable reply from him……
Pragya “Ok Abhi!” Abhi “That’s better…Leiko…where is the washroom here?” Pragya “Go straight and then turn right! There u can see the washroom….”
Pragya, That day I saw him in my dreams running away from him but today he ran away from some goons….I don’t know what is the link between this….I don’t know why I end up with him now…..

A while later, she heard a flute sound which made her disturbed….She walked towards the direction of the sound and looked at Abhi playing flute with his eyes closed….She remembered of something hearing to the tune…..She too closed her eyes. She was mesmerized with the tune and was reminiscing about something that she felt always beautiful in her life with her eyes closed…….She remained there and was lost in the music from the flute not even realizing that Abhi had stopped playing the flute…..Abhi looking at her was surprised……He saw her smiling and looking very pleasant just like the way she looked in his dreams……
Abhi, Not bad this Chasmish even knows how to enjoy music….
He walked towards her holding the flute and tapped her shoulder gently with the end of the flute…..
Pragya came back to her sense and looked at Abhi still smiling at him. Then slowly her smile faded and she turned away not facing him. She wiped the tears from her eyes and said “You played the flute very beautifully…..” Abhi “Thank you for the compliment Leiko…but did u cried just now?” Pragya with hesitation “No…why..why should I?” Abhi realized that she didn’t want to accept that she cried….Abhi “Oh then I think I just imagined that my musical talent made u emotional! Never mind! I also don’t want others to cry because of me!”

Pragya gave a light smile hearing that and turned back to look at him. Pragya asked “From when did u start to play flute?” Abhi “I think since my school days….Ya I learnt it from my uncle!” Pragya “Oh I see….he must have been well trained in this….” Abhi “Yes u are right! But now I miss him badly…. He is no more….” Pragya “I am sorry…” Abhi “It’s ok…it happens as life is such a short journey and living it with liveliness is the only way to think life as a long journey….” Pragya “I didn’t expect u to be like this….”Abhi “ Like this means?” Pragya “I mean with meaningful thoughts….” Abhi “I also didn’t expect that I will talk to u like this….” Abhi gave a wide smile and walked passed her towards the sofa.
Pragya, He is not that irritating as I thought…..
Abhi, She is not that unpleasant as I thought…..She is pleasant just that a bit annoying….a bit secretive too….
Pragya sat opposite to him and said “Do u want to check again whether the goons have left? It’s quite some time now….” Abhi “Ok Let me go and check….” Pragya asked pleasantly “May I come with u?” Abhi “Why are u scared to be alone here ah?” Pragya in a chidish anger said “Abhi!! Why are u always kidding me?” Abhi, Hmm…even her tone is different now….I didn’t expect her to be so cute now!! Ok Abhi u shouldn’t show that u find her cute!

Pragya “Abhi! Why are u not answering me?” Abhi “Leiko! Just chill! I was just thinking how to tell u that u can come!” Pragya asked “For this u have to think ah?” Abhi “Yes ok let’s go if not we will be keep on talking like this only….” Pragya hearing that chuckled silently making Abhi to be happy too.
Pragya “Do u want to see through the window? Or shall I see?” Abhi “You are wearing chasma na…Then u see! You can see more clearly!” Pragya “Why? U have sight problems ah?” Abhi “Leiko! Now u are kidding me na….Just see first!” Pragya smiled inwardly hearing that and looked through the window. Pragya “They are gone!! Finally!!” She turned back and looked at Abhi with excitement. Abhi “Wait…I am feeling a bit suspicious….” Pragya “Why is that so Abhi?” Abhi “I don’t know I am feeling something is not right…..” Pragya “Then what should we do now?” Abhi “Come with me! I want to ask u something!”

Pragya looked around and whispered to Abhi “Just listen carefully….” Abhi whispered “Okay….but u too must listen carefully to me!” Pragya “I was saying listen to that sound carefully and not to me!” Abhi covered her mouth with his hands making Pragya to frown at him.

Actually I would like to reply u all but my medicines is keep on making me sleep and in the time I am awake I just type and upload….Then mostly back to sleep again lol! It’s all drowsy medicines! Do tell me if the story is confusing at any point of time….I can’t decide as I am just typing whatever comes to my mind! Thank u for all the wonderful comments and support! Hope to reply u all at least today!

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