Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 5


At a restaurant,
Abhi “Look Leiko!” Pragya looked at the direction he pointed at. Pragya in a panicking tone said “I am not responsible for this!” Abhi asked “Did I blame you for this?” Pragya nodded her head in response as no and looked at him with fear. Abhi gave a witty smile and Pragya was so nervous that she was about to do something that made Abhi to run away in fear! Pragya looking at that was speechless!
Pragya, Why is he running away like this? I was just going to wipe the coffee on his cheeks! By right I should be the one running away in fear for accidentally pouring coffee on his face! He is so unreasonable!
By saying that Pragya started to smile widely at his unreasonable acts…..

“Di!!!Di!!!!! Wake up!!!” Pragya waked up hearing her sister’s yelling and realized all the while she was dreaming. Bulbul “Di!!! I know today is Sunday but how can u sleep until 11 am?? You know Ma is so angry on u for this?” Pragya “Bulbul…I was just tired yaar…I will talk to her about this….” Bulbul “Di! I can’t understand one thing….why are u like this?” Pragya asked “Like this means?” Bulbul “I know that u very well understand what I meant!” Pragya “I just waked up Bulbul and u very soon started your baks baks!” Bulbul “Di if u think Ma is always against u means then it’s wrong….” Pragya “I know Bulbul she is not against me…..but I know she is not supportive towards me too….” Bulbul “Di…it’s not like what u think…she is just…” Pragya in a frustrated tone said “She is just concerned about me! I know!” By saying that she made her way to the bathroom. Bulbul “This Di na is always like this…Nobody knows what she wants!”

In the bathroom, Pragya, I am just having headache because of him! Why did I dream about him today??? That’s so unbelievable! Then just now this Bulbul made the headache worse again!! All are just giving me headaches!!! Never mind…let me not think all about this for now!

After freshening up, Pragya had her breakfast and then sat down with Bulbul to watch TV. Bulbul “You know what Di? Today there is a show about Abhi!!! My sweet heart!” Pragya “What? He is your sweet heart??” Bulbul “Yes Di…He is so cute and hot at the same time!!” Pragya thought, it’s good that I never told her that I am working with him! Bulbul “Di!! He is here now!!! Oh my god!!! Can u pinch me and I need to be sure that I am not dreaming now!!! What to do Di, he doesn’t even come in my dreams!!!” Pragya “Bulbul! He is just in the TV and not beside u! Stop overreacting!!” Bulbul “You won’t understand my love for him!!!” Pragya shook her head in disbelief and both started to watch the show.

It was an interview given by Abhi about his personal life and professional life.
Bulbul “Look at him….Look at his smile Di! It’s so divine!!” Pragya “Huh?? Divine?? How can a smile be divine??” Bulbul “You won’t understand!! Just look at him and don’t disturb me!” Pragya thought, for sure she is mad about him!! She is the one all the while giving comments and I am just reacting to her comments!
Pragya became uninterested and the more she saw him, it only made her irritated. She was about to leave and that’s when she stopped hearing him talking about nicknames……
The host asked “Do u have any nicknames or pet names that others call u?” Abhi “I don’t have that much as everyone calls me Abhi or Abhi sir! I would like to have one….but I call my loved ones with nicknames! I enjoy doing that!!” Host “Then are u waiting for someone to call u with a nickname?” Abhi “I could be waiting but I won’t stop calling my loved ones with nicknames!”

Pragya, Loved ones?? Am I his loved one?? How is this even possible??
Pragya was puzzled by his words. His words made her so confused that she wants to be clear that she was not his loved one!!
Pragya, Never mind I shouldn’t care about this too much….
With that she carried on with her own tasks for that day.

As for Abhi, he was in deep thoughts too. Abhi, Now it’s back again! She came in my dream again!!! Why does this happen to me? She is not even like me! Not cool! Not hot! Then why again she is coming to save me every time??
He now called Purab and explained his dream to Purab. Purab “So now she saved u from running away?” Abhi “Yes Purab! And why do u like keep on ask questions?” Purab “You see Abhi…I am asking question so that I am sure of what u are explaining to me…” Abhi “Oh okok then yes Purab this time she saved me by hugging me like an angel!!” Purab with a smile asked “Angel ah?” Abhi “Purab don’t think anything funny….I am just telling u what I dreamt of….In the dream she came like an angel and hugged me from being attacked by the unidentified people! That’s it!” Purab “Hmm…Interesting!!” Abhi “Interesting?? Here I am having headache because of her and u are finding it interesting!! I am not telling a story Purab!!” Purab “Okok I understand….Just relax and take a deep breath!” Abhi “That’s what I did when I saw her too!” Purab “Ok Abhi….Listen carefully…I can suggest u something…” Abhi “What’s that?” Purab “Why don’t u be a friend with her?” Abhi in shock

“What?? With her??? Never!! Not at all!” Purab “Listen Abhi….if she is not real then we have to find another way but since she is real…why can’t u talk to her? If u try be like a friend with her then your perspective of her changes and your mind will also get satisfied….” Abhi “No! I can’t be friends with her!!!” Purab “Ok then u have to take treatment for this!!’ Abhi “What’s the treatment?” Purab “Shock treatment!!!” Abhi yelled “NO!!” Purab hearing his loud voice moved his phone away from his ear.

Purab “Abhi! I am not asking u to love her….just talk to her friendly as much as possible….and try to meet her for lunch where u can get to know about her as a friend….” Abhi “This is not fair…Why can’t u give me some medicines to forget her?” Purab “I have already given u some medicines Abhi….but still it’s not working then this is the only way…..” Abhi in a low tone said “Ok fine….” Purab “Fine means u are agreeing to this suggestion?” Abhi “Haan….but don’t plan anything funny….But how can I just ask her to be my friend? Already she is pissed off that I am calling her Leiko!” Purab giggled hearing that name, “Leiko ah?? Why did u called her like that?” Abhi “Leave that…I will tell u later…Now u tell me how I can ask her to be my friend?” Purab “Let me think and will call u back soon!”

Pragya in a tensed tone “Abhi! Abhi! Come with me! They are chasing u!!” Abhi in confusion asked “Huh?” Pragya “Oh god! Why do u look so blank? Wait let me help u!” She held his hands and brought him to a safe place. Abhi, Am I day dreaming now? Pragya “Mr Abhi! I didn’t know that u will be like this….” Abhi “You are Leiko right?” Pragya “Haan that’s what u call me right? Wait! U can’t see me clearly ah?”

Actually to tell the truth I seriously have no idea where this story is going….Every time I type for this it’s so confusing….Let’s see where it goes and hopefully it don’t slip into coma!
If not I think I should make it as a short story…not sure too….

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