Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 40 Final Chapter

Pragya opened her eyes to the sounds of gentle breeze and rippling water. Pragya still closing her eyes was enjoying the pleasant sounds of nature. She was smiling pleasantly.
She waked up and was shocked to see herself in a river side but she was sleeping on a bed there.

Pragya felt as if she was dreaming but it seemed very real to her. She walked towards the forest like area as she heard people’s voices. Pragya, I am so scared and kiddy is also not here! How did I even end up here! I just hope all this is a dream!!!

As she walked, she was getting more nervous in fear. Pragya was taken aback to see people with axes and when she walked in they looked at her fiercely. They were now chasing her as if they want to kill her!!

She too ran and was keep on hoping for this dream to end.

Pragya couldn’t run anymore and was hiding behind a tree with loss of breath. Abhi “Leiko!” Pragya looked up and Abhi was on top of the tree eating an apple. Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Yes!” He continued to bite his apple and Pragya looked at him with an unbelievable look. Abhi “Do I need to come down or stay up here?” Pragya “Oh god!! how will u save me if u are up there???” Abhi “God always stay up in the sky to help! So I stay here!!” Pragya was annoyed that he was joking and she was panicking as she could hear the footsteps of people running to be getting louder. Abhi smiled looking at her and jumped from the tree. Pragya was taken aback by his jump.
Abhi “Now come with me….” He said that by holding her hands and bring her to a cave.

Pragya “Is this all dream? Why am I dreaming strangely?” Abhi looked at her sheepishly. Pragya “I am confused kiddy….wait! How are u still eating an apple?” Abhi “I am hungry and I am eating…” Pragya sat down and couldn’t understand what is happening around her. She tried to recall. She remembered being with Abhi then they went to meet Dadi in the mansion. Then she recalled all the events and the last thing she did was drinking milk given by Dadi before going to sleep. Then now after waking up from her sleep she is at some unknown place and people are chasing her. Pragya looked at herself and she was still in the same blue saree.

Pragya “Yes The milk!!! I felt a bit dizzy after drinking that too!” Abhi gave a naughty smirk. Pragya “Did u do all this purposely???” Abhi finished eating the apple and looked at her. Pragya “I am asking u and u are still smiling away!” Abhi “I just want to show u how I fall in love with u…..” Pragya “What?? I don’t understand….” Abhi “The chase that u faced is what I dreamt of and u always save me….The first time I met u was in my accident where I had the visions of u pleading me for help…”
Pragya was about to say something and Abhi placed a finger on her mouth to silence her. Abhi “All this while u are silently wondering why am I like this…. Why am I making u confused right? Just be silent for a while now so that I can clear your confusions….” In response Pragya nodded her head and looked at him.

Abhi “I needed time Leiko to understand actually it was not u but I needed help….I won’t call it as help but it’s more of a need….I needed you….I needed your presence in my life….Every time we fight or tease each other, it only ends up in my need increasing….My need which is you Leiko….”
Pragya, I am his need? How is that possible?

Abhi “You said you want to be dependent on me but to me I need u….without u I can’t be myself Leiko!” Pragya looked at him being very truthful in his words and she wondered how can he even think like this of her.

Pragya questioned “So that means u need me always?” Abhi nodded his head with tears welled up in his eyes. Pragya “Arrey! For this u are crying? You are really like a kid!” Abhi wiping his tears looked away. Pragya hugged him from back. Pragya “So Kiddy is worried that Leiko don’t know how KIddy loves her…” Abhi “Hmm…” Pragya tried to break away from the hug but he never let her go off.

Pragya “Kiddy…I want to face u!” Abhi “No…u shouldn’t see me crying! It’s so embarrassing…” Pragya in a very pleasing tone “Acha….You no need to feel embarrassed for all this…After all we are…..” Abhi “We are?” Pragya “We are who we are….” Abhi let her hands off and turned behind to look at her. Pragya “Why did u face me now?” Abhi “We are what?” Pragya “We are friends na…” Abhi sadly asked “Just friends?” Pragya “Yes!” Abhi “I told u so many things but u still consider me only as your friend!” Pragya smiled at his innocence. Abhi complained “Now u are smiling away!” Pragya “Kiddy…first we are friends then husband and wife then again friends!” Abhi “No love?” Pragya “I thought we already know we love each other?” Abhi was excited hearing that and said “So we are lovely friends!!!” Pragya “I think so…” By saying that she walked out of the cave and was stunned to see the sight in front of her.

Pragya turned back to see Abhi who was laughing at her expression!

Pragya screeched “What is this?” Abhi “I want to make this as a memory so that’s why…..” Pragya “U mean everything that happened now is recorded?” Abhi “Yes! Come on guys Clap for my wife for her first ever on screen appearance!!!” Everyone clapped for her and Pragya chased him for doing this.
Abhi “Leiko! U can’t chase me like this! Can’t u see everyone is looking at us?” Pragya “You better stop running! I am going to kill u Kiddy!” He was still running away from her and then suddenly stopped running. Pragya was taken aback. Abhi slowly turned behind and looked at Pragya who was again with loss of breath. She sat down and was looking at him fiercely. Abhi walked towards her and said “Now let’s go! You can’t chase me any longer! If not everyone will think that u are chasing to romance with me!” Pragya “Only u can think like this!!” Abhi “Thank u! It’s my pleasure to think this way….” Pragya was about to stand but before that he carried her in his arms and walked in their confusing path of love with caring and cuteness for each other.

A couple of years later,

Abhigya were sitting beside each other on a bed and were with mixed feelings.

Abhi “All because of u Leiko!!” Pragya “Me?? It’s because of u! You made them confused and now they are coming for us!!”
Abhigya were continuing to argue and they became silent once they saw them.

They took their seats in front of them and stared at them.

Pragya “Let me explain first…It’s not my fault Sahu! It’s your Papa who did all this!” Abhi “No your Mumma did this!!” Sahana making her baby brother adjusting to sit properly stared at Abhigya.

Abhigya again became silent. Sahana “I don’t know….We can’t manage this….We need divorce from both of u!” Sahana looked at his baby brother and he started to speak in some gibberish language and looked as if he is giving his side of complaints.

Abhi in shock “What?? Divorce is between husband and wife! Not with parents and kids!!” Sahana “I don’t know…You two are always making us confused and today I thought u two had a fight in the morning!! But in the end u two were laughing at each other when fetching me from school!!”

Pragya “We are sorry Sahu…We are always like this but we will try to change….” Sahana “This is the last warning!!!” Abhi walked towards his son and carried him. Sahana “How can u carry him now? The judgement is not being given yet!” Abhi “O meri Dadi like daughter! He is already feeling uncomfortable by sitting on this chair! Isn’t it kiddo?” The baby boy smiled and hugged Abhi.

Pragya “Stop him calling kiddo! It sounds so weird like u!” Abhi still carrying his son said “I am weird for u? Then u are also weird! Weirdo!!” Sahana looking at that said “Again u two have started it!” Abhigya at the same time“No!!!” Sahana rolling her eyes said “Ok fine!” She was now folding her arms in anger.
Pragya went near her and hugged her. Pragya “Sorry! Please forgive mumma! I will make for u all your favourite dishes!” Sahana “It’s okay…just carry me like how Papa carries kiddo!” Pragya carried her and said “You are also calling him kiddo! Why can’t u all call him by his name?” Sahana asked her to bring her close to Abhi. Sahana “Papa! You are right! Mumma is weird! She don’t likes nicknames na….” Pragya “Sahu! You are also supporting him!” Abhi “After all she is my daughter too!” Sahana smiled in response and looked at her mum who was sad. Abhi in a dramatic way said “Oh no! My jaan is sad…which means I am bad….” Pragya couldn’t control her smile hearing that and looked at him. Abhi was also keep on looking at Pragya with his ever-lasting smile again.

Sahana cleared her throat and said “I think both of u can look at each other if Kiddo and me are in our playroom!” Abhi with a wink said “So smart!! Don’t u think so Leiko?” Pragya shook her head in disbelief of their unbelievable behaviour in front of their children. That’s how Abhigya lived their lives happily with their two kids….
That’s how their souls were intertwined out of the confusion called Love….It was all the while confusions in Abhigya’s life with confessions to each other to clear their confusions. Indeed, love is a confusion that is combined with various emotions and these emotions needs confessions to avoid them from becoming as complications.


I am sorry if some of u all are sad about the ending of this ff as I can’t stay long in a story….It’s something that is stuck with me! I am trying to change that but it’s difficult for my mind!
Thank u everyone for reading and thank u to all those who comment on this ff. I am really overwhelmed by the liking towards this ff eventhough sometimes it made u all confused and even I was also confused whenever writing this. Then I thought, it was maybe because the ff started with a title confusion haha…but jokes apart it was very nice to see that a lot of u all have been reading this. Thank u for that and hope to see u all soon again with pending ffs. Now it’s a break time. I want to rest for a while! So will meet u all later! Keep smiling friends and bye for now!

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  1. omg that was an fabulous endimg your words are just amazing di s we will understand ur situation but we will badly miss ur confusions and hope u will start a fresh story like this with lot and lot of adorable confusions love u di and take care of ur self we will really miss u

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u!! Thank u for those understanding and lovely words??? will miss u all too!

  2. Oh diii I didnt expect the last one tody itself….bt thank you for the best update…. nice ending….and the shooting scene is really funny…didnt expect abhigya’s children….really sahana is very cute and really understands her parents…. they two always make us confused by their actions…. superb start and ending…. waiting for your other works….take your own time… pls take enough rest….take care about your health….bye diiii…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Akshaya for always mentioning the parts that u enjoyed and it really motivates me all this while??? thanks for your concern too and yes would be resting well sis! Bye??

  3. Wow…dear super nice ff

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      Thank u bavi ???

  4. Is super and the wah to tell about confusion is nice a d i ready this ff 2nd time in ond go……….
    Is awesome…….

    1. Maya

      Thats aso sweet of u Priya to read it 2nd time again??? thank u for the lovely comment too???

      1. yeah i ready … u r welcome
        i am really sorry for my spelling mistake
        ur confusion is best confusion love story

      2. Maya

        Haha no need to be sorry for this and once again thank u so much priya???

  5. Awesome….. Beautiful Ending dear….. Confusion love is super…..

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      Thank u friend!!???

  6. SamyuSam

    lovely ff dear….

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      Thank u for the lovely comment???

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE Boss! Superbbbbbbbbb Ending!!!!!!!!! Loved it sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna miss this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Those Confusions……..?????????? Waiting for your other works too…..But Take your own time……Take Enough Rest too…………..

    1. Maya

      Haha u gonna miss the confusions???? Anyways thank u for the love towards this ff??? sure Reshu will rest well???

  8. Prabhi

    so i really really loved the episode and the way their children were also confused by their behaviour great expression and writng skills about abhi’s love and that i also laughed when i came to know it was shooting and not real but the fact that everything said in it was real.

    i loved this light hearted romance and a little touch of humor.
    and that u will be taking a break coz u need one
    gonna miss u even for a short while love u take care of yourself and be back soon

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much friend for loving it! So sweet of u of telling the parts that u liked! ??? miss u too! Hope to be back soon if i am not busy???

      1. Prabhi

        Gonna post that one shot

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  9. Awesome ending IB? Loved it❤️

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  10. awwww di u end this ff like a rapture am so sad dear, though u made us aware u are going to end it but why sooo soon going to miss u dear

    1. Maya

      Don’t be sad lopez….what to do? my mind can’t stay any longer…miss u too!! Thanks for always for lovely commets???

  11. Wow awsm n lovely update??????????? splendid sissy lovely lovely lovely… abhigya n their children too confused hahaaa so cuteeeee??????????????❤❤❤❤ just loved it completely❤❤❤❤ rocking n lovely update❤❤?? keep rocking sissy??? gonna miss this update….???

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Mokshi sis for always with emoji filled comment???? haha ya all confused in the end???

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    I loved it to the coreeee…waiting for ur other works you loads??

    1. Maya

      Thank u priyanka sis and thanks for the waiting too???love u loads???

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  14. ohh my lord Perfectly Perfect ! Amazinggggggg and so cute is sahu ! i always admire the way you end the ff or ss with so much of perfectness !!!! This time i seriously loved itt . ??????????? Love you Sweetie. Take good rest and come back soon .

  15. ohh my lord Perfectly Perfect ! Amazinggggggg and so cute is sahu ! i always admire the way you end the ff or ss with so much of perfectness !!!! This time i seriously loved itt .. Congrats. awesome ending ??????????? Love you Sweetie. Take good rest and come back soon .

    1. Maya

      Aww thats so sweet of u?????? sure will take goooood rest haha it means its a long rest???

  16. Hi sis i am a silent reader from sri lanka.i really liked your story very much.this is my first comment on this story.i am sad it ended so soon.hope u will start a new ff soon.ALL THE BEST.

    1. Maya

      Hi Neha sis? Thank u for liking this story and don’t be sad for the end of ff.. Keep reading other ffs and thanks for the wishes too??

  17. Prathi

    CS that was so cute… Get back soon dear

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      Thank u friend!!!!! 🙂

  18. Sowji

    Maya I feel proud to have a writter like you…I like your ff…fanstatic ff…I like your writing skills…and I learned lots of gud things from your writing…I am silent reader of your ff…all the part in this ff is excellent…awaiting for your next ff…congratulations maya…successfully completed your ff…

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Sowji! I am surprised that u learnt something from my writings! I know u have been reading as u had commented before too so thanks for reading and for the wishes! It’s really a very pleasant comment!

  19. Wow di it is awesome ending with cute and funny scenes with abhigya and their kids and congrats for writing a wonderful story with completion of 40 episodes I m really going to miss this story such a lovely story with cute abhigya waiting for your other ff take care

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu sis! I am also going to miss your lovely comments for this ff! Take care too and glad that u enjoyed the ending!!!!

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