Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 4


Pragya ended her work and while walking back to home was thinking of Abhi’s behaviour. Pragya, Leiko? Little flower? How weird is that? I just want to tell him that he should have look at my designs instead of looking at me in the first place!!! But how can I as I am working with him na…Ok Pragya! There is no need to think about him when I should be thinking about my work!

At Pragya’s home,
Sarla ma “How was your work today?” Pragya “Fine Ma….very tired now….will talk to u later!” By saying that she headed towards her room. Pragya, Ma….I know she is concerned about me but she is not concerned about me in the way I want…..It’s ok…Concerns only need to be concerned if they turn out to be the way I am concerned about. So I am not caring about her concerns now!
The next day she was getting ready to visit Abhi as he want to see the designs again. Pragya, I can’t understand why does Sahana insists me to see Abhi again and that too in his film sets! Why can’t she just ask to send her assistant? I know this is my first job but that doesn’t mean I am not aware of how this job is done! Leave it Pragya….I have to just adjust with this….

With that thoughts in my mind she reached the place and asked the people there where was Abhi. Pragya told herself, Relax! Take a deep breath Pragya! I hope he doesn’t makes me tensed like the last time!!!
Abhi saw her from her distance and told himself, Abhi! Take a deep breath! Relax and don’t know whether she is imagination or real! Should check it out first before doing anything silly!

Abhi walked towards her while Pragya smiled from where she was standing. Abhi, Same smile as in dreams! How to confirm that she is not my imagination? I don’t want to look silly now! Damn why did Sahana wants me to meet her here? Why can’t she just ask her to come my house? At least I could avoid being looking silly!
Pragya, Why is he taking such a long time to walk? Oh god! Why can’t he walk faster and just finish this faster!!!
Abhi finally came near to her and Pragya “Mr Abhi! Glad to meet u again and shall we look at the designs before confirming it?” Abhi, She is real! I am so happy now! So much relieved!

Abhi “I am already fully satisfied with the designs but Sahana wants to check this out again as she knows I can have mood swings! Come with me…Here it’s too noisy” Pragya nodded her head in response and followed him to his caravan. After looking at the designs and he asked her “Don’t you think some of your designs are boring and dull in color?” Pragya “Mr Abhi! This suits your character for the film….If u want to change then I will look into it again…” Abhi “You have a point too Pragya…” Pragya “Thank you…but it’s Ms Pragya!” Abhi smiled and said “Ok Pragya!” Pragya, He don’t understand what I am telling!! Never mind let him see my designs first….
All the while he was keep on calling her Pragya which made her angry but she tried her level best to control it with a smile.

After sometime,
Abhi “I am done and u can go ahead with this!” Pragya “Thank you! Then I shall take my leave…” Abhi “Pragya!” Pragya couldn’t stand it anymore and sternly said “Mr Abhi you are supposed to call me Ms Pragya! Not just Pragya!” Abhi “Ms Pragya sounds like calling a teacher and how about leiko? It’s short and sweet to remember!” Pragya “That’s your girlfriend’s nickname! How can u call me with that?” Abhi “That’s not an issue….u can be also my girlfriend…like a girl who is my friend! Girlfriend!” Pragya was annoyed and said “Mr Abhi! I didn’t expect that u would be giving names instead of giving your valuable opinions about the designs that I have shown u!” Abhi in a mocking tone said “Leiko this is your name and that’s final…it’s just until u are working for me! I know u can’t afford to lose this job as Sahana told me that u need this job too!” Pragya, Now I wonder how can Sahana even work for him all this while!!! He is just ridiculous!!
Pragya “Excuse me Mr Abhi! I am not working for u! I am working with u for this film! I hope u get this point clear Mr Abhi!” Abhi “So rude leiko…..I will deal with u later as I am busy now! I have to go leiko!”
Pragya, I am just irritated with this leiko thing and just for a while that I need to bear this and after that I will be free from this leiko thing!
Abhi, I have no choice…I will just have to call her with this name…. if not I am scared I will slip into imagination mode! This would help me get free from imagination mode!
Pragya left from the place with full of irritation but had no choice as just like Abhi said she needed this job.
Abhi resumed to his acting and after finishing his work he was thinking something….Abhi, Strange…from the moment I met her there is not much visuals of her….What does this mean? Just then Purab called him and he answered “Ya Purab! What’s the matter?” Purab “Are u free now? I want to talk to u about your visuals that u are getting! So shall we meet at your house?” Abhi “Purab! I was just thinking about this and u called me at the right time!” Purab “Ok then! We meet tonight at your house!” Abhi “Thank u yaar…See you later!”

Then at Abhi’s house,
Purab “So from what u have told it means now u are not really getting her visuals or anything about dreams? And that too after meeting her? Am I right?” Abhi “Haan Purab! But why is this so?” Purab with a smile said “Maybe she is your dream girl!”Abhi in shock “What?? Dream girl and that too now I am having a dream girl??” Purab “It’s possible Abhi….u know out of stress your mind imagined your dream girl and by chance she is real too!” Abhi “This is totally ridiculous….I don’t even like her and u are saying she is my dream girl!” Purab “When u describe your dream it never really seems to be u never like her….You like her or….maybe your mind likes her….” Abhi “Purab! Instead of clearing my doubts, u are just complicating them! Just leave Purab! I am saying this again that I don’t like her and she can’t be my dream girl too!” Purab “Think peacefully and maybe if u spent more time with her then u will understand my words…” Abhi didn’t faced him and remained silent in frustration. Purab left his room and thought, This is the only way to get him diverted and also make him fall in love!
Abhi, This Purab na….I thought he will help me but he is just hatching some plan to make me fall in love! All because of Dadi who wants me to get married!

As for Pragya at her home,
Pragya looking at the sky from her window was thinking, It is said sky is the limit for everything we do but why do we in the first place have limits? Why do we have to limit ourselves? Limits…. Is it necessary? I know limits is needed to make sure we don’t go out of control….but do we need limits for what we love to do? Do we need limits for love? Do we need limits for the love that is limitless? I don’t know how to even define limit when my control is not defined by limits….My control is defined by love….my love that is not being understood by the people around me…..

Abhi “Look Leiko!” Pragya looked at the direction he pointed at. Pragya in a panicking tone said “I am not responsible for this!” Abhi raising his eyebrows asked “Did I blame you for this?” Pragya nodded her head in response in disagreement and looked at him with fear. Abhi gave a witty smile and Pragya was so nervous that she was about to do something that made Abhi to run away in fear! Pragya looking that was speechless!

What was the something that Pragya was about to do?

Thank u to both silent and non-silent readers! Hope u all like this update!

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