Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 38 & 39

Abhi went inside the room where Pragya was and asked “Are u ok?” Pragya remained silent looking at the mirror in front of her. Abhi “Leiko! I am asking you!!” Pragya came back to senses hearing his loud voice. Pragya “Wo…nothing…fine…” Abhi “I am sorry if I had done anything wrong and Dadi is calling us to do something again!” Pragya “Again?” Abhi shrugged his shoulder and said “Yes!!”

Pragya “Okay…” By saying that she walked passed him and he followed her. Dadi “Finally u two are here!!” Abhigya looked at her and smiled.
Abhi “Faster tell na…I am already feeling sleepy Dadi!” Dadi “Sorry Abhi u can’t sleep for the next 2 hours!!” Abhi “What? Why?” Dadi “You two can’t sleep for the next two hours!” Pragya “But why Dadi?” Dadi explained their task to be done and both looked tired hearing that.
Abhi “This is totally unfair Dadi!! Why must I go around this house and she can just stay in the room?” Dadi “Because this is how it is done by generations…And no more arguments! Just do as I say!”

Pragya wondered, What kind of family that I am married in where it have this kind of weird customs?
Pragya whispered to Abhi “You don’t know about this too right?” Abhi whispered back “Yes Leiko…”
Pragya “As expected!” Dadi seeing them whispering said in a loud voice “Enough of talking! Abhi now u go and search! And Pragya u go to the room near the prayer’s room! Now the time is 12 am and u have to finish this by 2 am Abhi! If not u two cannot be together forever!!”
Abhigya hearing that were taken back and parted ways in a rushing manner.
Pragya looked back as he was walking up the stairs and gave him a thumbs up as a sign of all the best. Abhi smiled seeing that.

Pragya inside the room was searching for something.
Pragya, How would I know what he will be searching? Dadi said Abhi will come back at 2 am with something for me and I need to search for something here that is same as what he comes with! Why can’t she give some clue what he is in search for?
She looked around the room and there was a wardrobe there. She opened it to find all with jewellery.
Pragya, This all seems to be very old….may be he would bring some jewellery for me! But what is that?
She was keep on looking at them and sometimes imagining Abhi making her wear them.
Pragya beamed in happiness imagining it and picked a bangle that was with intricated designs.
Pragya, I don’t know whether he will choose this for me but I wish he chooses this for me!

Time passed and Pragya only felt like sleeping. She was keep on dozing off but couldn’t as Dadi was keep on coming inside her room and warned her not to fall asleep.
It was 2 am and Abhi was carrying something covered with a red velvet cloth. Pragya was disappointed to see that he carried something bigger than she had chosen.
Pragya hiding her disappointment asked “What is this kiddy?” Abhi “Dadi said u should show what u have searched for first!” Pragya with hesitation said “I think it doesn’t match with yours kiddy…” Abhi “Come on Leiko! It doesn’t matter all this we are doing this for Dadi’s satisfaction and I don’t believe in all this….”Pragya “Okay….” By saying that she went near the bed there and picked the bangle that she kept below the pillow. Pragya went near him and said “This is what I thought that u would bring….” Abhi gave a witty smile and looked at Pragya. Pragya “Why are u smiling?” Abhi “Take the cloth first!!” She removed the cloth and was stunned to see the same antique box that was broken by Abhi. Abhi opened the box and showed her the bangle. It was the same bangle that she was holding onto.

Pragya “Wait!! How come this box is with u? I thought u broke it that day!” Abhi still gave his ever- lasting smile and turned back.
Pragya “I am asking u something and u are turning away! Tell me how is this possible?” Abhi “This is the pleasant truth Leiko….” Pragya “Pleasant truth?” Abhi “Haan Leiko….What u had was just a sign to you that u should be mine….” Pragya “I am confused now! Can u just tell me directly?” Abhi showed the box and said “Can u see this peacock symbol imprinted on the box?” Pragya “Yes it’s the same as my box….” Abhi “Okay now I can explain then…” Pragya was about to say something but he insisted that he wants to tell first.

Pragya remained silent and looked at him. Abhi “Leiko…When I first saw the box in your room I noticed this symbol and was surprised to see it. But I never show it to u as I was wondering why are u having this but when u argue with me for this…then I was even more curious to know how did u have this? Who gave u this? Do u know why Leiko?” Pragya “I don’t know…” Abhi “Because this symbol is our ancestral symbol imprinted in most of our ancestral properties!” Pragya then realized even the bangle she picked up was having the peacock symbol.

Abhi “Your attachment towards this box made me ask Dadi enquire about this and she said none of the items that we have couldn’t be outside our family. Then I asked Bulbul about this that’s when I know that this was given to u by your dad! Somehow I could relate to the reason of your dad giving this….” Pragya anxiously asked “Why?” Abhi “He wants u to be married to me Leiko!! That was his wish and that’s why he passed u to this by making a model of it….but u assumed that he did this as he had nothing to give u at the time of his death and just gave an empty box to u!

You had assumed that all this is for u to plead for emptiness in your life! How silly u are Leiko!!!” Pragya “Are u sure? I mean whatever u say is…..” Abhi “Whatever I say is not to convince my act of breaking your box! This is the truth Leiko if u don’t believe me then….” He took his phone and made a call to someone.

Abhi “Answer the call and u will know the truth!” Pragya answered the call and was surprised to hear her Ma’s voice. Sarla ma “Pragya…” Pragya “Ma….do u know about the box that passed to me by Papa? Is it for me to….” Before she could complete her sentence Sarla ma said “Yes Pragya…He wants u to be married in Mehra family…he wants the friendship that was broken between our families to be joined by Abhi and u! But I was not interested in this idea….but fate made u all meet and be close together….” Pragya “But Ma why u never tell me all this before?”

Sarla ma “Did u ever talk to me properly before? Always in your own world then how would I even have explained to u all these?” Pragya emotionally told “Sorry Ma….I…” Sarla ma “I am also sorry..I should have also made efforts to talk to u…then one more thing Abhi and I are in good terms already…he wants me to tell u this directly! I have to tell u that your husband is very stubborn just like u! He used to come to our house every day to convince me!” Pragya was once again amazed and she realized Abhi was not around in the room.

Pragya “Ma…I will call u later…” With that she went out of the room to look for him but he was not there too. Dadi “At last u also came out! I am going to sleep Pragya…It’s very late and have this milk!” Pragya got the glass of milk and asked “Where is he Dadi?” Dadi “Oh..I don’t know he drank milk then he said he got an important call from someone so he went out!” Pragya wondered why did he lied when his phone was with her. Pragya replied “Okay Dadi…I will wait for him…” Dadi smiled and went to her room.
She waited for him in the living room and couldn’t believe that they were fated to be together. Even though she was happy in the way things turned out between them, she still wondered what was running in his mind….how much he loves her? Does he love her out of compulsion? Why did he even love her?

Thinking about all this she resided her head on the sofa and dozed off to sleep. She wants to ask him all the questions that was within her….

Abhi “Do I need to come down or stay up here?” Pragya “Oh god!! how will u save me if u are up there???” Abhi “God always stay up in the sky to help! So I stay here!!” Pragya was annoyed that he was joking and she was panicking at what would happen next!

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Abhigya and Lopez don’t be sad guys as ending would be a happy ending!!!

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