Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 3


It has been few weeks now since he met with accident and constantly getting Pragya’s visuals in the form of dreams or sometimes in front of him. He was also trying his level best to divert his mind. Sometimes it favoured him but most of the time it didn’t.

Then one fine day,
Abhi received a call. Abhi “Hi Sahana! This time too u are designing my costumes right?” Sahana “No Abhi…my friend will be designing and she have fabulous designs for u!” Abhi “Your friend? Why not u?” Sahana “Err…I am not doing designs for the upcoming film of yours…I am going for holiday…..” Abhi “What? How will your friend do costumes for me? I can’t believe that u are doing this to me now!” Sahana “Abhi! I know I am your best friend and u always like me to design costumes for your film….but give a chance to others too…. and after all she is my friend! She will surely impress u!”

Abhi was not satisfied with her answer and said “Then it’s up to you….I can’t say anything further but if she never do her work properly then I will blame u!” Sahana “Ok baba…Today u have to come down to my office and she will be there to show her designs!” Abhi “Will u be there too?” Sahana “No yaar….I have something on today and I have informed your arrival to my assistant there. You just have to look for him!” Abhi “Ok fine then I will be there soon!”
He was getting ready and was surprised that he didn’t get her visuals until now.

Abhi reached the office and Sahana’s assistant asked him to wait at her cabin. The assistant came again to the cabin and said to Abhi “Please wait Sir! She is a bit busy now and will be coming here soon!” Abhi “Alright! I am waiting!” He waited for so long that he lost his patience. Abhi called the assistant again and yelled at him “What is this? How long do I have to wait?? Even Sahana never made me wait this long!!!” Assistant “Sorry sir but Pragya mam is actually talking to Sahana mam in phone….” Abhi was stumbled hearing the name and asked “What name did u said?” Assistant replied “Ms Pragya! Why sir? Did u know her before?” Abhi thought, Gone…now I am really gone! For sure I am gone mad! How can I even imagine her name at this place? While thinking like that, Pragya entered the room where he was and he looked at her with full of shock!
Pragya “Sorry Mr Abhi, I was busy just now and shall we look at the designs now?” Abhi in full of shock nodded his head up and down. He was silently observing her when she was explaining her designs. He couldn’t even concentrate in the designs shown as all his concentration was on her.
Abhi with hesitation asked “All designs are nice and by the way your name is Pragya?” Pragya “Yes Mr Abhi! Why are u asking like that?” Abhi “Nothing….Just kind of familiar with the name…” Pragya “Oh I see….so how? Do u want to finalize the designs?” Abhi “Sure!” Pragya “Then I will inform this to Sahana and will contact u again when the designs are finalized!” Abhi shook his head again.

Pragya giving a handshake to him went off and he was still standing there being confused. Abhi, How can this happen? I thought I was imagining and then now she is in front of me how could this even happen?

Pragya entered the cabin again while he was standing facing the window and he didn’t realize that she was behind him. Abhi banging his fist on the window turned back and looked stunned to see her again. Abhi grabbed her hands and Pragya looked shocked at him. Pragya “Why are u holding my hands?” Abhi “I am holding to check whether u are real or imagination!” Pragya in shock “What? U even imagine me? We just met each other and u even dare to imagine me?”
Abhi “I am sorry…I just got confused with leiko….I thought u were leiko…” Pragya “Leiko? What’s that?” Abhi “I call my girlfriend like that…leiko means little flower! She looks exactly like u!” Abhi smiled continuously and was trying badly to manage the situation but Pragya was finding it difficult to believe his words…..
Pragya “Ok….I just came back to ask are u really satisfied with the designs or just saying that u are satisfied as I am Sahana’s friend….I know Sahana is your best friend and I don’t want u to agree to this just because I am her friend! Helping each other in friendship is fine but when it comes to work or profession everything should be based on talent….If u want u can take a look at my designs again and confirm whether is it suitable for u….” Abhi hearing that was surprised and said “Ms Pragya I would like to look at them as I was not really paying attention to them just now…Do u mind in showing me all that again? I am sorry for the inconvenience though….” Pragya “That’s ok! Wait Mr Abhi I will be back soon with the designs again!”

She walked out of the cabin thinking to herself, I know he was not paying attention to my designs just now! He was just keep on staring at my face! How dare he?? He looked as if I am the only person to be stared in the whole world!!!

Abhi then looked at the designs and was amazed that he like all of them just like the way he would like Sahana’s designs. Abhi “I am really very impressed with your designs and u can finalize them!” Pragya “Thank you Mr Abhi!” Abhi “I am sorry for just now…just don’t mind to give me a call if there is any changes!” After that both parted ways and Abhi was now thinking, She is good but not good as she is disturbing me!!!

Abhi “Pragya!” Pragya “Ms Pragya! Not just Pragya!” Abhi “Ms Pragya sounds like calling a teacher and how about leiko? It’s short and sweet to remember!” Pragya “That’s your girlfriend’s nickname! How can u call me with that?” Abhi “That’s not an issue….u can be also my girlfriend…like a girl who is my friend! Girlfriend!” Pragya was annoyed and said “Mr Abhi! I didn’t expect that u would be giving names instead of giving your opinions about the designs that I have shown u!” Abhi in a mocking tone said “Leiko this is your name and that’s final…it’s just until u are working for me! I know u can’t afford to lose this job as Sahana told me that u need this job too!” Pragya, Now I wonder how can Sahana even work for him all this while!!! He is very ridiculous!!

Now back to the commotion in comments section…..
I really appreciate those who have supported me in the last updates. I am grateful for that but I have no interest in further more talking about this matter as it of no importance to me. My humble request is that let’s forget about this as I want my friends, siblings and readers who support me to not get disturbed by one person’s point of view. Not everybody expresses their views in the way we expect, I am not saying we should accept everything but what had happened didn’t affect me badly as I have better things to worry about in life. My simple wish is to make sure what I write here spread happiness and meaningful thoughts. After all, my interest lies in all your interest in reading my stories and enjoying it. This would be my last note in expressing that there is no point of furthermore talking to that author or me regarding this matter. We have ended this issue. Hope u all understand that and that’s about it! Thank u and I am fine in terms of health…still taking medicines that makes me tired so that’s why I couldn’t reply everyone. Sorry for that! I hope u all can get my point and support me…Thank you friends!

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